Duties Of Project Manager

Duties Of Project Manager – So you are a project manager. You’ve landed a great job at a digital advertising agency (or maybe you’re in the digital department of your company’s marketing team, or you’re working on non-profit projects, or you’re working on website projects for educational institutions) and you’re ready for your first project!

You’re fired up and have a project management plan in your head, and now’s the time to show everyone what you’ve got. Now is also the time when many project managers start wondering what – exactly – to do first.

Duties Of Project Manager

Duties Of Project Manager

Project managers typically keep projects on track and communicate with both internal staff and the client regarding everyone’s deliverables. We are sponges that absorb influence from all sides and make sure that the project continues steadily. so now what? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Read what you really need to do to shine!

How To Get Project Management Experience

The responsibilities of a project manager have changed a lot over the last 5-10 years. In the past, project managers were simply tasked with following instructions. We had to fight to show our worth and often didn’t get a seat at the strategic table.

Today, the job description of a project manager has a much broader scope that includes much more strategy and leadership – which is great not only for the PM’s growing skills, but also for his salary. Salary for project manager roles increases as they take on more project leadership (and as they move up the organizational level).

But with that broad scope comes a much greater expectation of how to do the job of a project manager, often without the benefits of a step-by-step approach. Here’s how to make sure you hit the ground running and transcend the typical PM role.

If you look at any project manager job description, you’ll find a few things in common: keep the project on time, organized, and on budget. You do these things by listing requirements, creating plans, reviewing results and segmenting, and tracking your budget.

What Does A Project Manager Do? What’s Their Roles? Duties?

You also know that you have to motivate the team, plan for the unexpected and make sure everything runs smoothly.

But what separates you from the pack is how you do each of these things – what you really need to do. So let’s go through them tactically:

We do this by taking the basics from a Statement of Work (SOW) or client notes and putting them together to represent all the essentials, details and relevant information that every stakeholder or project team member would need to understand in order to work together successfully if they were supposed to work on this project. This is the “plan” of the project.

Duties Of Project Manager

You should definitely follow what will be required to complete the project assigned to you. However, you also need to understand the overall business needs of the project. You want to be able to write your requirements and user stories so that they not only meet the scope of the project, but meet the real need of the project.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Project Work Groups And Teams Paper Example

The best way to ensure that you understand the project strategy is to be involved in project discovery and determining the project plan, but not every project manager is able to do this. The next best thing is to dive into the discovery output and ask strategic questions about the final product.

Once you have a good understanding of the project strategy, you will be able to answer most of the questions that will arise during the project. You need to be able to trigger that disruption – provide strategic guidance to help the project move forward without waiting for additional input on items that don’t require a client decision.

When I started doing this for my projects, I went from project manager to project manager – and the projects I managed after that became more and more strategic.

One of the responsibilities of a project manager is to keep all project-related information in one place that everyone can access so that stakeholders and project teams can easily find the information they need. This usually lives on a shared drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other way employees can generally find assets and information, such as digital asset management software.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

While categorizing and creating meaningful folder structures is a definite need, you also need to check that everything is created or delivered to the project in the best possible order so it’s ready to use when it’s needed. This is where project management software can come in handy.

This might mean making sure that graphic items have the correct file type and structure, that any copy provided doesn’t contain additional formatting that might break CSS rules, or making sure that any other entity’s code is wrapped correctly.

Doing this at the beginning of a project is the best way to ensure you don’t waste time and money later trying to fix something you could have prevented, and it helps you stick to the project schedule.

Duties Of Project Manager

I once managed a project that required transferring over 400 PDF files to a new document tree on the web. I thought it was as easy as just cataloging and making sure they were ready for our developers to add, but I took some time and opened a few to take a closer look.

Project Manager Job Description

When I did this, I realized that there are 3 different iterations of tagging documents. Because I caught it early, the client had time to address it and deliver properly branded PDFs long before we needed to add them to the site. This would be caught in QA at the end of the project – giving the customer very little time to fix the problem before the launch date, which could impact the project budget for the extra time spent fixing it.

Time management skills are essential to being a good project manager, one of the first things we need to ask ourselves is, “What needs to happen now and what needs to happen next to get this project off the ground on time?”

How you create it depends on the project schedule. If it is fixed, you would create a timeline from the end date of the fixed backwards. If it is flexible, you would create a timeline that starts from the current time and works up to the appropriate start date.

Time to start thinking about cases. Yes, you should create your own regular timeline – whether in a calendar, Gantt chart, or sprint plan. But it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about where things can go wrong and what you’ll do about it if it does.

The Project Manager Project Managment Handouts

If you’re working on a waterfall project and you’re building your timeline with items that actually happen in a serial format, start looking for places where you can work in parallel if you need to.

Start looking at what the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) would be if you have a project with a fixed end date. This means figuring out what will work, at a minimum, to complete the project on time. You want some options that you thought about long ago, when you’re on the spot and not under the enormous pressure that usually surrounds a timeline crisis.

One of my favorite ways to stay prepared is “step 2”. This is a good way to get to the MVP without using the word “minimum”, as this sometimes causes some stakeholders to panic. I understand what we can do as a first launch and what can be launched soon after to fulfill the scope of the project.

Duties Of Project Manager

Whatever tactics you choose, make sure you determine where in your timeline you can execute them. These may not be shared with your client or even your team. They are mainly for you “in your back pocket” if something happens.

Project Manager Job Description: Salary And Job Trends In 2023

This is usually the most basic question for team management: Do we have enough money to make this project happen? Most of the time budgets are fixed by the time the project manager takes over, so the process is to take that budget and spread it over the timeline you’ve created and follow the requirements you’ve set. The numbers have to work or the project budget is at risk and the project could cost more than it brings in.

This is the first and best opportunity to make sure you have enough budget to get the job done. The further the project progresses, the more difficult it will be to reasonably raise budget issues (unless there are clearly out-of-scope requirements).

Once you feel comfortable that you have the right amount of budget, one of your primary responsibilities is to divide the total budget into hourly groups based on roles and tasks. Your budget doesn’t just track project spending, it sets limits for each person on your project team.

Along with your requirements or user stories, this will give your team the guidance they need

What Is A Project Manager Responsible For? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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