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Finance Manager Job Hk – (International) Limited would like to warn customers to remain alert for suspicious phone calls, emails, websites, applications, etc., that may be associated with . If you receive a call claiming to be an MPF, the first and most important thing is to confirm the caller’s identity (eg the adviser’s full name and his/her MPF registration number). If the caller refuses to provide such information, please do not continue the conversation. If you notice any suspicious transaction activity on your account or any account in your name but not created by you, please notify us immediately. If in doubt, please contact us at (852) 2108 1188 or email [email protected] for assistance.

As a professional financial planner, you play an important role as a lifelong partner for your clients. You must appreciate your clients’ needs and create comprehensive custom schemes and prepare contingencies to help them achieve their goals.

Finance Manager Job Hk

Finance Manager Job Hk

Newcomers are supported with iPad tools and mentoring from their managers to help them launch successful careers.

Assistant Finance Manager, Finance

Putting customers first is our service philosophy; strict and professional fundamental principles are used in practice when creating financial planning solutions. Our pioneering and unique three-tiered approach to financial planning ensures that services and products fully meet the real needs of our clients.

It all starts with our customers. When we welcome clients to , our first priority is to get to know them and understand their dreams and goals. We listen carefully and take the time to understand their whole financial picture. This allows us to determine the best way to serve them.

After understanding the needs, expectations and goals of our customers, we prepare a customized plan for their future. We then recommend insurance and wealth solutions to help them realize their dreams.

We are with our clients every step of the way, providing them with guidance, monitoring their progress and keeping them in control of their financial future. We make sure customers know how their plans work. We regularly review progress against their goals and recommend changes as needed.

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Boasts a multifaceted MPF platform that offers a range of outstanding assets to help you take advantage of opportunities arising from employee choice arrangements and fully expand your customer base.

The trend of an aging population encourages the public to place greater importance on providing retirement protection, and the need for financial planning has become more urgent than ever, creating a promising outlook for the industry.

As Hong Kong’s population ages, the demand for healthcare and healthcare services will continue to grow. Due to rising medical costs, Hong Kong residents need to design well-thought-out health protection schemes to reduce their financial burden.

Finance Manager Job Hk

According to the Hong Kong Education Bureau, annual tuition fees for some institutions in popular study destinations such as Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom can reach HK$400,000. Parents must be financially prepared to invest in their children’s future.

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Organizes regular career seminars to introduce aspiring financial planners to the industry. Distinguished guest speakers and top managers are invited to share career insights.

The Career of Excellence and Opportunities (C.E.O.) program is a career development platform specially tailored for those who want a successful career and future leadership positions.

The IANG Talents (M.I.T.) program is a career development platform specifically tailored for non-local students who aspire to future leadership positions.

Is dedicated to developing university students as professional financial planners through the ManuLeader Development Program (MDP). Every year, experienced practitioners from all walks of life are invited to impart practical knowledge and techniques. Through lessons, activities and competitions, students can cultivate their leadership skills and train as team players.

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Offers two different career paths and a clear path for career progression. Our career development pathways enable you to unlock your potential and capitalize on your strengths, ensuring you can chart your ideal career in line with your personal goals.

As an agency manager, you must demonstrate excellent leadership and team-playing skills. In addition to setting business goals for your subordinates and managing their work, you must guide and motivate new hires and serve as an expert mentor in their career development.

It also offers a clear and transparent career path for financial planners. As long as you can meet certain performance requirements, you will receive opportunities for advancement and rewards for your efforts.

Finance Manager Job Hk

In addition to basic income and fees as well as commissions, bonuses and other benefits, it boasts a range of reward schemes to reward the most successful financial planners and agency heads, as well as overseas conferences held around the world to showcase outstanding business achievements. .

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Top financial planners even have the opportunity to shine abroad by winning international awards and recognitions. To ensure your continued progress as a r, we will provide you with multi-dimensional support aimed at helping you become one of the world’s elite in the financial planning industry by achieving internationally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) status. .

Offers a wealth of resources and comprehensive support to help you rank among the industry elite and achieve membership in the globally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Has been recognized as a “Firm of Excellence in Financial Planning” in the Insurance category at the SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards for 10 consecutive years

. The award is a testament to our achievements and ongoing efforts in nurturing professional financial planning talent. Our special professional training courses will help pave your way to a smooth career.

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It caters to the needs of individuals and businesses and offers a wide range of products and promotions for customers. You can flexibly mix and match products suitable for creating integrated solutions tailored to customer requirements, expanding your customer base to different market segments.

Known for its diversity and innovation, the product offering spans a variety of categories including life insurance, day care, retirement planning and financial planning. They are highly responsive to market trends while being tailored to individual customer needs, giving you the advantages you need to expand your customer reach.

As one of the largest MPF providers in Hong Kong, the MPF platform hosts a number of thematic funds and has introduced a preferential pricing program based on an employee choice agreement. Along with other great financial planning solutions like group insurance and health insurance, these solutions allow you to build a client base with ease.

Finance Manager Job Hk

Puts a lot of effort into developing innovative electronic tools and platforms for financial planners to stay abreast of market developments and improve the efficiency of their services. With mobile apps and desktop software that includes market intelligence and visual support, you can:

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To further improve your efficiency, we will provide you with comprehensive support and comprehensive resources, including sales support from financial planning expert teams and expert advice on designing financial planning solutions from in-house insurance experts.

Financial planning is the process of achieving life goals through proper financial management. Our customers come first. We have developed a unique three-step approach to financial planning: connect, adapt and grow. Financial planners need to understand their clients’ needs in order to create comprehensive and appropriate custom plans.

Is one of the largest MPF service providers in Hong Kong, offering an ideal multi-client collaboration platform. In addition, through expert and award-winning training, including small class teaching, role-playing and further training, we deliver expertise and skills step-by-step to help new hires start from scratch and lead a steady journey forward.

Many newcomers worry about being rejected by potential clients or meeting new people. Don’t worry, you’ll benefit not only from sales training, but also from sharing your team’s best practices. Managers provide you with one-on-one guidance or can even accompany you when you visit clients. If you would like to join, we are happy to offer you the internationally recognized Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) test to help you understand whether you are suitable for this career.

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Being a financial planner is like starting your own business where you can organize your own work schedule. Your income potential as a financial planner is based on your performance and can be extremely competitive compared to other professions. Our career development path is very transparent, with promotions following the achievement of set goals.

Starting a career in financial planning is like running your own business; you are no longer a “salaried employee” with fixed working hours. Financial planners manage their own work schedules and work at their own pace.

Celebrates a decade of excellence in financial planning by winning the “Financial Planning Excellence Firm of the Year” award for 10 years in a row. How to write an Assistant CFO job description? Do you need a job description template? This job description template provides a guide to use. Download this Assistant CFO job description template now!

Finance Manager Job Hk

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