Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

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This job is responsible for prompt and fair adjudication and resolution of additional service contract claims. It ensures that all technical and financial information submitted is reviewed and correctly entered in the claim file. And the relevant parties will be paid if the claim is valid.

Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

Applicants will be able to work remotely in the United States. The first two weeks of training will be held in Memphis, Tennessee.

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We work with the world’s leading brands to make smart devices simple, helping people thrive in a connected world. Longer vehicle life is safer at home, easier to troubleshoot, and we volunteer in different communities. Around the world to help make the world a greener place. We come from different countries. Different cultures and backgrounds but we are united by the eternal values ​​of common sense. Common sense is extraordinary thinking and extraordinary results so connect with us and bring us your best work and brilliant ideas. And we will bring you a place where you can grow. Learn more at

Our Culture Explains Our unique culture is a key reason why talent chooses Assurant and why they want to stay. Although we have different skills and experiences. But we share one common trait that is certainly unique, a passion for service. With the ability to innovate in practice and the willingness to take chances, we understand that being on top doesn’t mean sacrificing our values. We believe that a clear vision and purpose will propel us forward. And we are in control of our success. We call it the Assurant Way.

Company Overview Assurant is a leading global business services company that supports, protects and connects key consumer purchases. Assurant is a Fortune 500 company with offices in 21 countries that contribute to the growth of a connected world. It collaborates with the world’s leading brands to develop. Providing a better customer experience through innovative solutions and mobile solutions. Extend the service contract to include vehicle protection services, rental, insurance, insurance products held by the lender and other specialized products.

Assurant is an equal employment opportunity employer. and does not use or consider race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other criteria protected by federal, state, or local law in making employment decisions. .

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Warranty claims experts use a combination of artificial and human intelligence to initiate, process and resolve claims quickly and accurately.

Connect with us, introduce yourself, and we’ll get back to you if a role might be a good fit, Sophia Pandio, financial manager at Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores, was arrested Thursday. Charged with forging someone else’s signature on a car purchase document worth more than $50,000

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – The finance manager of a South Florida car dealership is accused of forging the signature of a woman who never agreed to buy a car. So that she can get the commission

Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

Sofia Pendeau, 31, was arrested Thursday. Charged with forging someone’s signature on a car purchase document worth more than $50,000.

South Motors Infiniti

On September 20, a man came to buy a car and his credit was not good enough to buy it himself. So he used his ex-girlfriend as a signature.

Both signatures are on the document. But the man’s ex-girlfriend said she never agreed to sign. Never went to the dealer and never signed any paperwork

In Pinedo’s arrest report, police said the victim provided two certified documents with his signature. And these signatures clearly do not match the documents provided by the dealer.

Police are also inspecting license plate readers in Miami Beach and on freeways in South Florida. There was no sign of the victim’s car entering the area on September 30. In fact, the victim’s boss confirmed that she was working in Cape Coral that day. On the other side of the state

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Police say Pando told the man she would send papers to her ex to sign. But instead signing and shipping her own because she earns a commission on every car she helps sell.

Detectives said that when they questioned Panido about the matter, he lied, saying that “the defendant stated that the victim was present and signed the papers in his presence.”

Chevrolet Tropical said it is taking the situation seriously and is cooperating with the investigation. They said Panido had been employed there for six years and had been suspended pending an investigation.

Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

“We recently learned of a false identification used to purchase a vehicle from our dealership months ago,” Tropical Chevrolet General Manager Daniel Sangelli said in a statement. “We are fully cooperating with the authorities and conducting our own investigation. Meanwhile, employees identified with the financing of the transaction have been placed on leave while the investigation continues. We have provided ourselves with large vehicles. We take pride in doing so and have delivered thousands of vehicles without incident. We are taking it seriously and will respond accordingly. But we cannot comment further as it may compromise the investigation.

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Police are investigating whether Pinedo did this on other matters. If convicted early or not, she could face a minimum of 10 years in prison.

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Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

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Automotive Finance Manager Jobs Miami Fl

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