Customer Experience Manager Salary

Customer Experience Manager Salary – This CX Manager Salary Guide covers junior, mid-level and senior positions and includes practical information you can use when making your next career decision. It also helps to ensure that you are being valued at your current position

Our guide also includes descriptions of CX manager roles and related titles, customer experience manager salary information and overall salary ranges by title.

Customer Experience Manager Salary

Customer Experience Manager Salary

Customer experience (or CX) is an ever-evolving and exciting field with new positions and niches. And it’s becoming more critical – 82% of marketers feel they are adequately addressing customer needs when it comes to customer experience, compared to only 10% of consumers who strongly agree that they are meeting their needs.

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If this piques your interest and you’re considering career options, or if you’re already established and looking for an upgrade, you may be wondering about the average customer experience manager salary. More organizations are recognizing the need for CX professionals and are willing to pay more for relevant experience and skills.

The role of a customer experience manager (also a CXM or CEM) is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting customer needs and managing the customer lifecycle.

The main goal is to assess customer needs and develop an ongoing strategy to meet them CX managers often lead a team and provide an overarching strategy and vision for their team to follow They often work closely with marketing managers to align goals and vision

Before discussing the specific responsibilities of a customer experience manager, we should first cover what a customer experience manager should do. While there is some overlap between customer experience and customer service (and customer service professionals may be part of the customer experience team), their roles are distinct. Customer service roles such as front desk operations, account management, or answering customer service questions are not part of a customer experience manager’s day-to-day work.

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For example, some companies may use Customer Experience Journey Manager or Customer Experience Innovation Manager instead of Customer Experience Manager. This role can be similar to the latter, but with a more specific focus than a CX manager

In customer experience, job title changes indicate specialization and area of ​​focus, even if the role is the same For example, customer experience managers may specialize in UX

Well, number time Keep in mind that the average customer experience manager salary is based on available data and may be much lower in some cases This explains some of the notable discrepancies in the numbers below As mentioned above, companies define customer experience roles in different ways, and other positions may be considered more junior or senior than other organizations.

Customer Experience Manager Salary

Averages obtained from Neuvoo by job title The data focuses on the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India All prices are listed in USD unless otherwise noted When data is not available for a particular country, the country is not listed

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A starting customer experience manager salary for junior staff is around $27,000. The average senior customer experience manager salary can earn up to $92,000 USD or $132,500 CAD. A breakdown of each average by country

A junior customer experience specialist’s salary starts at around $25,350 and can go up to $62,966 for more senior positions. The UK leads by a wide margin in average salaries for these positions – UK professionals are generally more likely to hold more senior positions than the other countries listed below.

Associates are generally lower in seniority than other positions, which explains the lower overall average. Starting salary can range from $18,988 and as low as $50,134 Again, Australia leads the pack in terms of average salary They may place a higher value on titles and require more experience than other countries on this list

Analysts tend to be more educated and specialized than other CX positions, which makes the average salary higher. Junior salaries start at $18,525 and more senior positions can go up to $98,526. Australia tops the average salary for this position, with higher overall salaries than any other country on the list.

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Professionals are more senior and experienced and earn up to $49,750, according to available data. A lack of data in the United States and the United Kingdom may contribute to this lower comparison In our opinion, professionals are really overpaid

Salaries can vary widely as this position is a bit more nuanced in terms of responsibilities and roles In the United States, junior experience managers can start at $23,400 and more senior positions can earn up to $89,250. Ahead of the U.S. average, likely due to this location and the variety of roles that match the geographic demographics of the U.S.

This position can earn from $28,000 to $60,000. The averages below are based on less data than elsewhere on this list and may not be accurate

Customer Experience Manager Salary

While this average digital experience manager salary is also based on limited data, the higher average tracks with a more specialized and experienced position. Entry-level salaries are around $38,805 and can reach $185,000 for the most senior positions.

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This is one of the most experienced positions on this list and has the highest average salary A customer experience director’s salary can reach a maximum of $182,325 This number is based on more data than the salary of a digital experience manager and should be more accurate

Because customer experience is always changing and growing, this customer experience management salary information can quickly become outdated!

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Customer Experience Manager Salary

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Customer Experience Manager Salary

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Customer experience managers earn an average of $75,178 per year in the United States, or $36.14 per hour. At the bottom of that spectrum are customer experience managers, the bottom 10%

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