Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

Finance Manager Salary At Amazon – Amazon is known to pay lucrative salaries for technical and product roles. The company is hiring product managers at scale for various business categories, including e-commerce, AWS, digital streaming, logistics and aerospace. While Amazon Product Manager jobs are almost always available, it’s not that easy to crack an Amazon Product Manager interview. In addition to the required analytical and product management skills, there are many other aspects that must come together in an interview in order to receive an offer.

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Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

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If you’re applying for a Product Manager position at Amazon, your level will depend on your experience level and skills. Product manager roles are essentially management positions, so they naturally attract higher salaries. Below are the Amazon product manager levels:

Positions L8 and L9 are usually achieved by seniority. If you are already a senior director of product management at another company and you apply to Amazon, you will most likely be offered a position at the L8 level, although your role may remain the same.

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As you can see in the following chart, as seniority increases, Amazon’s compensation becomes more severe:

Amazon offers product managers exciting stock options in addition to other compensation-related benefits. Product managers are offered limited stock units with a typically 4-year vesting period. The size of the units offered is proportional to the level of seniority. Directors and senior directors are generally offered fewer bonuses and more stock options. In addition, the vesting period depends on the total number of shares received. Usually it is 4 years.

Apart from attractive packages and promotional options, Amazon also offers many benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

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Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

Trust me, there are thousands of different jobs that someone can find based on their interests on Amazon. So there are a lot of jobs available on Amazon and I can’t cover them all.

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Amazon has divided the available jobs into 12 levels. To shed some light on this, let me explain what I mean. At each level, people need different work experience and the salary is also different.

There is only one person at level 12, which is the highest level, and that is “Jeff Bezos”, the founder of Amazon. There are only a few people at level 11, mostly CEOs and SVPs.

Among the important people at this level, we can see Andy Jaycee, the president and CEO of Amazon, and Jeff Wick, who was considered the second most important person in Amazon. However, Wike has retired as Amazon’s global consumer executive and no longer works there.

People working at level 9 and 10 are mostly VPS and not more than a few hundred. To better understand each level, I will explain them separately. But before that, you should know that Amazon’s base salary cap is not less than 150,000 per year. Of course, for employees who work at level 4 or higher. Employees who work at level 1, 2 or 3 are paid less than what I just talked about.

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Amazon’s CEO’s base salary is $170,993, plus additional and bonus pay of $55,086. So the total payment per year would be about $226,019. which can be profit sharing, bonus, commission and the like is less than 50000. In such cases the total number would be less.

This job is usually available to the lower levels of Amazon. As before, the base salary is $61,964 and the additional salary is $20,519. So the total annual salary for this job is approximately $82,483.

Amazon Level 1 employees typically earn around $44,000 per year. Salary can increase as they gain more experience and can reach up to $135,000. Generally, people who get hired at Amazon at this level don’t need that much experience, as long as they are good at their job.

Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

Amazon Level 2 base salary typically starts at $88,000 per year and can go up to $211,266. There is not much information about how much experience is required for this level of Amazon.

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Know that the highest paying job in Amazon starts at level 4, but to work at this level you need experience and knowledge of everything you are interested in.

At least 1 to 3 years of experience is required for people who are at Amazon level 4 or want to work at Amazon at this level. However, if you have more than 3 years of experience, you can work above level 4.

For example, if you are a data analyst with 5 years of experience, after a successful job interview, you can start at level 5 instead of this level and earn more money as a result. The average salary for this level is $166,000.

It is true that I am giving you some numbers related to the salary scale for each level, but you should know that there are many different jobs for each level. So Amazon can pay you $200,000 a year for an Amazon Level 5 job, and for another job at the same level, it can pay you more or less than that amount. To clarify what I mean, I will give you an example.

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Let’s say you are a software engineering manager at Amazon, your base salary would be $161,000 and your total salary would be $285,000 per year. Now let’s compare it to another job at the same level. If you work as a data analyst at the same level, the base salary would be $150,000 and the total salary would be $227,000.

So as you can see, different jobs at the same level have different pay. You also need 3 to 10 years of experience to work at this level.

You can only work at Amazon level 6 if you have 8 to 10 years of experience. This level has a higher salary range. For example, if you are a level 5 business developer, you will earn $211,000, but if you are a level 6 business developer, you will earn $309,000. You can see the difference! Typically, the base salary for this level is no less than $200,000.

Finance Manager Salary At Amazon

The higher we go, the higher the salary. The base salary or minimum salary for Amazon Level 7 is $300,000, with a range that varies by job to $638,000 per year. So depending on the job

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