Bcg Consultant Job Description

Bcg Consultant Job Description – If you want to pursue a career as a management consultant, the BCG Internship Program can be a great first step that opens up many future opportunities, including an offer to become an official BCG consultant.

However, since BCG is one of the three most prestigious consulting firms in the industry, getting an internship is very competitive. How do you stand out and successfully land a BCG internship? In this article, I will show you general information about BCG internships and how to get an internship with this giant.

Bcg Consultant Job Description

Bcg Consultant Job Description

BCG internships have two main routes: undergraduate internships and MBA internships. Compared to other major companies in other industries and consulting industries, BCG interns earn a competitive income while working for the company (almost $7,000 per month for undergraduates and nearly $13,000 per month for MBAs). Although the duration of the internship program varies by location and position, it typically lasts 10-12 weeks during the summer. A BCG intern has tasks and responsibilities similar to those of new permanent consultants.

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The table below summarizes the salary, application duration, deadline and eligibility criteria for BCG internships. However, the information is not complete; each aspect of the internship may vary depending on your office location, the business function and industry you are assigned to, and your work experience.

If you want to get an internship at BCG, you should know these four essential things in advance.

Like other Big 3 companies, BCG internships are divided into two main tracks: undergraduate internship and MBA internship. Interns can come from a variety of backgrounds outside of the business category.

While undergraduate students are hired as Summer Associates, candidates with an MBA or higher are hired as Summer Consultants. If you’re not familiar with these titles, check out this article I wrote about career paths in consulting for a visual overview.

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These position titles differ from company to company. For BCG, the traditional consulting track is moving from Associate to Consultant.

• Campus Interviews: BCG usually conducts campus visits to target schools from February to September each year. They have also developed a separate page for each campus on their website that provides detailed information on deadlines, recruitment events, requirements, and even the BCG alumni network to support applicants.

•Online Application: For non-target schools, you can complete an online application on the BCG portal.

Bcg Consultant Job Description

At the elementary school level, application dates are around September. At the MBA level, the deadlines depend on the school you attend. Usually they are in November and December.

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However, it is recommended to confirm the exact deadlines. If you are at a BCG target school, check your own school page for the exact deadline and use all the support resources available to you. If you are in regular school – your school does not appear on the company portal – contact the HR department of your target office to know the dates.

For both undergraduate and MBA applicants, the internship period at BCG is 10-12 weeks, not always, but usually during the summer. The duration can sometimes vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the role and location.

Summer Associate Interns (Undergrad) can earn over $6,900 per month, which adds up to a total of approximately $17,300 over a 10-week period. This compensation is very competitive, being only slightly lower than well-known technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon or Google. Compared to McKinsey, BCG interns earn slightly more than McKinsey, which pays its interns around $6,700 per month.

For Summer Consultant Interns (MBA), BCG pays them almost $13,000 per month, which is a total of $32,000 over 10 weeks, which is similar to other MBB companies. This number is interesting because in just 10 weeks, a BCG MBA intern can earn nearly 70% of what the typical American earns in any field each year.

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Once you know the general information about the BCG internship, your next step is to understand what you will do as a BCG intern and what you need to practice to be successful in your work. This in-depth understanding can help you tailor your application to what is expected of you.

If you make it to a series of case interviews, you can use this knowledge to solve the case study to demonstrate your consulting skills. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting an offer.

Successful applicants at the undergraduate level are often assigned to BCG’s flagship internship program – the Associate internship role.

Bcg Consultant Job Description

At BCG, the work of Associate interns is largely the same as the work of a full-time Associate. They usually manage the “manual” tasks and activities, while project managers oversee the entire project.

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More specifically, when an intern gets a project, he first searches for information about the company and the industry. After meeting and interviewing clients, they gather more information about the client or other similar cases and come up with concrete ideas to solve the case. The collected data is usually used as input in Excel models to analyze the problem and find the root causes.

You can watch the video below or read this article to get a more in-depth understanding of the typical work of an entry-level consultant.

In the project, interns are usually assigned to support the employee in a large task. In rare cases, interns may manage a small work stream.

In the first scenario, you report directly to the person you are helping. In the latter situation, you report directly to the project manager.

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Your job structure is very similar to a full-time consultant. While the project managers manage the whole, you do “typical consulting work” in the project.

However, consultant trainee positions have a slightly more interesting side to the nature of their work. Technically, a consulting intern has more experience and work experience than an assistant intern, so they can often direct or partially direct the work flow.

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Bcg Consultant Job Description

Here is the cold hard truth – you must be the “creme-de-la-creme” to have even the slightest chance in top consulting companies, especially MBB companies.

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Apply only when you are ready! BCG has a two-year disqualification for unsuccessful candidates. Therefore, it is important to start learning and practicing as early as possible and have the right preparation strategy based on your background to maximize your chances of getting into BCG.

Preparation of consultations is ideally a long process. You can spend a year or even more acquiring basic skills and mindset and at least 2-3 months preparing for resumes, tests and case interviews.

I’ve had clients go through the recruiting process with very little preparation, but that’s more the exception than the norm. So if you’re running out of time, you might still have a chance—by quickly learning the “killer tips” from the End to End Interview program. But in general, it is always good to start early.

To equip yourself with the most versatile skills for BCG training, read and practice on the following topics:

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As mentioned, BCG has its preferred recruiting sites, and the company even developed a portal for its target schools. This means that if you are from one of the target schools, congratulations, your chances are already higher than those who are not. In addition to the prestige of the big brand schools, you can easily connect with BCG alumni and access other available resources.

On the other hand, if you come from a regular school, you need to invest more in networking and practice. I wrote an article on how to get into top consulting firms in non-target schools. Be sure to check it out.

Below is a list of the top schools with a significant percentage of BCG consultants – users of Wall Street Oasis, according to a 2018 analysis. However, this list may not be complete, so check directly on the BCG website to see if your school targeted and maximized resources if available.

Bcg Consultant Job Description

Networking is important because most consulting firms, including BCG, start with formal referral systems to recruit the best candidates without expending too much effort. Applicants with a recommendation have a better chance of having their CV tested and interviewed, so they have a better chance of getting a job. Along with the recommendation, if you find a mentor – a current/former consultant at your target company, he can offer you valuable insider advice.

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If you’re still in school, network a year before career events to stay ahead of the competition, then try to get referrals. Recommendations increase the likelihood that recruiters will review your CV.

Anyone from anywhere can refer you, so don’t worry about applying to one practice while being referred by people from other practices.

What really matters is the age of your contacts. Often, one referral from a partner equals multiple referrals from non-partners. So the bottom line is: if you can’t get a referral from a partner, make sure there are plenty of non-partners in that office who are willing.

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