Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow – Whether you are considering a career in finance or are an experienced finance professional, an AAT qualification can help you increase your earning potential.

These highly regarded qualifications can impress employers, demonstrate your financial skills and help you achieve your career goals.

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

The AAT publishes the results of its salary survey each year to demonstrate the value of their qualifications. We’ve created this useful infographic to help you understand how much you can earn with an AAT qualification.

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It’s clear that an AAT qualification can really make a difference to your finance career! Many AAT members not only report earning more, but many are also more satisfied with their roles.

A whopping 80% of AAT students report increased earning potential and 85% report feeling confident in their role. 76% of employed members are satisfied with their jobs and 81% of self-employed AAT chartered accountants are satisfied with their jobs.

Knowledge gained through AAT studies may be a contributing factor to this satisfaction and confidence. With respected qualifications and up-to-date knowledge on their part, it’s no surprise that these students feel secure and happy at work.

A career in finance can be challenging, but AAT members also excel in core roles. The average salary for an AAT qualified Accounts Assistant or Manager is £21,000. When you move up to Accountant, the average salary rises to £27,000.

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As an AAT-certified team leader, you earn an average of £28,000 a year, rising to £31,000 as an AAT-qualified junior manager.

You will earn an average of £36,000 a year if you continue as an AAT qualified middle manager and you can expect to earn an average of £46,000 if you progress to manager level.

The average salary for students studying an AAT qualification is £22,000. This increases to £30,000 for full members with MAAT status who have completed the AAT Level 4 Diploma.

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

The average salary for AAT Associate Members who join after being a Full Member for 5+ years is £40,000. This rises to a salary of £52,000 for AAT licensed accountants who are self-employed or run their own business. custom accounting applications.

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Most of the salaries listed in the survey have increased compared to the 2019 version of the survey, with some average salaries as high as 9%!

This survey was conducted in March 2021. AAT received 14,788 responses from its members through its market research partner, Caledonia Market Research.

An AAT qualification can be extremely beneficial to finance professionals no matter where they are in their career. Studying for a degree or certificate can boost your confidence and salary!

Our friendly course advisors will send you more information about the course and answer your questions.

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This page is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google’s privacy policy and terms of service apply. Find out how we keep your data private as we battle money, which may be the last taboo facing modern working women. We ask a cross-section of women how they spent their hard-earned cash over the course of seven days and track down their last penny.

“I’m a 28-year-old project manager living in Glasgow. My fiancee and I come from very different backgrounds and often have opposite attitudes towards money. I’m naturally frugal and fussy, while they’re more relaxed and like to spend. Be strict about how I divide my savings and budget. I tend to. My salary has increased a lot over the last few years and this has allowed me to be more financially secure. We bought our condo together at the end of 2020. 50/50 of the deposit and split most of our bills equally. It has completely drained my savings so it’s urgent as of now, I’ve been trying to start a fund. We got engaged earlier in the year and building my wedding fund will be the next big financial goal. My main expenses outside of bills are concert tickets and beauty treatments. I’m working on to have a more positive mindset about money, but I struggle a lot with inner guilt about my earnings and the life I can live right now.”

Housing costs: £450 for my mortgage share in our two bedroom flat. I earn more than my partner so we split it 60/40.

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

Loan repayments: The student loan is taken directly from my salary, usually £100 a month. Our car is on PCP finance, my share is £110.

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Pension? I pay 5% and the employer meets it. It usually comes out to around £165 for my share.

Is it a savings? Currently £8,500 in an ISA which is mainly an emergency fund. I also split the £750 between some Monzo pots, a tattoo appointment and my now very small wedding fund for our upcoming holiday.

Charges: Half shared bills £15.50 internet, £74 council tax, £17.50 factor charge, £5 building and contents insurance, £40 gas and electricity.

All other monthly payments: £37 phone bill. £27 gym membership. car insurance £30. £6 life insurance. Subscription: £6.99 Netflix, £9.99 Spotify.

November 2021 Business Bulletin By Agcc

I studied as an undergraduate in Scotland and my tuition is paid by the government. Thanks to my household income, I got maximum student loans and scholarships. In college, I worked full-time in retail to cover extra costs and save money.

I grew up as one of four children in a single-parent household on benefits. My father left when I was little and we have no contact with him, which put a lot of pressure on my mother. We had an unstable childhood due to various circumstances and moved around a lot. Money was always tight and I felt the stress as a little boy. I didn’t get any financial education from my mom and I’m trying to be self-taught as my salary increases. All I want is a stable and comfortable life and now I feel like I’m there financially and personally.

I moved in with my friends in my second year of university but moved back for the rest due to family circumstances. I moved permanently when I was 22 after graduation to live with my partner.

Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself? Does anyone else deal with any aspect of your financial life?

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When I stayed at home during university, I worked full-time and paid my mum £300 a month, as well as paying for the occasional grocery or catering job for my family. Since my mother still pays for some of my living expenses, I didn’t consider myself fully responsible until I moved to 22 years old.

I volunteered when I was younger, but I got my first paid job as a waitress at 17. I got the job mainly to give me money for clothes and concert tickets, although I share my salary and tips with mother when she needs support.

I’m making more money than I thought possible. I never had high expectations growing up, and now I struggle with the guilt of winning what I consider important. I don’t worry too much day to day, but I worry about money long term. I don’t save as aggressively as I used to, but I intend to get back to it soon. Finally, I want to buy a decent house and have children. I also feel like investing but I’m not sure enough to fully understand it.

Not me personally, but half of the mortgage deposit was from savings and my fiance’s was a mix of savings and a small inheritance.

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Finance Manager Salary Glasgow

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