Average Hospital Administrator Salary

Average Hospital Administrator Salary – Medical Administrator Average Salary $68,603 per year Our salary estimate production is published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC), etc. Start with the data you have.

The average US health care worker salary is $68,603. Health care workers’ salaries typically range from $42,000 to $111,000 per year. The average hourly wage for health care workers is $32.98. Location, education, and experience influence what health care providers can expect. Health administrators are most active in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Delaware and Maine.

Average Hospital Administrator Salary

Average Hospital Administrator Salary

If location and money matter, consider moving to Connecticut, New Hampshire, or New Jersey… At the other end of that list are the states with the lowest salaries, like Texas, Mississippi, and Nebraska.

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Accenture and Booz Allen Hamilton are the highest paying companies for health care workers, according to their latest salary estimates. is reporting.

Salaries for healthcare managers vary by industry. In fact, our data show that the manufacturing, healthcare, and construction industries tend to pay significantly higher salaries for health care workers. For example, health care workers earn an average salary of $89,340 while working in manufacturing. Meanwhile, others in this sector earn $76,975 in healthcare and $74,042 in construction. A health care worker may want to avoid working in the hospitality industry, where the average salary he earns is the lowest at $69,242.

With an average annual salary of $93,051, or $44.74 an hour, Connecticut pays the highest number of health care workers in the United States.

If your salary is close to the average salary in the state you live in, you’ll know if you’re paying fairly as a health care provider.For example, if you live in New Hampshire, you should be paying close to $92,590 annually. .

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