Average City Manager Salary

Average City Manager Salary – Local politicians in Washington, D.C. claims a $1.5 billion budget deficit due to the coronavirus pandemic. So they are lobbying Congress for a two-year, $3.15 billion bailout.

But the city’s financial woes aren’t stopping nearly 8,000 city government employees — including the mayor and city council — from earning six-figure salaries and bigger homes.

Average City Manager Salary

Average City Manager Salary

Washington leaders try and fail every year in their attempt at statehood, but they are already serving their state counterparts.

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Our accountants at OpenTheBooks.com found that Mayor Muriel Bowser earned $220,000 last year — an amount that every

– including New York ($130,000). DC City Council Mayor Philip Mendelson ($210,000) earned more than all members of Congress except Speaker Nancy Pelosi ($223,500).

We found that school custodians regularly earn $67,324; the abandoned vehicle program manager earns $97,913; an alcoholic beverage director earning $192,000; the city librarian earns $223,863; city ​​psychiatrists bill up to $260,000; and the city administrator earns $307,000.

Our interactive mapping tool allows users to locate every public employee in Washington, D.C. who earn more than $100,000 (per zip code) to quickly review. Just click on the pin and scroll down to see the results in your neighborhood in the graph below the map.

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Metropolitan Police Department (MPD): Police Chief Peter Newsham ($273,156) earned more than every four-star general in the U.S. military ($268,332).

Other MPD administrative positions served the secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ($179,700), one of the nation’s top law enforcement officials. Even the director of police complaints earned $214,273 last year.

MPD Executive Director Michael Tobin ($214,273); assistant principals Robert Contee and Lamar Greene ($207,454); supervising attorney Advisor Terrence Ryan ($191, 201); and Commanders Willie Dandridge and Ralph Ennis ($188,112) also served the DHS Secretary.

Average City Manager Salary

Public schools: Chancellor Lewis Ferebee earned $280,000 and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos earned ($199,700). Nearly 2,250 educators with K-12 schools earned more than $100,000 last year.

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Four education deputies to the chancellor earned $228,363. Eleven principals received salaries up to $189,891 — including “head of talent and culture” ($184,518) and “senior vice president of school culture” ($175,023). Another 19 “deputy manager” positions earned up to $155,798.

Compared to the most recent national statistics available, DC schools have more than twice as many administrators per student. Principals earned up to $199,000, and 96 six-figure assistant principals earned up to $141,688.

So how do students do in the classroom? Proficiency in standardized tests ranged from an average of 30 percent in math to 35 percent in reading.

Public Library: Richard Reyes-Gavilan, executive director ($223,863) earned more than all employees at the National Archives and the Smithsonian Institution ($201,400). For further context, the commissioner of the Chicago Public Library earned $167,004 last year.

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Other six-figure earners included Attorney General Grace Perry Gaiter ($188,113); Human Resources Director Barbara Ford-Kirven ($180,544); and Chief of Staff Joilette Mecks ($180,253). These employees joined another 50 library employees whose salaries exceeded six figures.

Parks and Recreation: The chief of staff (Jason Yuckenburg $180,000) served as the secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior ($175,700) — a cabinet-level post whose agency manages one-fifth of all land in the United States.

Other high earners in the DC Parks Department included the director (Delano Hunter $161,614) and deputy director (Ella Faulkner $150,000).

Average City Manager Salary

Mayor’s Office and Administration: In addition to the mayor ($220,000), six other staff members in the mayor’s office served every single US governor.

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Top earners included city administrator (Rashad Young $307,000) and “deputy mayor(s)” included Health and Human Services (Wayne Turnage $225,915); Greater Financial Opportunity (Lucinda Babers $211,770); and education (Paul Kihn $211,770). The mayor’s legal counsel (Ronald Ross $211,000) and the chief of staff (John Falcicchio $211,000) also received high salaries.

School Traffic Control Officers: In DC public schools, there were 74 “traffic control officers” who earned between $60,000 and $70,000 last year. Management fared even better: “traffic control” directors earned up to $156,840 and supervisors approved $136,011.

Lawyers: DC residents probably aren’t aware that they employ 232 lawyers – their real job description is lawyer – who earned up to $191,201. In fact, the Public Service Commission paid four “lawyer advisor” positions $182,204. The Attorney General has six advisory positions that paid $174,520.

Counselor supervisors earned even more money—up to $191,201 at the employment/disability and police/fire agencies. The Energy/Environment position paid $185,483.

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Public affairs officers: David Umansky handled public relations for the city’s chief financial officer and earned $169,545 last year. Across the city’s agencies, 77 PR staff were employed and their

With the vast expansion of the federal government over the past decade, the nation’s ring road is thriving. It’s somewhat of a financial subsidy when you’re the head office.

DC is flush with cash and brings in more than enough money to pay its bills. It boasts $5.8 billion in assets compared to $4.9 billion in liabilities, according to watchdog group Truth In Accounting.

Average City Manager Salary

Nevertheless, The Heroes Act passed the US House last month and will provide $3 billion over two years earmarked for DC as a coronavirus relief package. The bill is stuck in the Senate.

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As city politicians continue to push their bailout and statehood agenda, it’s important to note that most would take a significant pay cut if they truly mirrored the state’s pay scale. Whether you’re considering a career in project management or preparing for a raise negotiation, understanding the salary landscape can help you make informed decisions about your future. So we thought we’d help you do your homework by providing a brief snapshot of average project manager salaries across several key factors.

There are many sources of project manager salary information out there, and they all provide different data. Here’s a quick overview of where we got the numbers for the infographic and why.

The average project manager puts in more than the typical 40-hour week and takes home just under $89,000. It’s important to note that this average base salary for project managers covers a wide spectrum, and many different factors play into your salary.

Let’s take a closer look at how your career path, job type, location, and PMP status can affect your salary.

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Your job title probably has the biggest impact on how much you earn as a project manager. And it makes sense: the more experience you have – and the more campaigns you achieve – the fatter the salary. Set your sights on leadership and your salary prospects are very bright indeed. 🌞

Are you going into IT, marketing, healthcare or construction project management? If you are just starting out in your career, you have many options. This helps to get a feel for which industries offer better salary opportunities for project managers.

Of course, money should never be the only deciding factor in life’s big decisions. You also have to love the work you do. But here’s how different sectors stack up for project managers in general. These numbers will vary based on your career level, but they give you a basic idea of ​​where you could land depending on the field you choose.

Average City Manager Salary

It’s no surprise that where you live affects your salary potential. We’ve selected a few popular metropolitan areas across the United States to see how average project manager salaries compare.

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One trend that caught our attention was that project manager salaries in larger coastal cities tend to rise. Just keep in mind that cities like NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle also have higher costs of living. Do your research before packing up and moving across the country to chase the big bucks.

If you don’t have PMP certification yet, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. PMI’s 2021 Project Management Salary Survey shows that earning your PMP can give you an edge as a project manager.

But perhaps the biggest lesson here is simply the value of education. If you actively seek opportunities to learn so that you can become a better project manager, you will definitely see your salary grow. 📈

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Average City Manager Salary

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