Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation – Ask any Amazon employee and you’ll hear a lot about rules and regulations. The “two pieta” rule, the release of pre-booked products and the small door for the office (a symbol of the minority) are just some of the many examples.

Therefore, do not be surprised that when it comes to hiring product managers, the future leaders of the company, Amazon’s interviews focus on evaluating candidates with the 14 Habits of a Leader Amazon.

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

In this post, we sit down with Abhi Tiwari, a Director of Product Management who leads the Amazon Fulfillment team, to discuss how product manager interviews are structured at Amazon and the key interview characteristics required. they want to see the PM candidates.

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After the initial phone screen, PM candidates go to a final round of interviews. Here, candidates will go through five interviews, each focusing on a different topic. Hiring moderators are pre-arranged to ensure that each interviewer has a specific topic to dive into that doesn’t overlap too much with other interviews.

Each interview will focus on assessing the candidate’s fit with the Leadership Principles mentioned above. While every leadership principle may not be tested thoroughly during interviews, you will likely be tested on many of them.

For PM candidates, both interviews focus on product design and dive into three product-oriented topics: Think Big, Invent and Simplify and Dive Deep.

Another interview will focus on testing Amazon’s most popular program: Customer Watch. And the fourth interview focuses on testing how the candidate interacts with others, delving into principles such as denial and acceptance and gaining trust.

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Finally, the final interview may dive into one of the most unusual principles: One Reason, Many. You can expect to dive into this “bar raiser” program.

Customer Experience – This is Amazon’s most frequently asked question when it comes to interviewing product managers. Interviewers want to know if you put the customer first, as everything is done to earn money and keep their trust.

Ownership – This principle helps Amazon’s interviewers see if the people they hire are long-term thinkers, and never compromise for short-term gains. You need to show that you are not in a ‘that’s not my job’ attitude.

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

Build and simplify – Amazon needs new people and is always looking to simplify things. You need to show your interviewers that you think outside the box and show that you have invented something.

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There are many reasons – If you want to work for Amazon, you need to show your interviewers that you understand this topic and that you have a good mind and strong imagination, that you live in the right place. most of the time.

Learning and curiosity – This principle shows your interviewers that you are someone who is always looking to improve and learn new things. You need to show them that you are curious and that you are always willing to explore new ideas.

Hire and develop the best – Amazon’s interviewers need to see that you are unique and better than any other possible employee. You need to show them that you want to fulfill their important role and that you want to learn and grow every day.

Strive for high standards – To demonstrate your understanding of this principle, you must demonstrate that you have high standards and that you are always willing to raise the bar.

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Think hard – If you want to work for a big company like Amazon, you need to think hard. Amazon’s employees are people who want to encourage products by telling confident advice to customers.

Bias for Action – This principle requires you to show your interviewers that you are a risk taker and that you understand the importance of speed in any business.

Flexibility – Amazon employees are always looking to accomplish more with less. You need to show them that you are a resourceful, thoughtful person, and that you don’t use your entire budget when running a project.

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

Self-Defense – Interviewers use this principle to see if employees are self-destructive, even in situations where self-deprecation may occur. This way you can gain the trust of your team members and show that you are not afraid to show your own mistakes.

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Dive deep – Amazon employees are people who appreciate every detail. You need to show your employees that you are ready to face the best and stick to your plans.

A back; Dismissal and Commitment – Commitment is a hallmark of Amazon’s strong workforce. Your interviewers will see if you are someone who can express their opinion, stick to a decision, and stick to a plan.

Product delivery – Quality delivery on schedule is one of the most important things any company’s employees can do. You need to show your interviewers that you are not afraid of problems and that you can always adjust to produce results.

Success and Scale Brings Annual Responsibility – Last but not least, this principle shows your employees that you strive to be the best when it comes to your work. Show them that you are a productive, hard-working individual who will do whatever it takes to make your workplace a success.

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In these interviews, the interviewer has the opportunity to dig deeper into how the candidate designs and builds products at Amazon.

The first question is “What part of Amazon don’t you think is working well and how can we improve it?” or something so open that the applicant has an opportunity to examine.

While coming up with big ideas about what Amazon could build in the future is part of the fun, Tiwari says the candidates often struggle to break through. in a critical view of the ways in which they create their ideas.

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

“It’s important to be able to translate the big vision into strategic elements to build. For example, if I give you some developers and resources, what strategic things do you start building? What key assumptions do you test first? A lot of candidates fail here – they can’t work backwards from the big picture to the tactical details.”

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Another key interview topic that Amazon wants to understand is how the candidate works with his colleagues and managers – from developers to designers to managers and executives.

It’s not unusual for an interviewer to ask something like: “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a friend and how did you resolve this conflict?” Here, interviewers examine two guiding principles:

Tiwari said both are important to building successful product teams, especially because a relationship based on trust makes it easier to argue but still move forward as a united team.

“What we want to know is: Can this person build a good relationship with a development manager and gain trust? In addition, can he challenge a partner and stand up for them thought?”

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For Amazon product manager interview situations, the assessment of customer focus begins with a prompt like: “Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer.”

The goal with a question like this, Tiwari says, is not just to reveal what people do, but to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and pain points.

“We want to see if they really go deep enough to understand what the customer wants. If they just cite an example where they worked all night to do something that was requested by the customer, it doesn’t really cut it. We want them to see We understand the cause of the customer’s problem, and then offer a good solution.”

Amazon Product Manager Interview Preparation

Also, it’s important to remember that customer service isn’t just a “talk” skill. For Amazon, the ability to measure and measure customer perception and how it is delivered is critical. Therefore, it is important to define which metrics you look at to help understand if a product is providing a unique customer experience and the inputs you are managing to drive that product.

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“At Amazon, customer experience measures are always at the top of the pile of measures. Something like NPS is good but it’s a very high level. For example, in e-commerce, it can be We look at how often we succeed in delivering what we promise to deliver and the facilities that drive it.”

Site Managers are a select group of Amazon interviewers responsible for maintaining the company’s quality site for talent. For PMs, it’s estimated that one in five interviews with a CEO will have little to say about the current Amazon product manager’s role or the specific needs of the hiring manager. Amazon created it this way to ensure that the Site Owner is focused on quality expectations and not on the team’s immediate needs or requests (which are short term).

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