Australia Skilled Occupation List

Australia Skilled Occupation List – On 6 August 2021, the Department of Home Affairs (Department) removed occupancy limit information from their website (for reference only, this is the broken link: visa/working-in -australia/ skillselect/occupation ceiling).

A occupancy cap (var) is the number of calls that can be issued per group of ANZSCO units during the migration program year (1 July to 30 June of the following year).

Australia Skilled Occupation List

Australia Skilled Occupation List

The occupancy caps apply to all ANZSCO (6-digit code) occupations within the ANZSCO (4-digit code) unit. For example, the employment cap set for accountants (2211) applies to the professions of Accountant (General) (ANZSCO 221111), Administrative Accountant (ANZSCO 221112) and Tax Accountant (ANZSCO 221113).

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Employment caps apply to the skilled independent visa (subclass 189) and regional skilled work visa (subclass 491) where the applicant is sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area. Employment caps do not apply to state and territory nominated general skills migration visas.

The department used to implement pro-rata agreements for high-demand occupations. When a occupancy group reached its ceiling, no invitations could be issued for that program year.

As an example of the latest data published by the department, in 2020-21, 1,000 posts were allocated to economists, 1,000 posts to accountants and 17,859 posts to nurses. However, the Occupation Ceilings website (which is no longer available) found that by the end of the migration program’s final year, accountants and economists had received 0 invitations, and registered nurses had received only 658 out of a possible 17,859.

There is a clear negative correlation between these figures and the global COVID19 crisis. These numbers may be the lowest we’ve seen in the history of the skilled migration program, so it’s no wonder the information is no longer available.

For 13 Australia Skilled Visa Types Healthcare, Teaching Prioritized; No Pmsol

Regardless of the effects of COVID19, the number of invitations issued has been far from reaching the respective occupancy caps in recent years. We have to go as far back as 2016-17 to see the employment caps reached.

Now that employment threshold information is no longer available, we may need to rely on information from the SkillSelect dashboard or make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

If you want to know more about the history of occupation ceilings, check this out: https:///occupation-ceilings-history/. Our data goes back seven years!

Australia Skilled Occupation List

Contact us if you are looking for professional immigration help and would like to speak to a registered migration agent Contact Book a consultation Our prices1 Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship Qualified Occupation List (SOL) You must nominate an occupation from SOL if you are applying for an independent or family-sponsored points test visa or temporary graduate employment (subclass 485). Applicants who require a skills assessment as part of their visa application should contact a competent assessment authority directly to obtain a skills assessment. The evaluation authority provides all necessary application forms and associated information regarding the evaluation. A fee will be charged from the rating authorities for the assessment. See: (134KB PDF Column A Column B Column C EMPLOYMENT ANZSCO CODE EVALUATING AUTHORITY Construction Project Manager VETASSESS Project Builder VETASSESS Chief Engineer Engineers Australia/AIM Production Manager (Mining) VETASSESS Child Care Center Manager TRA Medical Administrator VETASSESS Primary Nurse Organization Manager VETASSESS Welfare Center Manager ACWA/VETASSESS Bookkeeper (General) CPA/ICAA/IPA Management accountant CPA/ICAA/IPA Tax accountant CPA/ICAA/IPA External auditor CPA/ICAA/IPA Internal auditor VETASSESS Actuary VETASSESS Land economist VETASSESS VETASSESS surveyor engineer AMSA captain AMSA ship’s officer AACA architect VETASSESS landscape architect VETASSESS cartographer Other VETASSESS space scientist SSSI surveyor VETASSESS urban and regional planner

Skilled Occupation List (sol)

2 Chemical Engineers Engineers Australia Materials Engineers Engineers Australia Civil Engineers Engineers Australia Geotechnical Engineers Engineers Australia Surveyors AIQS Structural Engineers Engineers Australia Transport Engineers Engineers Australia Electrical Engineers Australia Engineers Electronics Engineers Australia Engineers Industrial Engineers Australia Engineers Mechanical Engineers Australia Manufacturing or Processing Plant Engineers Australia Engineer (Excl. Oil) Engineers Australia Petroleum Engineer Engineers Australia Aerospace Engineer Engineers Australia Agricultural Engineer Engineers Australia Biomedical Engineer Engineers Australia Engineering Technologist Australia Environmental Engineer Engineers Australia Naval Architect Engineers Australia Agricultural Consultant VETASSESS Agricultural Scientist VETASSESS Forester VETASSESS Laboratory Veterinarian Doctor VAIBC Physicist (Me Physical Physics Only) ACPSEM Early Childhood Teacher (Preschool Teacher) NOOSR/AITSL Secondary Teacher r NOOSR/AITSL Special Teacher AITSL Teacher of the Deaf AITSL Teacher of the Blind AITSL Special Education Teachers ian AITSL Diagnostic Radiologist AIR Medical Radiotherapist AIR Nuclear Medicine Technologist ANZAIR SNM Sonographer Environmental Health Officer VETASSESS Occupational Health and Safety Consultant VETASSESS Optometrist OCANZ Chiropractor CCEA Osteopath ANZOC Dentist ADC Dentist ADC Occupational Therapist OTC Physiotherapist APC Podiatrist APodC/ ANZPAC Speech Therapist SPA

