10 Behavioral Interview Questions

10 Behavioral Interview Questions – To effectively evaluate candidates, it’s not enough to simply ask why they are a good fit for the job. Instead of asking more behavioral questions, it helps the interviewer gain a deeper understanding of a person’s past, i.e. current struggles and future abilities. Download our 10 Behavioral Interview Questions today (for free) to strengthen your hiring assessments.

Selecting the most qualified candidate for the job goes well beyond their college degree. We have to understand their skills and abilities and understand their personalities. That way, you can predict their responses to real-life problems even without your supervision.

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions allow an interviewer to get to know a candidate better by showing him/her a situation and asking what they would do in that situation. Behavioral questions can also be used to find out if the candidate has been in this situation before and how they have handled it. When asked correctly, good conduct questions help assess a candidate’s leadership abilities, attitude, communication skills, and more.

Critical Thinking Interview Questions To Find The Perfect Candidate

If the candidate’s opinion focuses on how bad the employee in question is, that’s a red flag. However, if he/she talks about the steps taken to resolve the conflict, it shows that the candidate knows how to defuse the situation and promote a healthy relationship.

2. Have you ever been assigned a task with which you are not familiar? how is the progress?

A candidate might say that he/she seeks help from colleagues or superiors before using the idea to create an external solution to the problem. This shows that the candidate is an innovative thinker who just needs a little help solving a problem.

3. Describe a time when you were asked to do a task that violated your values. what have you done?

Behavioral Interview Questions To Ask In Your Interview

Candidate responses can help you understand their learning styles. If a candidate shows signs of mentoring potential, allowing them to pass on their knowledge to other employees, you might want to make a mental note.

5. Tell me about a time when you had multiple tasks with conflicting deadlines and how you completed each one.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that a candidate might not be able to meet the project’s stated goals. Instead, notice how the candidate motivates team members after such failures. Are you recruiting? Behavioral interview questions are my favorite because they reveal a lot about a candidate’s personality. Ask these questions in your next interview.

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

You come in for an interview and the same common interview questions are asked. Candidates have answered these questions a million times before. Interviewers have asked the same questions and heard the same answers a million times.

Tough Interview Questions And Answers

Behavioral interview questions are questions designed to reveal the true nature of a candidate’s personality, motivations, and values. They typically ask the candidate to describe a situation, the actions taken to overcome it, and the results of those actions. Use behavioral interview questions so that both candidate and interviewer can have more productive interactions.

Whether you’re an interviewer looking for better questions, or a candidate looking to prepare for good questions, these are my favorite behavioral interview questions:

This list comes from real hiring managers, CEOs, and experts at leading companies like Evernote, Nature Box, and Curology. We have also created some questions based on research on the science of people.

I’ve learned the right interview questions to unlock the necessary information to make sure you really understand someone’s behavior. This is the only way to know if an appointment is right for your company and if you are a candidate.

Real Behavioral Interview Questions & Answers

This is one of my favorite behavioral interview questions because it explores a person’s ability to change and open up. One of the hardest parts of starting a new job is the learning curve—new ways of doing things, new culture, new relationships. Sometimes new methods challenge someone’s old methods. This interview question unlocks some key behaviors:

Who were your last company’s competitors? How does your company stand out?

This one comes from Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter. If anyone is an expert in recruiting and interviewing, it’s Ian and the team at ZipRecruiter.

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

“I want to determine whether the candidate has a strategic understanding of the business. Surprisingly few candidates can answer this question. Candidates were particularly impressed.” – Ian Siegel

Consulting Behavioral Interview Questions To Prepare For

I like this question as a behavioral interview question because it involves a mindset. Every good employee should know three basic things about their company:

When employees focus on all three—even if it’s not directly related to their job—it shows they’re thinking wholeheartedly

This interview question from Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill is a great way to gauge a person’s outlook and perspective. Here are his inside interview tips:

“Answers are very telling. ‘Best day’ answers show what makes that person tick, what motivates them. ‘Worst day’ answers show whether a person is a team player – if their Answers that focus on that, and that’s wrong, without taking any ownership, they likely won’t thrive in a collaborative environment.” – Chris O’Neill

Of The Best Situational Interview Questions

I suggest going a step further and thinking about what your ideal answer to this question would be as an interviewer. If you were to ask your top performers this behavioral interview question, how would they answer it? What example would they give?

Fair warning: This interview question might turn your candidate on a bit. Anytime you ask about your former boss, it can be unsettling. That doesn’t mean it’s not a useful question. Here’s why you should ask it (or be prepared to get an answer) in an interview:

“Interviewers tend to answer their questions very honestly because they expect me to have a good chance of making that decision.” – Chris Williams

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

Only ask this question if you’re really willing to call their former boss — especially if you’ve heard something that piques your interest — and you want to make sure.

Behavioral Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Knowing someone’s life outside of work is important – not because it’s necessarily relevant to their work experience, but because it can tell you if someone is a good fit for your company’s culture. And you never know what interesting things you might find out about this behavior problem! Their responses may tell you a lot:

How comfortable they are with this question will also tell you a lot about how this candidate interacts with colleagues, which is important for workplace chemistry.

The essence of this interview question (an unusual one!) comes from David Lortscher, founder and CEO of Curology. Here’s why he loves this question:

“The open-ended questions test critical thinking, not pure knowledge. One candidate told us they wanted to put a device in their home and put a device on the moon because they wanted to explore space and make new discoveries. It It can be rewarded in a person who displays a broad mind, is curious, and is eager to learn.” -David Lortscher

Must Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

This question might feel irrelevant or silly – and it’s a bit “out of the box”. But it’s a good thing! How is your candidate performing in the field? How creative are they? What do their responses tell you about their priorities? It’s also a good chance to lighten the mood of the interview: Give your own answers and get a laugh.

Oh man, this idea comes from Gil Addo of RubiconMD, and it’s a really fun interview behavior test. Here are his suggestions:

“We like to have fun with our sales candidates because we test their ability to relate to people. They act as if the interview is over, then call them back and have them review everyone they meet, including their Names and what they’re talking about. We ended up directly asking, ‘Did you get the job?’ It’s a good way to gauge their confidence and see if they can maintain their confidence from start to finish in an unpredictable situation .” – Jill Ardo

10 Behavioral Interview Questions

It’s stressful, but the skills of remembering names, having confidence and quickly remembering people’s details are essential for a sales role. Why not test these skills in the interview room?

Of The Best Job Interview Questions To Ask Candidates (and What To Look For In Their Answers)

This question comes from Gautam Gupta, co-founder and CEO of NatureBox. This is the perfect behavioral interview question because it focuses directly on motivation and interest. You can quickly tell someone’s “why” – are they working for money, status, appreciation?

Knowing this about potential employees is important — it can explain their behavior and help you keep them motivated. Here’s what Gupta had to say:

“I’m trying to understand the person’s motivations and interests. I’m also trying to understand where they want to take their career and how NatureBox fits into that path. Ultimately, I’m trying to gauge their intellectual curiosity.” – Gautam Gupta

Again, think about your ideal answer to this question. What do you hope will drive your potential employees?

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