Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

Finance Manager Jobs Bmw – The BMW i3 is a fully electric vehicle designed specifically for city driving. It was recently launched in Singapore alongside the i8, a hybrid sports model. Image: BMW Group Asia

Auto giant BMW has launched a range of electric vehicles in Singapore as part of its latest push to expand e-mobility in Asia.

Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

Introducing the BMW i3 electric car and the BMW i8 hybrid sports car at the event, BMW Group Asia CEO Sergio Salero said: “The arrival of the BMW i in Singapore marks the beginning of a new chapter in mobility for the island nation and will revolutionize . while people travel.’

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The i3 can travel up to 160 kilometers on a single charge, while the i8 has a fuel economy of 2.1 liters per kilometer in city driving – around a quarter of the fuel consumed by conventional BMW sports models.

The German luxury carmaker also announced an ambitious goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its vehicles to 50 percent below 1995 levels by 2050. This is in line with the company’s broader electric mobility – or e-mobility – strategy, which aims to use technology, policy and infrastructure development to drive the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

The rise of electric cars “The arrival of the BMW i in Singapore marks the beginning of a new chapter in mobility for the island nation and will revolutionize the way people drive. Sergio Salero, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular around the world, driven by the growing need to reduce emissions and minimize the harmful effects of air pollution from vehicles – for example, the World Health Organization estimates that 3.5 million people die each year from air pollution from road transport.

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In recent years, governments around the world have invested heavily in electric vehicle research and infrastructure, with some even providing subsidies and incentives to encourage electric vehicle purchases. This created attractive conditions for car manufacturers to enter the electric vehicle market.

BMW said some of the factors that will encourage the adoption of electric cars include financial incentives to reduce the cost of buying new electric cars and non-monetary support systems such as car-sharing schemes, charging stations, discounted parking and access to bus lanes, such as and toll exemptions.

Glenn Schmidt, BMW’s director of public affairs, said it’s not enough to “rely on evolutionary steps. It takes a big leap, and that’s what e-mobility is all about.”

Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

Schmidt also added that expanding the use of electric vehicles in Asia is key to addressing the challenges that will arise from rapid urbanization and economic growth in the region.

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Setipong Anutharasoti, director of corporate affairs for BMW Group Asia, said: “In densely populated cities in Asia, pedestrians and drivers share the same space, so these cleaner and quieter cars create social value.”

However, Asian countries have different levels of infrastructure development and incentive policies to support EV market entry. This in turn shaped where BMW decided to launch its i series in the region.

After launching in Japan and Korea last year, the company has announced plans to launch BMW i cars in China in September. Earlier in February, it also announced that it would not manufacture the i-series in Malaysia due to unclear tax incentives and lack of infrastructure.

There are currently 71 electric vehicle charging stations in Singapore. Anutharasothy noted that while every BMW i vehicle is sold with a home charging kit, it is important to make public charging stations more accessible to customers who live in high-rise apartments.

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BMW Group Asia and Performance Motors have jointly invested more than S$5 million in Singapore, which will be spent on sales, after-sales services, training, communication and infrastructure related to the electric vehicle market.

“We are in dialogue with the government to improve public charging infrastructure, but sometimes technology moves faster than regulation. But we want that gap to be closed as soon as possible,” he said.

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Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

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Finance Manager Jobs Bmw

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