Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships – It’s 1999 and Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Let Go” is playing on the radio. Nineteen-year-old Raymond Nagy adjusts his tie, combs his hair, and takes one last look at himself in the rearview mirror. He gets out of the car, takes a deep breath, admires the impressive building in front of him, and quietly says to himself, “I’m ready for my first day at work.”

Raymond Nagy (left) Associate Director, (EHS) Office Sites, Yiran Wang (center) Biological Downstream Development Scientist, Sarah Tayyab (right) Global Development and Supply Technical Project Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

Fast forward to 2021, and Nagy is talking to Bristol Myers Squibb’s current intern and partner class at Microsoft Teams. Looking at the smiling faces at the bell, he told the crowd: “Twenty-two years ago I was a trainee in the Environment, Health and Safety department. I know what it’s like to be in your shoes.”

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His story is not an uncommon one at Bristol Myers Squibb; A number of trainees are now full-time employees.

On National Intern Day this year, Bristol Myers Squibb is celebrating employees who started their internships at companies like Nagy.

Each year on National Intern Day, companies recognize the contributions and impact of current and former interns within their organizations. This year, current Bristol Myers Squibb corporate affairs interns Annie O’Regan, Alia Patel and Brandon Simon joined three former interns, Raymond Nagy, Associate Director of Environmental and Safety (EHS) Office Sites; Sarah Tayyab, Technical Project Manager, Global Product Development and Assurance (GPS) Emerging Leaders Program; and Yiran Wang, developmental biology scientist, for insight into their transition from intern to full-time employee.

Nagy, Wang, and Tayyab discussed the unique lessons they learned from their internships at Bristol Myers Squibb and how their experiences helped prepare them for their careers.

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According to Nagy, “The biggest lesson I learned from the internship was networking! During the internship, I met a lot of people who introduced me to different projects and teams. My network helped me get to where I am today.” I will not trade my work for the world.’

Bristol Myers Squibbinship and fellowship programs open the door to meaningful and rewarding careers. Interns and co-ops immediately embark on a mission to transform patients’ lives through hands-on science. Bristol Myers Squibb supports the development of its interns by providing them with the tools they need to succeed: mentoring relationships, career development classes and networking opportunities.

Yiran Wang, a 2017 Drug Development Organization Intern, began working as a full-time graduate scientist in 2019 at the company’s Center for Biological Excellence in Devens, MA. Van Bristol shared how her internship at Myers Squibb prepared her for the workforce.

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

“The biggest lesson I learned is to be confident and active in what I do,” Wang said. “Refer to others. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Embarking On Scientific Adventures Through Bms Internship Program

Bristol MyersSquibb’s Intern and Co-op Class of 2021 is the largest ever, with 305 interns and co-ops joining this year’s program. The internship program lasts 10 weeks and runs from June to August. Scholarship programs are held twice a year, from January to June and from July to December. The company began investing in these programs decades ago to attract and retain talent across all aspects of the business.

Tayab started co-op in 2019 and earned an MBA and became permanent by joining the GPS Emerging Leaders Program.

“My favorite part of working at Bristol Myers Scubb was the people and the culture. “Everyone is very friendly,” he said. “Colleagues are ready to teach you and share their knowledge, experience and career achievements.”

“Don’t take the risk. It’s good to take risks, but at the same time, it’s good to calculate,” Tayyob said. “Do not be afraid. Everyone has their own career path. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. “

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ABristol Myers Squibbinterships help advance careers and nurture future leaders. Bristol Myer Scubb hopes to further develop the intern/co-op class by expanding the program for the coming year, and the company seeks to identify future organizational leaders in the intern/co-op classes.

Anne M. Powell, Chief Human Resources Officer, told the Co-op intern class of 2021, “Interning with our company is a great professional opportunity for each of you. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us and look forward to each of you succeeding in your internships and partnerships.”

Learn more about the career journeys of Bristol Myers Squibb employees who once interned with the company by clicking on their profiles.

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

Science and travel stories to inspire the next generation of researchers > Local Cambridge STEM program empowers next generation of female scientists The Bristol-Myers Scubb Internship Program is designed to give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This 10-week program allows interns to rotate through various departments, including R&D, marketing, and operations. Interns have the opportunity to participate in project teams, attend lunches, and study with senior leaders.

Strategic Outcome: Bristol Myers Squibb Acquisition Of Celgene

Bristol-Myers Squibb offers internships to students who want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Interns will have the opportunity to work in various departments such as research and development, marketing and sales.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes medicines primarily in the areas of oncology, immunology and cardiovascular disease. The company was founded in 1887 by William Futures and John Myers. Since then, it has grown into a leading healthcare company with more than 75,000 employees worldwide.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to providing innovative therapies that can make a significant difference in patients’ lives. They are dedicated to improving patient health and developing new treatments for serious illnesses. It also strives to be a responsible corporate citizen, supporting the communities in which we operate and making a positive impact on society.

The Bristol-Myers Squibb internship program allows students to learn about the pharmaceutical industry and learn how a leading global biopharmaceutical company operates. Students participating in the program have the opportunity to work on real projects, learn from experienced specialists and improve their skills in various fields.

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The internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about the pharmaceutical industry and gain valuable experience that they can apply to their future career goals. The program is also a great way to network with other students and professionals in the field.

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from a registered institution. They must be under 25 years of age. Candidates must know English as a language. Applicants must be citizens of a UN member state.

These internships are paid positions and the internship usually ends during the summer months. Interns have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals and learn the pharmaceutical industry from the ground up.

Bristol Myers Squibb Internships

The Bristol Myers Squibb Internship Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop their professional skills. Interns will work closely with experienced specialists on various projects and assignments, and will have the opportunity to get to know the day-to-day activities of a large pharmaceutical company. Little did Squibb know that a few months later he would be loading a 30-pound backpack in preparation for the possibility of a multi-day hike in the Sierra Nevada High Desert. California. The five-day camp trip, the culmination of her summer internship, challenged the interns in many ways, led by Kristen Hege, MD, senior vice president of early clinical development, oncology/hematology and cell therapy at Bristol Myers Squibb and a seasoned wilderness enthusiast. . which they have not experienced before. It included a 3-hour lakeside discussion on authentic leadership and the value of failure, moderated by Hege’s travel partner, current PhD student and Fulbright Scholar Kathleen Abadi. Washington and Hege had their first summer internship ten years ago.

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It really brought us closer. We had a great conversation about being women in STEM and embracing the feeling that you can do anything. I think the most important thing about this journey is that you can do anything if you put your all into it.

For the traveling interns—all women of color—the tour goes beyond traditional skills and professional development held in Bristol Myers Squibb labs to focus on personal growth, leadership skills, collaboration, and more. made it possible to gain focused experience. foster a sense of friendship.

Backpacking is all about hiking together, climbing mountain passes, camping by the lake, and encouraging each other when times are tough, and there’s plenty of time for endless discussions about science, medicine, diversity, careers, and leadership. I am convinced that “wilderness therapy” has great mental health benefits.

According to the Pew Research Center, STEM education has led to a 13% increase in job growth compared to 9% growth for other occupations, highlighting the importance of STEM education in today’s society. Despite this growth, women and people of color are underrepresented in STEM careers, highlighting the need to expand access to STEM education programs.

Bristol Myers Squibb In Person Information Session, Sept 22 @5:30 Pm

From backpacking through the mountains of California with a renowned physician-scientist to hypothesis development, data collection, analysis, and presentation, the R&D internship program prioritizes recruitment.

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