Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada – “We need to make buying a car fun, exciting and transparent. I don’t know why dealers are still hiding things.”

TO WHITE RIVER MEETING, Vt. – Over a century of auto sales in the United States, certain core beliefs have developed around automotive retail, largely passed down from generation to generation, like the orthodoxy of a religion.

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

Do these things, don’t do them. this works, that doesn’t; these practices can help, hinder, or worse.

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But what if everything goes wrong? What if “The way we’ve always done it” isn’t the best way to sell, service and finance cars?

Welcome to White River Toyota, a small but very successful dealership in a small town halfway between the Vermont-New Hampshire border, which may be one of the industry’s best examples of a better way.

At White River Toyota, customers are given more control, which makes the process more fun and increases sales.

Let’s take a moment to consider what makes White River different in every corner of its business compared to most other automotive dealers in the country. Let’s start where it matters: the results.

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White River New and Used Cars Sales. Total sales are up 63 percent from five years ago. After changing the processes, the store’s total sales increased to more than 50 vehicles per month and continued to grow.

Customer satisfaction scores. 98 to 99 percent satisfaction, among the best in the region and much better than five years ago.

Employee retention and satisfaction? Very Good: Only one dealer left out of service this year to move out of state. The dealership has 111 employees.

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

And the average profit per unit, new and used? All in all, over $2,000 for both, and that’s net, not gross. On new cars, White River gets $1,700 each. Compare that to the dealership average reported by the National Automobile Dealers Association. A net loss of over $700.

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Six years ago, White River Toyota was hardly any different small Toyota shop in the country. Today, it is one of the top performing franchised auto dealerships, thanks to the new ideas driven by the dealership’s 39-year-old CEO, Jason Quenneville, and his team.

“Everything we do, everything we’ve done, is about transparency,” Quenneville explained. “And what we decide, we do as a group, in agreement with everyone.”

Patrick Ellen, head of vehicle operations for Toyota Motor North America’s five-state Boston region, which includes all of New England except Connecticut, says it’s fair to describe White River Toyota as punching above its weight.

White River’s market share of 20.1 percent is nearly 4 points higher than the Boston Toyota store average of 16.3 percent. The dealership also has the highest sales retention rate of any Toyota dealership. And it has won the Toyota President’s Award, the automaker’s highest dealership honor, 14 times, including each of the last 11 years.

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“Other dealers are always looking over their shoulder to see what they’re doing,” Ellen said of White River. “Each measure is being improved. They are volume sellers and source from all over the place. And they’re doing a good job of keeping Toyota No. 1 in their market.”

Why do all these things? All of this, Quenneville says, is largely a result of the realization that today’s consumers are armed with far more information and have less time and patience for any shopping experience that isn’t fully transparent and seamless.

“That’s what the customers want. If we don’t start doing that in this area, the Amazons of the world will take us out right away,” said Quenneville. “We need to make buying a car fun, exciting and transparent. I don’t know why dealers are still hiding things. Everyone knows what a car is worth at the dealership. Everyone knows what their trade-in is worth. They know what they’re up to, what you’re doing, why Are we hiding something?”

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

White River’s sales process is so different from other dealerships that when there are sales staff openings, Quenneville says he won’t hire anyone with experience at other dealerships. Instead, he specifically looks for candidates who demonstrate empathy, usually in the hospitality or customer service fields, he says.

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The sales process is impressive to watch. A consumer logging in through the Internet channel has already received a personalized video response from the seller and knows what the car they’re looking at is worth, what the trade-in is worth, and how much they’ll be able to pay. given that some assumptions They are greeted by a salesperson, and after registering their driver’s license and proof of insurance, they can use the store’s Cruise the Lot program; The customer is given a master key to the lot to drive the car of their choice. They can choose to do it on their own or go with the dealer, and are told to stop by the showroom to register any vehicle they take out.

The lot itself has approximately 215 new and 100 used vehicles in inventory, primarily by model and trim level, so customers don’t have to hunt around to find similar vehicles. After the purchase decision is made, the customer returns to the showroom, where the salesperson knows the purchase price and financing, and takes them through additional options such as service contracts displayed on the tablet. Financial assistants in the dealership’s back office with forms, such as Department of Motor Vehicles and commercial documents, while preparing the vehicle for delivery.

With the presence of a sales desk, the offer has also boosted sales of accessories and protections. The dealership has an average penetration rate of 337 percent for these add-ons, meaning the average customer adds nearly 3.5 items per transaction. And when it comes to protections, Quenneville says the dealership strictly limits what’s offered. With the exception of coverage to protect vehicles from Vermont’s nasty weather, all other products come from Toyota Financial Services.

Cruise in the grounds. After the customer submits their driver’s license and insurance information, they can use the master key to drive any vehicle on the lot, with or without a dealer.

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“I don’t accept products with deductions,” said the CEO. “Toyota offers different warranties, but I only let them sell the best. I don’t want a customer to come into service and this one is covered and this one isn’t. So we sell good. product”.

Quenneville says he recognizes that other dealers may be skeptical of White River’s results, or that such radical departures from the traditional dealership model will serve them well. They may be right; Dave Machavern and David Bergeron, the other two shops in the small Heritage Automotive Group owned by Heritage Ford and Heritage Toyota, both of South Burlington, Vt. Take White River’s Cruise the Lot program, for example.

“I know a lot of retailers are going to be thinking, ‘Well, how is value created in a machine?’ ” Quenneville explained. “I would encourage anyone to give it a try.”

Finance Manager Car Dealership Salary Canada

Customers feel more confident when they are treated honestly and openly, and tend to engage more with the product and ask follow-up questions to sales advisors. Sales advisors are still around, but “it’s the customer’s time, and it lets the customer’s guard down. Things are still happening. we can still show the car, but we do it when the customer takes control. And they really are. If you push them into a process, the guard goes up.’

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Still, there’s work to be done, says Quenneville. Although the dealership has a fixed absorption rate of more than 80 percent and is already undergoing a second shift in its service department, Quenneville and his team believe White River’s fixed operations can do better if given the same operational freedom it enjoys. elsewhere in the store. But those changes are still months away, he said.

Quenneville came to White River from Heritage Toyota in 2014 and when he began changing the way the store was run, it understandably raised some eyebrows. He began his efforts in finance and insurance, then transformed the back office and sales floor. Now he has a staff of faithful believers.

“At first I thought, ‘You know what? That way people really want to buy cars,” said Kelly Morissette, one of three sales managers at White River. “It would be a lot easier to look someone in the eye and say, ‘You’re going to have a wonderful experience.’

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