Finance Amazon Salary

Finance Amazon Salary – As a multinational technology company, Amazon not only offers its customers a variety of products, but also offers many different types of jobs. Whether you’re a data scientist, marketing manager, web developer, or even a content creator, there’s a job for you.

Trust me, there are thousands of different jobs on Amazon based on your interest. So there are so many jobs at Amazon that I can’t cover them all.

Finance Amazon Salary

Finance Amazon Salary

Amazon has divided the available jobs into 12 levels. Let me explain what I mean to make it a little clearer. Each level requires people to have different work experience and salaries vary.

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At level 12, which is the highest level, there is only one person, “Jeff Bezos”, the founder of Amazon. There are only a few people at level 11 who are mostly CEOs and VPs.

Among the important people at this level we can see Andy Jassy, ​​the president and CEO of Amazon and Jeff Wike, who is considered the second most important person in Amazon. However, Wike retired as Amazon’s worldwide customer and is no longer in business.

The people who work at levels 9 and 10 are mostly VPS and not more than a few hundred. Let me explain each level separately for better understanding. But before that, you should know that the basic salary limit in Amazon is not less than 150,000 per year. Of course, this is for employees working at level 4 or higher. For employees working at level 1, 2 or 3, the salary is lower than the amount I have indicated.

At Amazon, the CEO’s base salary is $170,993 plus additional and bonus compensation of $55,086. So the total salary for the year is about $226,019. However, in some cases, an additional fee is charged. 50,000 less, which can be profit share, bonus, commission, etc. In such cases, the total number will be lower.

Jobs At Amazon That Pay Over $150,000

This work is usually available on Amazon for lower levels. As before, the base salary is $61,964 and the bonus is $20,519. Therefore, the total annual salary for this job is approximately $82,483.

Amazon Level 1 employees typically earn around $44,000 per year. Salary can increase with experience and can reach up to $135,000. People hired at this level at Amazon usually don’t need that kind of experience as long as they’re doing the job right. .

Amazon Level 2 base salary typically starts at $88,000 per year and can go up to $211,266. Amazon doesn’t have much information about how much experience is required for this level.

Finance Amazon Salary

Note that the best paying jobs on Amazon start at level 4, although working at this level requires some experience and knowledge of what you are interested in.

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Amazon Level 4 or people who want to work at Amazon at this level need at least 1-3 years of experience. However, if you have more than 3 years of experience, you can work above level 4.

For example, if you are a data analyst with 5 years of experience, after passing the interview, you can start at level 5 instead of this level and make more money because of it. The average salary for this level is $166,000.

It is true that I am giving you some numbers regarding the salary range for each level, but you should know that there are different job positions for each level. So Amazon might pay you $200,000 a year for a Level 5 Amazon job, and they might pay you more or less for another job at that level. Let me give an example to explain what I mean.

Let’s say you are a software manager at Amazon, your base salary is $161,000 and your gross salary is $285,000 per year. Now let’s compare it to another job at the same level. If you worked as a data analyst at this level, the base salary would be $150,000 and the total salary would be $227,000.

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As you can see, different jobs at the same level have different salaries. By the way, you need 3 to 10 years of experience to work at this level.

You can only work at Amazon level 6 if you have 8-10 years of experience. This level has a higher salary range. For example, if you are a level 5 business developer, you will earn $211,000, but if you are a level 6 business developer, you will earn $309,000. You will see the difference! The base salary for this level is usually at least $200,000.

As we progress, so does the salary. The base or minimum salary for Amazon Level 7 is $300,000 and the range varies from job to job and goes up to $638,000 per year. So, depending on the job, your salary will vary, but will not be less than $300,000.

Finance Amazon Salary

It’s also important to know that there are some tasks that are only available for one or two specific levels, not all of them.

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Typically, employees at this level are hired within the company. Additionally, 10 years of experience is required for this level.

Amazon’s minimum wage at level 8 is over $600,000 per year. There are few real jobs at this level and employees working at this level can earn upwards of a million or more. Directors, Seniors, and Managers work at Amazon’s Level 8, which is similar to Level 7 in terms of experience.

The company’s important employees work at Amazon level 9 and 10. There is not much information about this level, but we can guess that the minimum salary will be 1 million and the total salary will be more than 1 million per year.

As I mentioned about Amazon’s level 11, there are several important CEOs and VPs at this level and there is no information about their salaries. Maybe they make around a million and a half a year.

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Only the founder Jeff Bezos is at Amazon level 12 and I don’t know how much he makes a year. However, his net worth is estimated at $138.9 billion at the time of writing.

I hope this article was useful and interesting for you. If you have any questions about the topic of this article, please leave them in the general section below.

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Finance Amazon Salary

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If you’re applying for a Product Manager position at Amazon, your level will depend on the level of experience and skills you bring. Product manager roles are generally senior, so they naturally attract higher salaries. Below are the Amazon Product Manager levels:

Amazon Salaries: Average Amazon Salary By Location, Job Title, And Department

L8 and L9 positions are achieved mainly through seniority. If you are already a senior director of product management at another company and apply to Amazon, you may be offered an L8 position, although your designation may not change.

As you can see in the following chart, compensation at Amazon increases with seniority:

In addition to other compensation-related benefits, Amazon offers product managers exciting promotions. Product managers are typically offered restricted stock units with a vesting period

Finance Amazon Salary

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