3 General Practitioner Medical Board of Australia Anesthesiologist Medical Board of Australia Specialist (general practice) Medical Board of Australia Cardiologist Medical Board of Australia Clinical Haematologist Medical Board of Australia Medical Oncologist Medical Board of Australia Endocrinologist Medical Board of Australia Gastroenterologist Medical Board of Australia Specialist i Intensive Care Medical Board of Australia Neurologist Medical Board of Australia Pediatrician Medical Board of Australia Renal Medicine Specialist Medical Board of Australia Rheumatologist Medical Board of Australia Thoracic Medicine Specialist Medical Board of Australia Physicians Specialists ian Medical Board of Australia Psychiatrist Medical Board of Australia Surgeon (General ) Medical Board of Australia Cardiothoracic Surgeon Medical Board of Australia Neurosurgeon Medical Board of Australia Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Board of Australia Otolaryngologist Medical Board of Australia Pa Pediatric Surgeon Cons Australian Medical Council Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Australian Medical Council Urologist Australian Medical Council Vascular Surgeon Australian Medical Council Dermatologist Australian Medical Council Emergency Medicine Specialist Australian Medical Council Obstetrician and Gynecologist Australian Medical Council Ophthalmologist Australian Medical Council Pathologist Australian Medical Council Diagnostic Radiologist and Interventional Medicine Council of Australia Radiation Oncologist Medical Council of Australia Medical Professionals ian Medical Council of Australia Midwife Nurse Practitioner ANMAC ANMAC Registered Nurse (Aged Care) ANMAC Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) ANMAC Registered Nurse (Community Health Care) ANMAC Nurse (Intensive Care and Emergency Care) ANMAC Nurse (Developmental Disabilities) ANMAC Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) ANMAC Nurse (Doctor) ANMAC Nurse (Med Study) ico) Red ANMAC Register Nurses (Mental Health) ANMAC

4 Registered Nurse (Perioperative) ANMAC Registered Nurse (Surgical) ANMAC Registered Nurse (Pediatrics) ANMAC Registered Nurse ian ANMAC ICT Business Analyst ACS Systems Analyst ACS Analyst Programs ACS Developer Programs ACS Software Engineer ACS Computer Network and Systems Engineer ACS Telecommunications Engineer ACS Network Engineer Engineers Australia Lawyer SLAA Solicitor SLAA Clinical Psychologist APS Educational Psychologist APS Organizational Psychologist APS Psychotherapist VETASSESS Psychologist n APS Social Worker AASW Civil Engineering Draftsman Engineers Australia/ VETASSESS Civil Engineering Technician VETASSESS Electrical Engineering Draftsman Engineers Communication Technician Tranician Communication Techician Field Engineer Engineers Australia Telecommunications Network Planner Engineers Australia Telecom Technologist or Technical Officer Applications Engineers Australia Automotive Electrician TRA Engine Mechanic (General) TRA Diesel Engine Mechanic TRA Motorcycle mechanic TRA Small engine mechanic TRA Sheet metal worker TRA Metal fabricator TRA Pressure welder TRA Welder (first class) TRA Fitter (general) TRA Fitter and turner TRA Fitter welder TRA Metal Machinist (first class) TRA Blacksmith TRA Stonecutter TRA Carpenter and joiner TRA Carpenter TRA Carpenter TRA

5 Painters ACR Glazier ACR Fiber Plasterer ACR Solid Plasterer ACR Plumbing Installer (General) ACR Air Conditioning and Mechanical Plumbing Installer ACR Drip Container ACR Gas Installer ACR Roof Plumbing Installer ACR Electrician (General) ACR Electrician (Special Class) ACR Roofing Air Conditioning Mechanic Elevator and Refrigeration TRA Wiring TRA Cable splicer TRA Electronic equipment worker TRA Electronic tool worker (general) TRA Electronic tool worker (special class) TRA Constructor and boat repairman TRA Ship carpenter TRA Dental hygienist VETASSESS Dental prosthetics TRA Dental technician TRA Dental therapist VETASSESS

New Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List For Australia

Qualified Occupations List (SOL) You must name an occupation from the Qualified Occupations List (SOL) if you are applying for an independent or family sponsored visa or a temporary candidate

EMPLOYMENT Program 1 List of Qualified Occupations (SOL) 2015-2016 ANZSCO CODE LAND ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY Construction Project Manager 133111 All VETASSESS Project Builder 133112 All VETASSESS Engineering

The Skilled Occupations List (SOL) applies to the following Australian visas:- Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Family Sponsored Points Tested visa (Subclass 489) Subclass 485 Your occupation must be

Australia Skilled Occupation List

133111 Construction Project Manager 133112 Project Builder 133211 Engineering Manager Engineers Australia/AIM SOL CSOL LMT RSMSOL 133513 Production Manager (Mining) 134111 Child Care Center Manager 134211

Australia’s Most Wanted: The Most In Demand Jobs For Skilled Migration To Australia 2023 (updated)

Skilled Occupations List (SOL) To be able to search the list, press Ctrl+F and enter the occupation you are looking for in the search field You must name an occupation from Skilled Occupations

Schedule 3 of the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (SOL) list of eligible occupations (including ASCO correlations approved by DIAC as at 1 July 2010) This list applies to all GSM applicants

133111 Construction Project Manager Other 133112 Project Builder Other 133211 Chief Engineer Engineers 133513 Production Manager (Miner) Other 134111 Child Care Center Manager Education 134211 Doctor

Eligible Occupations List Annual Update – 1 July 2011 The Eligible Occupations List (SOL) is changing with effect from 1 July 2011, with 13 occupations to be added to the list and 4 occupations to be removed. SUN

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