Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions – Behavioral interview questions, also known as consulting interview questions, are used by interviewing companies to go deeper than what’s listed on a resume.

Behavioral questions ask you to recall times or experiences in the past when you demonstrated a particular skill or trait. Examples of behavioral problems include:

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

Appropriate consulting questions allow the interviewer to get to know you on a deeper, more personal level. From this, the interviewer can assess your suitability for the position or company.

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Behavioral questions are frequently asked, so you should expect to be asked at least some of them during the interview.

Future performance or success: Behavioral questions use past behavior to determine future performance or success. Because the candidate draws on previous experiences and activities, the interviewer can get a sense of how the candidate will perform on the job.

Communication skills: Behavioral questions assess a candidate’s communication skills. Has the candidate explained his/her experience clearly and concisely? Does the candidate keep his story?

Personality and Culture: Match questions can reveal how well a candidate’s personality fits with the company’s culture. By answering behavioral questions, job candidates demonstrate characteristics such as trustworthiness, humility, friendliness, or cooperation. Candidates can also declare their own values ​​and ethics.

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You can demonstrate impressive and tangible evidence of achievement by assessing your performance and explaining the impact of your work.

Don’t just explain what you did and how you did it. Describe the impact and impact on the organization. How big is the impact? How many people are affected? How does this affect your annual income or expenses?

You can use the app to improve your communication skills. The more behavioral questions you answer, the better you can tell about your past experiences. You will be less likely to stutter when speaking and feel more confident.

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

You can demonstrate how your personality and values ​​align with a consulting firm by drawing on experiences that align with the firm’s culture and values. By doing your research on the consulting firm you are interviewing for, you should know which qualities are valuable.

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For example, if the consulting firm values ​​teamwork, focus on drawing on your experience working on a team or multiple teams. If the company values ​​innovation, focus on learning from experiences that have changed your situation.

You can ask hundreds of behavioral questions. It is impractical or impossible to prepare specific answers to every behavioral question. Instead, use the method below, which is more efficient and effective.

Prepare 6 – 8 different stories drawn from your past and career. Choose the most inspiring, impactful or unique experience.

Also, make sure your story is unique. For example, you don’t want to have eight stories about leadership. Instead, have at least one story for each of the following topics:

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When asked a behavioral question, mentally search through the prepared list of stories and choose the most relevant one.

You may need to adapt, edit or adapt your story to ensure it emphasizes and focuses on themes of a particular behavioral issue.

When you’re asked about other behaviors, mentally search your prepared list of stories and choose the most important ones you haven’t shared yet.

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

Formulating answers to behavioral questions is important because it keeps your story short and helps you focus on the key message you want to convey.

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A simple but effective system that I recommend candidates to use is the STAR method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

Background: A brief overview of all the background and circumstances needed to better understand the story. Keep this section as short as possible to leave more room for the Action and Result sections, which is where you want to spend most of your time.

Last year, I worked in Airbnb’s strategy and analytics group. I primarily work with the Customer Experience team and oversee customer support.

Task: Describe what you ask or ask to deliver or achieve. Resume this section to spend more time in the Actions and Responses section.

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Example: I was asked to determine whether Airbnb’s $10 million extra spent on programs to improve customer satisfaction had a positive return on investment. That’s important because Airbnb is focused on cutting unnecessary costs to make more money.

Task: Explain the steps you took to solve a task or achieve a goal or purpose. Make sure the focus of the event is something you personally did. Don’t focus too much on talking to your team as it will affect your performance.

Example: I analyzed over 700,000 customer data points using SQL and Excel to create a model to predict the number of satisfied and dissatisfied customers per year.

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

I work with the data science, customer experience, and finance teams and convince them to give me support and buy-in. I also ran competitor and industry benchmarks to further verify the results.

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Results: Describe the results of what you did, describing the impact and impact on the organization. Additionally, you can describe an important thing you learned from the experience and how it affected or impacted you as a person.

Example: In the end, I decided that a customer satisfaction program would have a negative 20% ROI. I presented the results to the CFO and a 30-person strategy and analytics group, and they all supported my recommendations. My work will save Airbnb $10 million a year.

In the process, I learned how to work with different teams and how to convince stakeholders to gain their support. This experience also further strengthened my views on using data to make business decisions.

Once you know effective strategies for answering behavioral questions and potentials, you should know all the different types of behavioral questions you can ask.

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Below is a list of 40+ behavior and compatibility issues. This is not meant to be a complete list of all behavior problems, but the list will give you a clear picture of the different categories of behavior problems.

While working in Apple’s AppleCare business unit, I analyzed data to identify opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

While looking at the survey results, I realized there was an opportunity to use the vast amount of data Apple has to predict which customers are most likely to cancel their AppleCare subscriptions.

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

Apple can focus on retaining these customers by sending them upgrade discount codes. I told my director about this idea and proposed this project.

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In addition to my normal job responsibilities, I extracted five years of purchase data for over 10 million customers to create software processing models. I validated my model with data scientists and got support from AppleCare strategy team members.

In the end, I decided that by targeting the top 10% of customers most likely to cancel and sending them discount codes, Apple could generate $100 million in additional revenue.

I submitted my answer to the head of AppleCare, who agreed to test the promotion in several cities. My manager appreciates that I go above and beyond the call of duty.

While working on a customer service improvement project for Amazon, I led a four-person research team. The goal is to analyze recent customer survey data to identify ways to improve customer service.

Key Behavioral Interview Questions To Help You Prepare

I divide the work according to each person’s interests and skills. After a few weeks, I noticed that three members were very productive, while one member, John, had been delivering poor quality and delayed work.

Realizing this was a potential problem, I sat down with John to understand the root cause. The problem is that the analytics team recently started using an analytics software called Tableau.

John found Tableau difficult to set up and use, so he refused to switch to Excel, which he was good at. As a result, Excel was unable to handle millions of data, resulting in poor quality work and delays.

Finance Manager Behavioral Interview Questions

To motivate John, I set him up with three Tableau training sessions to walk him through setting up Tableau. I show how it saves time because it’s more computationally intensive than Excel.

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After that, John fell in love with Tableau. He’s excited to learn about other Tableau features that save him time on other projects. His performance improved significantly and he started delivering high quality work on a regular basis.

In addition to interview conduct and interview questions, you may also be asked the “I’m looking at my resume” question.

This question is often asked at the beginning of the interview, so prepare well for this question in order to make a good first impression on the interviewer.


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