Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London – How do CFO and CFO salaries stack up across continents? These questions are not always easy to answer, as paid conversation is generally prohibited in polite society.

But it’s also something both current and aspiring CFOs need to know. So we took it to an anonymous poll.

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

We surveyed more than 300 CFOs from the CFO Connect community on a variety of salary and compensation topics. The survey results show that there is a large wage differential in Europe and the UK, compared to the United States.

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It is generally accepted that salaries vary by location. The same jobs in London pay more than Manchester, New York pay more than Des Moines.

This is for a number of reasons: cost of living, competition in the job market, and the overall value placed on certain roles in each location.

So how much does a CFO make depending on the country you work in? Based on our survey results, this makes a significant difference.

Wages in France are by far the lowest in Central and Northern Europe. In Germany, average wages are higher by 26 per cent, and in the UK by 51.5 per cent.

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Only in some countries in Southern Europe (Portugal, for example) and Eastern Europe do we find lower average compensation. (These countries are included in “Other”).

But perhaps the biggest headline from the chart above: Wages in the US are much higher than in Europe. Even compared to the UK, the average is still 21% lower than across the Atlantic.

Given what we’ve just seen, it’s perhaps not surprising that CFO salaries are closely tied to physical geography. But one fact immediately catches the eye: The US-based CFOs in our survey earn more than twice as much as their French counterparts.

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

French CFOs also earn 43% less than their German counterparts – and 78% less than those in the UK. The ranges (in brackets) also indicate that CFO salaries in France appear to have a lower ceiling, unlike their counterparts in other countries who may earn more than €200,000 a year.

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Taken together, these two graphs show that salaries are closely related to the country where financial managers work. Of course this will affect the pool of talent and the possibility that a CFO or CFO will decide to move from one country to another to work.

“I have worked in Europe and Asia, and I always find the adventure of living and working in a new country tempting. At some point I would consider returning to France even on a pay cut, but not now as I have two children who are both going to college in the next few years. However, one big advantage in Europe that appeals to people with younger children is the availability and affordability of child care, which makes life easier for working parents. I think this is a force that needs to be promoted to attracting entry- and mid-level professionals to Europe.”

As with all jobs – finance or otherwise – it’s natural to assume that a professional’s level of experience will greatly influence how much they can expect to be paid. And based on this survey, that assumption is true.

Wages seem to increase by about a third with experience every five years. But for a higher level (+15 years experience), the increase is less significant than the previous level.

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This confirms the previous assumptions. But we also saw a significant jump as we went from 6-10 years of experience to 10-15. This could be for several possible reasons:

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that time spent in this profession is invaluable to finance professionals seeking a higher salary.

This chart is more a confirmation of common logic than a revelation. As finance professionals progress through a variety of distinctive job titles, their pay tends to increase:

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

It’s worth pointing out some of the flaws in this particular graph. For example, UK readers may be confused about the salary difference between CFO and CFO. In Great Britain, these two roles are often synonymous.

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But in other countries there are clear differences. And in general, there are no regulations or laws regarding office.

It will also depend on whether the controller hired first will be the controller manager or the financial controller. This difference is really a matter of company culture and hiring practices.

We know that CFOs are often the first full-time finance employees at startups, for example, and their salaries will be lower at smaller companies (see further analysis below). So the CFO doesn’t have to move up the pay scale – it’s a matter of influence and negotiation.

Despite these idiosyncrasies, this analysis makes the career path in the finance function self-explanatory and provides a reference point for CFOs and hiring managers to work from as they build their teams.

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It can be assumed that the events of 2020 and early 2021 have created a clear acceptance and acceptance of remote work. With the right tools and processes, finance teams can easily work from home and stay productive.

First, a small but real minority don’t have the option of working remotely – even part time. This is despite the fact that all of these jurisdictions have quarantined themselves in the last 18 months. It is clear that some companies do not like this arrangement.

Again, we see very clear differences between geographic areas. Only 27% of French CFOs are able to work full time. This is despite demands from the government that those who can work remotely should do so.

Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

Either this is seen purely as a temporary measure for the French company with no permanent changes, or they don’t believe that working remotely full time is possible.

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*”Historically, ‘télétravail’ had to be added specifically to French employee contracts, which led to legal and personnel difficulties. This is slowly changing now, but perhaps explains why the changes have not been as radical as in other countries. And in certain European countries, talent were also centralized in major cities in the past, so companies didn’t have to look elsewhere for remote workers.”*

These are the five points selected from our latest survey. The final report is full of interesting data, confirming previous assumptions and revealing new truths.

Use it as statistical support for your article or to compare your own company’s pay scales. Anyways, hope that helps.

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Average Senior Finance Manager Salary London

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