Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

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Monster’s huge database and its free access is one of the best features of this job site. However, its resume and cover letter writing services are expensive for job seekers, as are its programs for recruiters.

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

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Monster (opens in new tab) has been around since 1999 and is one of the most recognized names in the job board space. It is also undoubtedly one of the largest sites with millions of listings on the site at any given time.

Although the site doesn’t tend to focus on startups, telecommuting, or any other niche, that certainly goes some way to explaining its large number of listings. On Monster, you can find everything from entry-level and part-time jobs to jobs at the top of the corporate food chain.

Unlike job sites (opens in new tab), Monster also lists blue-collar jobs alongside white-collar jobs, so you can find work in different industries than most sites.

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A list of Monster jobs is shown on the left, with details about each job on the right (Image credit: Monster)

The main page of the site looks like a search engine, so you just put the places and locations you want into a giant box and click a button. You will then get a column of results on the left and in-depth job information on the right. This is an impressive design.

Monster’s approach to searching and filtering is a little different than many other sites. When you get your results, you can only sort them by how far they are from your location or whether they are remote locations. Most other job sites allow you to filter search results based on salary range, required experience level, and several other factors.

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

You don’t have to take this approach, but you should put these factors into the search box early in the process – for example, you should specifically search for part-time jobs or the positions you need.

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This is not necessarily a good approach. To some extent, you need to know what you want before you search, and if their ad doesn’t match your keywords, you may not find your dream job. It also means you can’t easily search by salary level or experience level, which is easy to do on many other sites.

Monster’s large size also means the site has additional listings, spam job ads, and scam jobs, so keep these in mind when browsing.

You also won’t get much information on the site’s job listings. You will get a job description, basic information about the job, some key data about the company, and so on.

Monster’s salary tool lets you view salaries for different jobs in different locations (Image credit: Monster)

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In other respects, Monster’s capabilities are not surprising. If you’re not sure what you should be making, you can sign up for email alerts and use the site’s salary comparison tool to crunch those numbers. The site has a career advice center full of helpful articles on a variety of employment issues. Monster profiles allow you to add your work history and education, but that’s about it — many other resume-building sites have a wider range.

Alternatively, you can upload your resume to Monster, which includes downloads from Google Drive (opens in a new tab), Dropbox (opens in a new tab), and Microsoft OneDrive (opens in a new tab), as well as from Support yourself. PC (opens in a new tab) upload tab) or notebook (opens in a new tab). Conveniently, Monster also has the option to block certain companies from submitting your resume, so you can make sure your current employer doesn’t find out you’re looking for a job.

Monster isn’t just great on desktops and laptops—the site also has dedicated Android and iOS apps (opens in a new tab) that can help you find work on the go.

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

The Monster app has an impressive set of features. Users can search the site’s millions of job listings with a wide range of filter options and easily upload their resume or create a new one – so you can start applying for jobs without ever being in front of your PC. do.

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The app includes professional quizzes, so you can get an insight into your skills, and you can even apply to submit your job application in a second with a swipe to the right – if you want to get your resume out to lots of job openings quickly. Submit it is great. It is possible, the best possible choice. The app offers personalized job recommendations that are adjusted daily, so you can view the latest job openings, and create and edit a complete profile.

There’s very little core functionality that hasn’t been carried over from Monster’s website to its app, which is remarkable given the size of the site. However, we’d say the Monster app is more for job seekers than employers, so if you’re a recruiter, you should have your laptop handy.

At least Monster is free to use, and you only need to pay extra if you want to use some of the company’s extra features.

While Monster doesn’t offer a paid plan, you can ask the company to write your resume, cover letter, or both (Image credit: Monster)

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For example, Monster offers resume and cover letter writing services. The $129 Basic option delivers a professionally written resume within five business days, and the $189 package adds a cover letter. If you pay up to $349, you’ll get both documents plus a LinkedIn profile change (opens in a new tab) and faster delivery.

Beyond that, if you’re a recruiter and not a job seeker, you only pay for your services or access to Monster.

Monster also offers a recruitment platform for those looking for new talent for their businesses (Image credit: Monster)

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

One of the biggest job sites around, Monster combines its massive user base with a refreshingly simple and functional design—ideal if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. This approach also applies to its recruitment product.

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Monster’s recruiting tools come in three different tiers—entry, standard, and advanced—and cost $299, $399, and $649 per month, respectively. The first option allows recruiters to post an active job and view fifty resumes per month. In contrast, the Standard option allows users to post three jobs per month and view more resumes at once, while posting job listings to hundreds of other job boards (opens in a new tab). . The top tier is set for five job openings per month and 250 resume views.

This open pricing is admirable, but if you have enterprise-level needs, you’ll need to contact Monster to create a custom package. Likewise, you can talk to Monster if you have specific recruiting needs—for example, if you want to hire a diverse workforce or use a lot of data insights, they can build a custom package.

Monster’s hiring process puts a lot of emphasis on taking the complexity out of your hands. You can create your own job listing with simple instructions and access to a database of over 2,000 pre-written job descriptions, which Monster posts to the site and to its network of partner job boards. Monster will also email your job opening to candidates the company thinks tick the right boxes.

Monster provides ratings and scores for job seekers, so you can easily see who’s right for your job opening, and if you want to find someone yourself, you can search Monster’s database with a range of filter options. Monster’s recruiting app has a candidate dashboard so you can keep track of your listings and searches.

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Elsewhere, you can highlight the strengths and unique features of your listings to help them stand out, and you can suspend or cancel job listings if you don’t think they’re needed. You can also automatically send follow-up messages to candidates to help you complete a time-consuming task.

Monster also has an employer branding product that creates eye-catching company profiles and job pages, and your job listings can use this branding as well.

Monster is easy to use and has a strong set of features to find candidates for top jobs. It’s also one of the largest job sites on the web, so it’s worth using just for its massive database. We like the site’s admirable open pricing approach, and it’s more affordable than many of its competitors.

Finance Manager Job Description By Monster

However, it is not the best job site: other products have more powerful features and you are better off using a professional site or

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