Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

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Amazon salaries revealed: See how much engineers, managers and other employees earn at the cloud and business center

Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

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A job at Amazon hasn’t always been one of the best-paying jobs in big tech. Insider previously reported that the ecommerce giant is lagging behind Google and Meta when it comes to earnings. Amazon’s policy is to hire what it calls “missionaries, not mercenaries.”

The plague changed everything. After two years of working at high speed to support rapid – perhaps too rapid – expansion, Amazon’s employee dissatisfaction with pay has reached crisis levels, prompting the company to take strong action.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it would more than double the top salaries for most positions from $160,000 to $350,000 and increase its salaries. Amazon has also changed its stock placement policies.

Insider compiled the wage rates of thousands of Amazon workers on work visa applications submitted to the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Worker Certification. It authorizes the hiring of non-US workers, and collects information from the reporting office.

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Data consists of four major divisions at Amazon:, the company’s primary retail and ecommerce division; Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing business; Amazon Data Services, which runs the company’s data centers; and the Amazon Development Center, which supports other Amazon divisions and has special projects.

The figures do not include stock grants, which make up the majority of employee compensation packages at Amazon. The data may not fully reflect recent changes in Amazon’s compensation, as most of the data dates came into effect before Amazon’s core earnings and dividends increased.

Most of the earnings reviewed from Q1 2022 represent workers in Washington state, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont. The highest-paid person in the database was a district operations director in Washington state, who was paid a base salary of $227,608, while the lowest-paid people were two program directors in Tennessee, who were paid $20,259 each.

Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

Here’s how much Amazon pays its workers. The broad categories are taken from those issued by the Foreign Workers Certification Office. Jobs will only be listed below if there are at least five candidates. The total number of visa applications submitted for that subject during this period is in brackets.

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After reviewing the information below, check out Insider’s Big Tech Salary Database to see how much companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel and more pay their employees.

Click here to download the Top 5 Disruptive Trends Shaping Transportation and Logistics for free from BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. As an international technology company, Amazon not only offers a variety of products to its customers, but also different types of offerings. Types of Jobs Whether you’re a data scientist, marketing manager, web designer, or content creator, there’s a job out there for you.

Believe me, one can find thousands of different jobs on Amazon according to his interest. So there are so many jobs available on Amazon that I can’t cover them all.

Amazon divides the available jobs into 12 categories. To make this clear, let me explain what I mean. Each position requires people to have different work experience and the salary is also different.

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In the highest position of 12, there is only one person and that is “Jeff Bezos”, the founder of Amazon. At level 11, there are only a few, mostly CEOs and SVPs.

Among the important people in this situation, we can see Andy Jassy, ​​president and CEO of Amazon, and Jeff Wike, who is considered the second most important person in Amazon. However, Wike retired as CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer and no longer works there.

The people working in level 9 and 10 are mostly VPS and not more than a few hundreds. I will explain each situation separately for better understanding. But before that, you should know that the ceiling of the basic salary in Amazon is not less than 150,000 per year. Of course, this is for employees working at level 4 or higher. The salary of workers working at level 1, 2 or 3 is lower than the amount I just mentioned.

Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

An Amazon director has a base salary of $170,993 plus a bonus payment of $55,086. So the full annual salary is about $226, 019. However, in some cases, the additional salary is profit sharing, bonus, commission and other less than 50K. In such cases, the total number is reduced.

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This job is usually available on Amazon for low prices. As before, the base salary is $61,964 and the additional salary is $20,519. So the annual salary for this job is about $82,483.

Amazon Level 1 employees typically earn $44,000 per year. The salary increases as they gain more experience and can go up to $135,000. Generally, people who are accepted as Amazon employees at this level do not need a lot of experience as long as they do their jobs well. .

The base salary at Amazon Level 2 typically starts at $88,000 per year and can go up to $211,266. Amazon doesn’t have much information available about how much experience is required for this position.

Know that the best paying job at Amazon starts from level 4, however, you need some experience and knowledge about what you like to work at that level.

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At least 1 to 3 years of experience is required for Amazon level 4 candidates or those who want to start working at Amazon at this level. However, if you have more than 3 years of experience, you can work in more than 4 positions.

For example, if you are a data analyst and you have 5 years of experience, after you pass the interview, you can start from level 5, which is different, and earn money a lot for that reason. The average salary for this position is $166,000.

Of course, I’m giving you numbers about salary ranges for each position, but you should know that there are many types of jobs for each position. So Amazon can pay you $200,000 a year for an Amazon level 5 job, and it can pay you more or less than that for another job at the same level. To clarify what I mean, let me give you an example.

Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

Let’s say you are a software engineering manager at Amazon, your base salary is $161K and your gross salary is $285K per year. Now let’s compare this with another job in the same situation. If you work in the same position as a data analyst, the base salary is $150K and the gross salary is $227K.

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As you can see, different jobs at the same level have different salaries. By the way, working in this position requires 3 to 10 years of experience.

You can work at Amazon level 6 as long as you have 8 to 10 years of experience. This position has high salaries. For example, if you are in Level 5 Business Development, you will get $211K, but if you are in Level 6 Business Development, you will get 309K. You can see the difference! Typically, the base salary for this position is not less than $200,000.

The higher we go, the higher the pay. The minimum or minimum salary for Amazon Level 7 is $300,000 and the range varies by job and job and can reach up to $638,000 per year. So depending on the job, your salary will vary but it will not be less than $300,000.

Also, it is important to know that some jobs are only for one or two levels, not all.

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Generally, employees are hired from within the company for this position. Additionally, this position requires 10 years of experience.

The minimum salary for Amazon Level 8 is over $600,000 per year. There are only a few jobs at this level and workers working at this level can earn a million or more. Managers, seniors, and executives work at Amazon’s Level 8, which is similar to Level 7 in terms of experience.


Amazon Finance Manager L6.5 Salary

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