Finance Manager In Malay

Finance Manager In Malay – (From left) M&A Securities Sdn Bhd Head of Corporate Finance Gary Ting, Unitrade Industries Bhd Independent Directors Cynthia Toh and Datuk Loh Yeow Boo, Executive Director Simson Sim Xian Zhi, Executive Vice President Sim Keng Chor, Managing Director Nomis Sim Siang Leng , leading shareholder Teh Beng Khim, independent chairman Datuk Abdul Majit and independent director Ong Soo Chan, and M&A Securities managing director of corporate finance Datuk Bill Tan at the listing ceremony on Tuesday (Jun 14).

KUALA LUMPUR (Jun 14): Construction materials wholesaler Unitrade Industries Bhd made its ACE market debut at 26.5 sen on Bursa Malaysia on Tuesday (Jun 14), down 17.19% from its opening price of public offering (IPO) of 32 sen.

Finance Manager In Malay

Finance Manager In Malay

The lackluster debut was in line with weaker market sentiment as global stocks and government bonds fell again on Monday, with the sell-off pushing the U.S. S&P 500 index, which has fallen more than 20% since the recent close of records, towards the downside. market, and it followed data last Friday that showed US inflation accelerated more than expected in May.

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As of 9:18 a.m., Unitrade was trading at 25 sen, with some 40.93 million shares traded. Trading volume for the stock closed at 246.86 million shares in the market, becoming the most traded stock of the day, with the counter closing at 30 sen, still down 6.25% or two sen with respect to the price of its IPO. The last price gave the company a market capitalization of RM468.75 million.

Despite the unimpressive debut, Unitrade CEO Nomis Sim Siang Leng said the group firmly believes its business fundamentals are strong and will continue to grow regardless of share price developments on Tuesday.

“To be honest, this is not the best time for a quote, considering the global market from last Friday until today (Tuesday). Wall Street has affected the whole world overnight, no only on our counter, and these things are out of our control. . .

“But in the long term, we strongly believe that our fundamentals are strong and we will continue to grow regardless of the current share price,” he said at a virtual press conference on Tuesday in connection with Unitrade’s listing on the ACE market.

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Unitrade’s IPO exercise includes a public issue of 312.5 million new shares, representing 20% ​​of its enlarged share capital, as well as an offer for sale of 125 million existing shares.

Of the 312.5 million new shares, 78.1 million shares are available to the Malaysian public, 63.5 million shares to its directors, employees and eligible persons who have contributed to the group’s success , followed by 117.2 million shares reserved for the private placement of bumiputera investors. approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and 53.7 million shares for private placement to selected investors.

The Selangor-based company has raised a total of RM100 million from the public issue under its IPO, of which RM50.5 million or 50.5% will be used as working capital. Another RM39.8 million or 39.8% should be used to repay bank loans.

Finance Manager In Malay

Meanwhile, RM5 million is allocated for capital expenditure to set up a pipe manufacturing centre, while the balance of RM4.7 million is allocated to pay listing fees.

Project Evaluation: Cost Estimating And Financial Analysis

With the recent move to a warehouse twice the size of the previous one and proceeds from the IPO, Sim said, the group now has the capacity and capability to increase its warehouse volume and range of products to meet the growing demand for construction materials in the sector. to achieve the construction. sector

“Furthermore, we will be among the first in Malaysia to build a new pipe manufacturing center to expand our value-added service offering to our customers. This facility will provide a long list of benefits to our customers, such as reducing manpower, speeding it up. construction progress and more efficient use of space on construction sites to name a few,” said Sim.

In a macro view, Sim said Unitrade is bullish on the building materials industry, which is underpinned by the acceleration and roll-out of major infrastructure projects.

“We have a strong track record of supplying large projects in the past and are therefore confident of taking advantage of these opportunities. In addition to new projects, our products are also widely used in refurbishment, renovation, repair and maintenance tasks. As such Unitrade plays a critical and holistic role in supporting the entire lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure,” said Sim.

Budget, Financial & Audit Reports

On the impact of rising costs of construction materials related to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Sim said the impact has stabilized, so the group does not expect a significant impact on prices or the supply chain.

“Currently, supply and demand are quite balanced. We also aim to improve our margin by focusing on higher margin products and trying to reduce lower margin products,” he added.

“We have already achieved two years of positive operating cash flow. If we achieve an adjustment in the coming years, we will try to move to the main board,” Sim added.

Finance Manager In Malay

For the financial year ending 31 March 2022, Unitrade recorded revenue of RM1.29 billion and a record net profit of RM43.2 million.

Financial Planners And Financial Advisors

Unitrade has a dividend policy in which the board of directors intends to distribute dividends of up to 30% of its annual net profit to its shareholders.

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A company’s financial position at a given point in time can be assessed using typical financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These statements can be analyzed using some quantitative measures such as financial ratios. These ratios can be based on sales, profit or return on investment (ROI) and so on.

These ratios standardize financial information. They can be compared with the same ratios from a previous time period to assess any changes in the financial position. These ratios can show the strategic situation or steps to minimize risks.

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Financial forecasting is used to estimate a company’s future financial needs. Based on these forecasts, different budgets can be drawn up. Based on these budgets, a correct allocation of funds can be made for different activities. These budgets and expenses are a function of future sales and revenue. Accurate predictions made using scientific techniques can provide a basis for strategic decisions.

Capital structure decisions require a reasonable mix of debt and equity. This is measured by the debt equity ratio. This can create an optimal mix of debt and equity to minimize the various risks of over-indebtedness. A good capital structure produces financial stability. It refers to sound strategic decisions.

I. External: External sources of funds may consist of equity capital and/or borrowed capital. Owner’s capital can be increased by issuing (a) equity shares or (b) preference shares. Borrowed capital, on the other hand, can be obtained through the issuance of debt, term loans, public deposits and other loans and credits.

Finance Manager In Malay

Ii. Internal – Internal funds are generated by the retention of profits (maintaining free reserves) and the provision of depreciation of fixed assets.

Wealth Management V/s Financial Planning

The financial manager must ensure that the funds are available at a reasonable cost and with minimal risk. It must decide on the optimal financing mix (mix of debt and equity) or capital structure of the organization.

It is the responsibility of the finance department to secure funding for the company’s current and future operations. This requires the department to stay in touch with global interest rates, currency fluctuations and financial policy decisions. Obtaining funding also requires the finance department to develop and maintain good relationships with financial institutions and other funding sources.

A company’s strategic financial plan regarding the sources, use and management of funds must take into account the following points:

(a) Capital structure: Capital structure planning focuses on the desirable combination of debt and equity, which must be ‘optimal’.

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(b) Debt-Equity Ratio: Must be maintained while raising additional capital. It must be balanced.

(c) Cost of capital: The total cost of capital is represented by the weighted average cost of debt and equity. The cost of debt is generally lower than the cost of equity because of the tax benefits. But with an increase in financing (debt financing), the financial risk also increases. Therefore, the financial strategy must take this issue into account.

(d) Lease Financing: Leasing is a method by which a business can use an asset without retaining title to it. It is a specialized means of raising funds. If the cost of leasing is considered to be higher than the cost of borrowing, it is better to purchase the asset by borrowing the necessary funds. The leasing strategy should be formulated after the alternatives have been evaluated.

Finance Manager In Malay

(e) Leverage Decisions: Leverage is the employment of sources of funds to gain advantages in business. It is a relationship between interrelated variables, whereby the percentage change in one variable reflects a percentage change in another variable. This is a strategic decision.

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(f) Trading with variable income – The increase in bonds continues

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