App Manager For Pc

App Manager For Pc – It looks like Microsoft is working on a new PC Manager app for Windows 11. A public preview of the app has already been released as a preview on Microsoft’s China website and includes recommendations and tools to help with optimization and maintenance. the computer runs smoothly.

Several screenshots of the new PC Manager app have made their way online (via @ALumia_Italia ), revealing an early look at the interface and features.

App Manager For Pc

App Manager For Pc

The design is similar to the Microsoft Defender app for Windows 11 and mobile devices, suggesting that PC Manager will be another Microsoft 365 subscription app.

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The program consists of two sections, including cleaning and security. The Cleanup page shows various storage optimizations you can perform to increase system performance, such as removing unnecessary files, shutting down processes, and managing running applications.

The Security page provides some tips on how to protect your computer. Interestingly, there is also an offer to change the default browser to Microsoft Edge. The page also suggests scanning your computer with Microsoft Defender Antivirus, downloading updates from Windows Update, and more.

The app is basic and highlights the features already in Windows 11. While this app may not be very useful for advanced users, it should help home users optimize their systems and keep them safe.

You can download the PC Manager program from this Microsoft website at your own risk.

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All content on this website is without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup your device and files before making any changes. Privacy Policy Information. Microsoft is developing a Windows system optimization program called PC Manager that combines existing Windows tools into a single interface.

If you’re a Windows user, you’ve probably come across various Windows system cleanup or system optimization programs that promise to speed up your computer by deleting registry files and keys. Not required.

App Manager For Pc

While some people love these programs and claim that they increase the speed of their PC, Microsoft has always said that Windows users should avoid any kind of registry cleaning as it can damage the operating system.

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Although at first glance, the Microsoft PC Manager program looks similar to one of these system optimization tools, it actually acts as a central place to perform various tasks that are already included in other built-in Windows tools.

First discovered by Lumia Updates, Microsoft’s PC Manager is currently in beta and is offered on the subdomain. Since the page is written in Chinese, Microsoft will likely test the beta version of the PC driver in China first.

Although the website is in Chinese, the program’s interface is in English and consists of two sections, the Cleanup section for various system optimization tools and the Security section for antivirus scanning and browser protection, as shown below.

The Cleanup section contains four different tools used to optimize your Windows PC by finding unnecessary files, resource-hungry processes, rarely used programs, large files, and time-consuming autostart programs to start the operating system.

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The first “Health Check” tool scans the device for viruses (using Microsoft Defender), unnecessary files (such as the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup), potential problems (not using Edge as the default browser), and startups that increase Windows boot time (similar to the Startups tab in Task Manager).

Storage Management lets you rescan for junk files (Disk Clean), search your device for large files (Windows Search), and run built-in Windows utilities to automatically delete temporary files (Storage Sense) or remove rarely used files. . applications (Applications and features settings).

The Process Control feature identifies processes that use a lot of resources, and the Startup Programs feature identifies processes that increase the boot time of the operating system.

App Manager For Pc

The Security section of PC Manager includes Windows Update, which lets you check for available updates, and Browser Protection, which lets you change your default browser and block programs from trying to change it without your permission.

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Overall, the tool is quite interesting, providing a single interface to the various optimization tools that are already built into Windows to some extent.

For advanced users, PC Manager won’t do much that isn’t already available in Windows. However, for less experienced users, it can be an easier way to perform various maintenance tasks.

Unlike CCleaner or Advanced System Care, the program does not have a built-in registry cleaner, so for those who like to avoid such programs, you’re in luck.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to learn more about this new app and will update the article when we hear back.

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Lawrence Abrams Lawrence Abrams is the owner and editor-in-chief. Lawrence’s areas of expertise include Windows, malware removal, and computer forensics. Lawrence Abrams is the co-author of the Winternals Defragmentation, Recovery, and Administration Field Guide and the technical editor of Rootkit for Dummies. The Redmond company is developing a new program that helps clean and optimize the operating system. just called ‘

“, includes features like temporary file removal, a launcher and process manager, a simple “threat” scanner that includes Windows Update status, and default browser controls. There’s also a storage analyzer that can uninstall apps and find large files.

At first glance, there is nothing special about the new tool. Everything it offers is already integrated into one or another existing Windows tool. The Settings app lets you manage your storage and remove junk files. Task Manager allows you to manage startup programs and running processes and more.

App Manager For Pc

The new app combines these operations into a single user interface. Some users may use it as a convenient launcher. Of course, the options included are only basic tools to help keep the OS running and are part of regular maintenance.

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In fact, it can save you time with a single click of the Boost button that automatically cleans and applies the recommended settings. But here’s the catch.

One bad thing about the new app is that it strongly insists on using Microsoft Edge as the default browser. The app’s security tab shows a “threat” if you’re using something else, say Chrome or Firefox, and suggests changing Edge settings.

While the app may be useful for beginners, advanced users will likely ignore it. In addition to directly using the built-in tools, there are interesting third-party PC Manager program alternatives that offer much more.

There is an official Microsoft website that has PC Manager. The site is in Chinese, so the app may be exclusive to that country.

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App Manager For Pc

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Available in public beta, Microsoft PC Manager has been compared to CCleaner. The company is currently testing the app with the Chinese market, but nothing prevents you from downloading it and trying it yourself (it is in English). But be warned, it will be hard for you to change

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