Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia – An employee sits at the reception desk at her company’s headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 16, 2021. (Reuters)

In its 2023 Saudi Arabia Salary Guide, Hays Middle East has provided comprehensive salary information for roles in nine industries in the Kingdom, including accounting and finance, construction and property, human resources, legal, manufacturing, marketing and digital supply. Manufacturing and supply chain, sales, and technology.

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

Staff work at the Saudi National Health Emergency Operations Center (NHEOC) in the capital Riyadh on May 3, 2020, during the novel coronavirus pandemic crisis. (File photo: AFP)

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According to the report, the highest paying jobs are in construction and real estate, with some positions earning up to $93,000 a month.

It also revealed that the Saudi labor market is stable and dynamic, with high levels of employment across all sectors. By 2022, 70 percent of employers reported increasing the number of employees at their organization, often by more than 10 percent. This is a significant increase from the 43 percent of employers who reported the same in 2021.

Hiring activity in the Kingdom shows no signs of slowing down, with 89% of employers planning to hire permanent staff by 2023. The majority of employers focus their recruitment efforts in Riyadh (69 percent), Jeddah (56 percent) and/or in the country. Eastern Province (41%). With organizations competing for top talent, opportunities abound for people with in-demand skills.

The Hays Saudi Arabia Salary Guide also shows that 53 percent of employers will increase their salaries in 2022. The most common rate of change has increased from 5 percent or less to 6-10 percent, reflecting wage growth in the country. A remarkable 79 percent of employers expect salaries in their organization to increase by 2023, indicating a positive trajectory for the economy.

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Commenting on the guidance, Aaron Fletcher, Senior Managing Director of Hayes Saudi Arabia, said: “A strong labor market and rising wages, combined with a positive economic and employment outlook, make Saudi Arabia an attractive destination for job seekers. makes.”

He continued: “The economy has experienced one of the fastest growth in the world, overcoming global economic uncertainty. The remarkable performance is due to the successful implementation of Vision 2030, which introduced new initiatives and projects, the The economy is diversifying and helping to generate non-oil revenues. The key catalysts for growth, development and change are mega-projects spanning sectors and regions across the kingdom.

Hayes explained the salary range for a wide range of jobs. Salaries shown represent the total monthly salary package for each position.

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

The highest paying job in accounting and finance is the role of chief financial officer (CFO) with monthly salaries ranging from $23,000 per month to $37,000 per month. The average salary for this position is around $32,000.

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CFOs can earn an average of around $20,000 per month, followed by head of internal audit ($20,000), financial controller ($12,000), audit manager ($10,650), finance manager ($9,300), senior accountant ($6,120), credit controller ($580), financial analyst ($5,860) and accountant ($4,260).

The highest paying jobs in construction and real estate are in the C-Suite – commanding between $33,270 and $93,000 for senior roles. The average salary is $63,000.

Executive directors can earn an average of about $30,000, followed by project directors ($22,600), architecture directors ($21,290), and development directors and urban planning directors ($21,290).

Salaries for the following roles are as follows; Property Manager $16,000 Director of Leasing $16,000 Director of Facilities $15,300 Senior Project Manager $14,640 Senior Contract Manager $14,640 Commercial Manager $12,640 Contract Manager $12,640 Project Manager $12,640 Senior HSEQ Manager $12,000, Construction Manager $9,300, Senior Quantity Surveyor $9,300, Community Manager $8,000, Sales and Leasing Manager $8,000, Property Manager $7,700, Senior Architect $7,200, Project Architect $6,650 and Sr. Interior designer $6,650

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The highest paying human resources job is Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), which can command between $26,600 and $40,000 per month.

This is followed by HR directors, who can make around $21,290 per month, and HR business partners ($10,000).

HR Manager, Outsourcing and Development Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, HR Generalist, Recruiting Specialist and other roles from HR Assistant – $3,327 – $9,000 per month earns between

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

The highest paid position in the legal department is the general counsel. An employee in this role can command up to $37,260 per month, although the average salary is around $32,000 per month.

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The highest paid in manufacturing is the general manager who can command around $21,300 a month. These include director of operations ($17,300), director of production ($16,630), director of quality ($16,000) and operations manager ($13,300).

Production supervisor, HSE manager, operations manager, production manager, platform or factory manager, technical manager, quality manager and other roles from production manager average $12,000 to $6,650 per month.

The highest paying job in marketing and digital technology is vice president or chief marketing officer (CMO), who can earn around $30,000 a month.

These are Digital Marketing Managers ($20,000) and Marketing & Communications Directors ($18,600), Marketing & Communications Managers ($12,640), Operations Manager ($12,000), Business Marketing Manager ($10,000), Social Media Manager ($9,300) and Brand Manager ($9,300) $8,650).

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The highest paying supply chain job is director of supply chain ($20,000 per month), followed by director of supply chain ($17,300) and supply chain manager ($14,640).

Logistics Manager, Procurement Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Procurement Manager, Contract Developer, Logistics Manager, Category Manager, Logistics Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement Manager, Senior The following are the positions in the ranks.

The highest paid sales person is the country sales director – commanding an average of about $26,600 but up to $32,000 a month.

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

The following positions are post seniority; General Manager, Sales Manager, Solutions Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development Director, Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Country Manager, Business Development Manager and Sales Manager. Salaries range from $24,000 to $8,650.

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The lowest paid in sales is a key account manager — who earns about a quarter of a country director’s monthly salary — at about $6,650.

The highest paying tech jobs are in CXO and IT leadership. There, the chief information officer is paid about $26,600 a month, followed by the chief digital officer ($24,000), chief information security officer and chief technology officer roles (both $22,620) and chief product officer ($ 21,290).

CXO & IT Leadership, Information & Cyber ​​Security, Project Delivery & Business Analytics, Pre-Sales & Solution Architecture, ERP & Enterprise Applications, Software Engineering, Cloud Infrastructure & Networking, Over 60 different Information Science sectors Technology roles are available. and analytics and product management.

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According to our salary calculator, the average annual salary for finance managers working in Dublin is €75,000 – €95,000.

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5+ Years: This salary level can be expected if you have more than 5 years of experience in the role.

Average Salary Of Finance Manager In Saudi Arabia

3 – 5 years: This salary level can be expected if you have 3 to 5 years of experience in the role.

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0 – 3 years: This salary range can be expected if you have between 0 and 3 years of experience in the role.

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