Finance Manager Ford Salary

Finance Manager Ford Salary – As costs rise and margins shrink, businesses are cutting back on some of their highest-paid employees: finance and insurance managers.

Eight-star dealership group Friendship Automotive Enterprises in Bristol, Tenn., is reviewing how F&I managers are compensated after growth in F&I profits significantly changed the situation at the stores.

Finance Manager Ford Salary

Finance Manager Ford Salary

“Don’t get me wrong, the executive producers should more than compensate, but it’s come out of nowhere,” said Dustin Walters, Automotive News’ Friendship Director.

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In 2017, F&I managers earned an average of $142,048 nationally, up 3 percent from the previous year, according to National Automobile Dealers Association data obtained by Automotive News. That compares to an average salary of $134,625 for sales managers and $121,918 for service managers. The only sales position that earns more than the average F&I manager is the general manager, at $328,150.

Compensation for F&I managers rises by thousands of dollars each year on average, according to the data. The large pay gap between F&I managers and their peer managers can disrupt the traditional career path and cause companies to question the value of the F&I position. However, reducing or cutting F&I payments can drive talent away, especially if management knows it can do more down the road.

Industry-wide, Walters said, depending on the store’s sales volume, sales managers often earn 3 to 4 percent of the gross profit on every transaction. If a customer finances through a distributor and purchases F&I products, the F&I manager typically earns 10 to 15 percent of the gross F&I profit. But if retailers wanted the manager’s total compensation to be about 30 percent, Walters said, that’s only a lot of money.

“For there to be a big gap in terms of an F&I manager…who ultimately owes all of his duties to the sales force – I have a bit of a problem with that. Nothing happens until you sell the car, right?”

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Contribution F&I payments also eliminate the traditional pipeline from dealer to F&I manager to new car manager to used car manager to general manager. Who wants to move up, says Walters, if it means taking a pay cut?

Although salary increases for F&I managers and service managers have been flat since 2015, in 2017, F&I managers earned an average of 17 percent — or about $20,000 — more than service managers and 5.5 percent — or about $7,500 — more in sales. the managers

Paying one employee or department more than others can hurt business morale, but too much variation in F&I pay, especially given the high volume of work done in that role, drives away talent, warns John Pappanastos, EFG Cos. and F&I CEOs. An Irving, Texas training and products company.

Finance Manager Ford Salary

“These people are real killers. They are guns for hire. They operate in such large numbers and make so much profit for the employer that if you let them [ransom], you lose them,” said Pappanastos. “It’s a bad financial decision. As long as my team gets richer and richer, why should I care?”

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Adjusting an F&I manager’s salary is easy if the position was recently filled, said Adam Lee, president of Lee Auto Malls in Auburn, Maine, which has seven new car dealerships and 13 used car dealerships. Shrinking a contract producer’s payroll and F&I talent is difficult without getting them out the door.

“It’s hard to take your best people and take a pay cut, even though we’ve done it. Sometimes it’s necessary,” Lee said.

According to Lee, F&I compensation should be around 15 to 18 percent of office profits. However, some of his F&I managers are reaching 20 percent of the office’s profits, often affected by factors outside the manager’s control, he added.

“Sometimes it’s the nature of the business, not necessarily the skills of the financial manager, which is revenue generation,” Lee said. “You can’t do without them, but sometimes they are the beneficiaries of changes in the dynamics of where your income comes from.”

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The fellowship is an attempt at ways to deal with the payment problem. The group operates a hybrid pay plan that includes both commissions and salaries, which Walters says is fairer to business workers than the traditional model.

“Payment plans incentivize behavior,” Walters said. “What you want to change, if you do it in a way that is not demotivating, that’s the way to make the change.”

Marketers have tried to reduce or eliminate their F&I position for years. The F&I manager remains an important job, and shrinking the department is a mistake, said Mike Maroone, former COO of AutoNation Inc. and now CEO of Maroone USA, with four bars in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Finance Manager Ford Salary

“It’s the second job in our stores, comparable to the general sales manager,” Maroon said. “We pay our F&I people a lot of money, and they get it.”

Lithia Springs Ford Staff

Maroon has no plans to get rid of the position of F&I director. Generally those who have returned, he said.

Justin Gasman, director of financial services at McCaddon Cadillac-Buick-GMC in Boulder, Colo., says an F&I manager’s experience is very important to companies in general. Consolidating that position at one vendor involves compliance risks and a potential reduction in sales of F&I products, Gasman said.

“The only reason a dealership can do business today is because of F&I,” Gasman said. “Without F&I, you have nothing.”

However, some marketers are seeing a seismic shift in how the F&I office aligns with marketing operations. David Rosenberg, CEO of Prime Automotive Group, said at the Automotive News Retail Forum last month: A system that takes two or three people with a customer NADA destroys relationships. As more customers shop online and spend less time in physical stores, many sales departments will eventually be eliminated or replaced.

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“Potentially, the F&I manager could be history. The BDC agent could be history. We’ll have a sales job that can handle the customer from A to Z,” Rosenberg said.

Liza Borches, CEO of the 13-story Carter Myers Automotive Group in Charlottesville, Va., said big changes at the department will only come if they reflect consumer demand.

Borches believes that the high pay of F&I managers can only continue if their roles shift to the sales floor. He envisions a hybrid manager connected to the sales desk that will generate deals in advance, he says. The portfolio manager would also train the sales assistants on fulfillment and marketing of F&I products.

Finance Manager Ford Salary

“You can’t sit in an F&I office, hand out menus and print papers and sell products and still be there five years from now,” Borches said, “maybe even two years from now.”

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There’s no magic bullet for compensation planning like there used to be, and the pay gap between F&I managers and other managers isn’t as great, Walters said. He plans to make small changes, one store at a time, to figure out what will work for the Fellowship.

“Bad money managers usually don’t stick around for long. You have to have a clean slate; you have to work with the bank,” Walters said. “If anything, sales managers [say], ‘If they want to take that pressure, maybe [they should] earn more than me.’ I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it.”

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FINANCE & INSURANCE REPORT: Sign up every Wednesday evening for information, ideas and opinions on how to maximize returns from your F&I products and services. Ford CEO Jim Farley received $22,813,174 in compensation for leading the company through 2021, according to documents released Friday by the Dearborn automaker.

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The ratio of the CEO’s total compensation to the average total compensation of all employees is 356 to 1.

It has omitted pay and pay ratio data from its entire workforce in its annual executive compensation report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a disclosure required of companies by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.

Ford paid more than $74.5 million in compensation in 2021 to five senior executives: Farley, Chief Financial Officer John Lawler, Chairman Bill Ford, Chief Business Technology Officer Michael Amend, and Ford Model e EV and Systems Director of Digital, Doug Field. , archive exhibits.

Finance Manager Ford Salary

Ford’s top earner last year was Farley, whose total compensation was $1.7 million in salary, $16 million in stock awards, about $3.7 million in incentive compensation and about $1.4 million in other payments.

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Fix and Field’s salaries reflect signing bonuses, $800,000 for Fix and $500,000 for Field, a federal filing said Friday.

The Free Journal found a $100,000 error in Lawler’s compensation starting in 2020 and Ford said the company inadvertently reported a compensation category of $112,750, which was actually $18,281. The lower amount on this year’s tab reflects what Lawler received.

Both Hau Thai-Tang, now CEO of the manufacturing platform, and Kumar Galhotra, now president of Ford Blue, left the list of top paid executives.

Farley’s perks included $830,305 in personal airfare

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