Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary – Are you a tech legal professional looking for ways to take your career in an exciting new direction? Then you’ll want to explore eDiscovery jobs.

According to the Salary Guide by Robert Half, litigation is a high-demand practice area, particularly in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, insurance defense, and personal injury. This is driving the need in both law firms and corporate legal departments for attorneys and legal professionals skilled in litigation support and eDiscovery.

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

What do eDiscovery professionals do? In this evolving role, they manage and maintain electronic documents throughout the discovery process of legal proceedings.

Why Are People Leaving Project Management?

All eDiscovery jobs are built on a few key components: Clients typically look for candidates who have at least a college degree, although in some cases a Juris Doctor degree is required. Positions also require familiarity with document management systems and trial presentation software. Strong communication skills and attention to detail are also required.

Litigation Support Directors oversee teams of litigation and eDiscovery professionals. They are the primary liaisons between litigation practice groups, internal client discovery teams, opposing firms and vendors. This is a supervisory role and requires 10 years or more of experience.

In addition to performing eDiscovery for litigation, litigation support managers serve as lines of communication with outside firms and vendors. They must be skilled in project management litigation and are responsible for overseeing project teams.

Support Specialists and Analysts implement and manage eDiscovery, monitor litigation data, and assist the Litigation Support Manager. These eDiscovery jobs require great organizational skills as well as proficiency in case management and eDiscovery software.

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These legal support professionals are organizers of data found through eDiscovery and other methods. They are responsible for data entry and importing databases into case management software. They need a strong understanding of legal concepts as well as the ability to prioritize the order in which they process the data they receive.

The specifics of these positions often change depending on the size and structure of the law firm. For example, some smaller firms may train paralegals or paralegals who have advanced technical skills and litigation support training to take on these roles.

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Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

Stress and uncertainty can easily reduce employee morale. Learn how to identify and respond to the signs of low morale in the workplace in this post.

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The United States added 236,000 jobs and the unemployment rate was 3.5%. Read more about the March 2023 jobs report. More

The average salary for a document manager in the United States is $97,896. Document manager salaries typically range between $49,000 and $192,000 per year. The average hourly rate for document managers is $47.07 per hour. Location, education and experience affect how much a document manager can expect to earn. Document managers make the most in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada and California.

In the United States, the average salary for a document manager is approximately $97,896 per year, which breaks down to $47.07 per hour. Interestingly enough, document managers have the highest salaries in Fairfield, California at around $127,362 per year. For starters, the average starting salary in Fairfield, California is $62,000. Additionally, document managers earn more than the average salary in Hartford, CT, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, Glen Burnie, MD, New York, NY, and Cambridge, MA. On a broader level, file manager salaries are highest in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Maryland and New York. In contrast, Montana, Florida and Georgia offer the lowest wages to document managers.

According to our most recent salary estimates, the University of Maryland Medical System and Apple are the highest paying companies for document managers.

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Rhode Island has the highest paying document managers in the US, with an average salary of $121.134 per year or $58.24 per hour.

You will know if you are paid fairly as a document manager if your salary is close to the average salary for the state in which you live. For example, if you live in Connecticut, they should pay you close to $120,212 a year. In the previous parts of this 8-part career guide series, we covered the routes to roles in legal technology, legal operations and innovation, the activities typically undertaken in these roles and now we cover in more detail the types of roles, what they pay, who they work with and where they can thrive.

There are potentially dozens of roles to cover. Many roles in legal technology, legal operations and innovation are not unique to these fields, but are borrowed from elsewhere.

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

With that in mind, the focus of what follows is to unlock a curated and diverse set of roles that we’ve chosen based on the following criteria:

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If you think we’ve missed a role that fits the selection criteria above, or if we’ve omitted any role details, please get in touch!

This is potentially a very broad and varied role…hence the differently titled jobs but often overlapping mandates.

It is mostly represented in large law firms, and to a lesser extent it is present in larger domestic teams.

The breadth of these roles is partly because these roles—as a separate role versus a secondary activity to the main role—are new, and often on a small team, so they often have to wear many different hats.

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These roles are usually filled in law firms or in legal teams by placing a former lawyer in, in reality, half a dozen roles, each with different requirements.

Parachuting lawyers into these roles is often fine, as long as the individual has the right mindset and is willing to learn, respect the expertise of other non-legal professionals, and remove some of their lawyer habits (eg perfectionism, legal exceptionalism, pedantry, etc.). Where this is the case, the individual and the team can succeed.

Where these roles fail is when they are filled by individuals who are bored with the law and not particularly interested in legal technology, operations or innovation, who don’t consider adapting their own mindset, and are instead drawn to the role because which pays well. their status as a lawyer is low stress in terms of a better work-life balance. Unsurprisingly, this particular setup is generally unsuccessful for all involved.

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

Over time, we see this role (well) divided into specialized roles performed by functional experts, e.g. in production managers, project managers, business analysts, etc.

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This happens most often in Magic Circle law firm innovation teams, which tend to be larger (ten people) and more established (10+ years).

For smaller teams (2 – 5 people) / new (2 – 5 years), e.g. in US firms, everyone in this role may have one job, but about 15+ roles!

Often a Jack or Jane of all trades, the person in this role tends to work in a small team of 2-10 people supporting the global operations of a large legal team, whether in house or private practice.

In larger innovation/legal engineering/technology teams, individuals may specialize (and have been trained) in one or more functions, e.g. design, business analysis, product management, project management, training, etc.

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This person typically performs these activities (see our previous article for more depth on these types of activities):

May have a degree in law, computer science (or another engineering discipline), or come from a STEM or arts background and have worked in technology or business roles outside of the law.

As highlighted in our previous article, there is a new category of courses focused on legal technology, legal operations and legal innovation. They are far from being recognized as necessary qualifications, but they can still demonstrate a commitment to the subject when applying for roles.

Ediscovery Project Manager Salary

This role is most common in private practice, but can be seen in larger in-house teams (eg banks and large corporations).

The Level Of Organization At Valve.

However, these roles naturally have a greater focus on engagement and change management when fulfilling any of the other activities mentioned above (see our previous article covering change management changes and some recommended resources).

In those organizations, the role tends to be called “legal engineer” or “legal technologist.” The focus for those secondary vendor roles tends to be more technical and product oriented, less change management oriented (usually left to the customer). However, having a good background in change management as a means of anticipating and ensuring that the sold consultancy or vendor services align with any change management obstacles the client is facing will be beneficial.

As noted throughout, this role is very varied and in reality often involves several roles that, outside of the law, are usually half a dozen or more separate full-time roles.

Salaries can range from £30,000 at the bottom

Salary Data By Job Titles And Locations

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