Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne – If you’ve set your sights on a high-paying career, it’s essential to look beyond your pay packet to see what your take-home pay would be.

That’s why we’ve combined numbers from all three respected reports to reveal nuanced insights into the highest paying jobs in 2022 (based on 2020/2021 data).

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

It’s no secret that the economy has behaved erratically following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, previously collected data still provide valuable insight into workforce trends. We can expect many high-paying jobs from previous years to remain just as rewarding (if not more so).

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The insights in this article are highlights of the Indeed 2020 Jobs Report, Australian Taxation Office data for the 2017-18 financial year and Michael Page’s 2020 Salary Guide.

ATO figures show that medical careers are still among the most lucrative. Tech careers are also on the rise, with more tech jobs on Michael Page’s list than any other field. As we move into the new year, we’re likely to see these technology roles continue to pay well.

According to Anders Sörman-Nilsson of the think tank Thinque, “Covid-19 has pushed a decade of technological progress and skills development into 2020. The virus has unleashed a global ‘future of work’ experiment on us all.”

It’s no secret that law is an extremely high-paying industry. General Counsels are the first among lawyers, especially those who work in-house at a company listed on the ASX 100. This means that you have been hired to work for that particular company and not for a law firm that provides legal services to companies.

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A general counsel is the chief counsel of a legal department, usually within a company or government department. A minimum of seven years of experience is usually required to achieve this senior position. With an average salary package of $400,000, in-house consultants take home $249,333 per year or $4,795 per week.

Given the risk and complexity, it’s no surprise that anesthesiologists command incredibly high earnings. Anesthesiologists are doctors who, together with surgeons, give patients general or local anesthesia.

Another high-paying medical career is cardiologists, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. From passing tests to performing surgeries, this important role also pays well.

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

Don’t you have a medical bone in your body? You’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of high-paying jobs in the Australian construction industry.

What Are You Worth On The Client Side?

As the name suggests, CEOs oversee all company operations, including allocating budgets, creating policies, monitoring employees, improving administrative processes, and working with suppliers.

General managers or project managers earn $350,000, a salary of $4,266 per week.

It will probably come as no surprise that a career in law can be very lucrative. It may come as a surprise that the role of company secretary dominates that of solicitors or barristers! The company secretary provides legal, administrative and administrative support to keep the company on track.

An operations manager in a mining company oversees operations and ensures that resources are used efficiently and business profits are maximized. As an operations manager, you can expect to earn $325,000 per year, or $208,083 after taxes. This equates to a salary of $4,002 per week.

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Professionals in this role usually have at least five years’ experience and have developed and gained professional qualifications.

Surgeons perform pre-operative diagnosis, surgery and post-operative treatment of various conditions. All surgeons must start as a general surgeon before choosing to specialize.

General surgeons have an average salary of $305,276, which is $197,235 after taxes, or $3,793 per week straight into your pocket.

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

Internists or general practitioners administer medications, vaccinations, and other nonsurgical treatments. You will usually be the first point of contact for patients and refer them to specialists as needed.

Business Development Salary Guide Financial Services 2020

Considered an “emerging role,” CTOs are now in high demand. The technology sector continues to thrive thanks to the growth of big data, the rise of artificial intelligence and the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The CTO’s job is to manage the technical aspects and resources of the organization, pursue technological development and ensure digital readiness.

Our numbers show that CTOs earn $300,000 per year, $194,333 after tax, or $3,737 per week directly into your account.

Like the CTO, the CTO manages the technical aspects of the business to achieve growth goals. Our numbers show that a CTO can expect to earn $300,000, or $194,333 after tax. That’s a paycheck of $3,737 a week!

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Gain industry experience – It is typical for a CTO to have around 10 years of experience.

An investment manager, sometimes called a fund manager, helps clients achieve the maximum return on their financial assets. The role has long been highly paid, with investment directors working in the financial sector earning $300,000. This translates to a take home income of $194,333 per year or $3,737 per week.

A certificate or degree is enough to get you started, but a bachelor’s or master’s degree can add extra legitimacy to your work.

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

The IT industry portfolio manager manages investments, projects and activities related to the IT department. Although this is a niche and promising role, our numbers reveal that IT portfolio managers earn an average of $280,000, which equates to a salary of $3,526 per week.

Highest Paid Jobs In Australia By Average Taxable Income

The position of CFO at the executive level has historically been highly paid. Our numbers show that the average salary for CFOs is $280,000, or $3,526 per week after tax. Keep in mind that CFOs often receive annual bonuses, allowing for great earning potential.

CFOs are responsible for managing the organization’s financial activities, including monitoring cash flows, financial planning, and analyzing company strengths and weaknesses.

The Compliance Manager ensures that the organization adheres to policies and procedures, conducts audits and designs control systems. You can expect to earn $277,500 per year in this senior legal position, or $181,958 after tax. That’s $3,499 a week in take home pay.

To become a compliance manager, you need several years of experience and relevant qualifications in compliance, risk management or quality auditing.

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The catchy name of financial trader refers to someone who buys and sells commodities and securities for profit under their own name and equity.

Our data shows that financial traders earn around $275,984 per year, which is $3,483 per week after tax.

Most financial traders have a university degree in business, finance, accounting, economics or actuarial mathematics, but some will succeed in this profession with professional education and training qualifications. As a financial trader, you will most likely work in brokerage firms, financial planning organizations, banks or accounting practices.

Average Finance Manager Salary Melbourne

If you’re on the horizon for a career change, consider one of the roles above to make sure you’re successful in 2023.

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