Finance Manager Salary Guide

Finance Manager Salary Guide – The Kelly Services Singapore Compensation Guide 2020, developed in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore and released in August 2020, outlines what professionals in various functions – including CFOs, regional HR managers and more – can expect to earn this year. They are described in detail below.

This year, HR has taken on a much more visible role, helping companies address rapidly changing organizational demands, such as overseeing remote work arrangements, managing layoffs, and developing return-to-work plans.

Finance Manager Salary Guide

Finance Manager Salary Guide

The HR function, including C&B, training and recruitment, is expected to earn between SGD 2,300 and SGD 15,000 per month, depending on seniority in the position and years of experience. An HR Business Associate with three to seven years of experience can expect to earn between SGD 4,300 and SGD 11,500 per month, while an HR Specialist can expect to earn between SGD 4,300 and SGD 11,500 per month.

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At the same time, a regional HR manager with 5-10 years of experience can earn a monthly salary of SGD 6,500 to 10,000.

As companies are expected to adopt technology at a faster pace, accounting and finance professionals must adapt and upgrade their skills to stay ahead of the competition. Key skills that professionals need to improve include data mining, extraction and faster interpretation of big data. They may also consider picking up programming languages ​​for statistical analysis or big data analysis to gain an edge.

Beyond these hard skills, industry professionals could also focus more on staying relevant in the face of new technologies, for example through more strategic thinking to help companies innovate.

Accounting and finance professionals can expect to earn between S$2,100 and S$26,000 per month. In terms of the most popular jobs in the field, accountants/bookkeepers with one to three years of experience can earn between S$2, SGD 600 and SGD 4,300 per month, while an account assistant can earn between SGD 2,100 and SGD 4,000.

Finance Manager Resume Example

Additionally, financial analysts/senior financial analysts with three to seven years of experience can expect a base salary of SGD 4,500 to SGD 7,000 per month.

While e-commerce has seen an explosion in popularity in recent months, brick-and-mortar stores are far from extinct. In fact, customer interactions today take place both offline and online, turning offline customers into online buyers and vice versa. Therefore, it has become even more important for brands to embrace multi-channel marketing and provide a more complete customer experience across multiple channels.

As a result, marketers are increasingly expected to hone specialized skills to thrive in digital and connected environments. Most importantly, in the face of constant changes in the marketing landscape, professionals need to take a proactive approach to constantly refresh their digital knowledge and improve their skills.

Finance Manager Salary Guide

Regional Marketing Managers with more than 10 years of experience can aim to take home SGD 13,000-18,000 per month.

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In 2020, a campaign manager with 4-6 years of experience is expected to earn between SGD 3,800 to SGD 6,200, while a campaign specialist is expected to earn $6,000.

At the same time, an account manager who has three to five years of experience can earn between SGD 3,600 and 6,800 per month.

Professionals with new technology skills such as autonomous logistics planning and implementation, technology implementation as well as technology infrastructure management and integration will be in high demand in the coming years. The future of logistics lies in successful digitization and workforce development.

Ultimately, significant productivity gains and the upskilling and retraining of workers will be needed to ensure growth in an industry with a low labor force.

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A logistics manager or associate manager with 10-16 years of experience can aim to take home $11,000-$18,000 per month.

A professional in the field can expect to earn between S$1,000 and S$18,000, with these basic salaries again commensurate with years of experience and operation.

Among the most popular roles, logistics assistants/coordinators with one to three years of experience can earn between SGD 1,400 and SGD 3,000 per month, while a documentation coordinator with two to five years of experience can earn between SGD 2,200 and SGD 3,800.

Finance Manager Salary Guide

Office support specialists are often the unsung heroes of companies across all industries. Although sometimes overlooked, office support staff are the backbone of any business. they are essential for the smooth and efficient running of the office and support various business functions.

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Given the wide range of tasks these professionals must perform, those who can help streamline and optimize processes as well as improve efficiency will be a highly valuable asset to any organization. In addition, their support in implementing business continuity plans will be invaluable in ensuring smooth operations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Generally, office service professionals with one to seven years of experience in the field can earn between SGD 1,400 and SGD 8,800 per month.

In particular, one of the hottest roles that can command SGD 1,900 to SGD 6,300 per month is that of an executive secretary/assistant with three to seven years of experience.

According to the report, the quality of customer service is on the rise in eight service sectors in Singapore, posting a significant increase for the third consecutive year in 2019. In particular, the food and beverage, tourism and air transport sectors saw the biggest gains.

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While these results show that the industry’s efforts to improve service levels have been successful, companies cannot rest on their laurels. standards continue to evolve in today’s increasingly competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

With the onslaught of disruptive technologies, customer service professionals will gain an edge by improving skill sets such as change management, customer experience management, data analytics and IoT management.

A contact center manager with more than 5 years of experience can earn from SGD 5,500 to SGD 6,800 per month.

Finance Manager Salary Guide

Customer service roles can earn between $1,800 and $6,800 per month in 2020. Moving up to more popular roles, customer service advisors with one to five years of experience can expect to earn between $2,200 and SGD 3,600 per month. while a customer service/office assistant with one to three years of experience can take home a basic salary of SGD 1,800 to 3,000 per month.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our website, deliver personalized content and targeted advertising, analyze our website traffic and understand where our visitors come from. By browsing our website, you consent to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Click here for more information. Salary discussions are still considered taboo in most of the professional world, even in 2022. Because of the culture of silence around salaries, professionals often don’t know how much their peers and colleagues are paid. Without a clear reference to how much others earn, finance professionals can be at a disadvantage in salary negotiations.

To shed light on CFO compensation and finances, we surveyed over 800 CFO Connect members from around the world.

The subsequent CFO Salary Benchmark showed differences in salaries between countries, genders and ages in different positions in finance. This article covers selected takeaways from the report that will prove useful in salary negotiations across all financial positions. Let’s dive in!

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CFO Connect is a global community with members around the world. This survey focuses on European and North American finance leaders and shows clear differences in salary expectations.

Financial experts in the United States receive the highest salaries among respondents, by a huge margin. French financial leaders earn less than half of their American counterparts.

Average wages in France are still higher than in Italy, Austria, Portugal and Spain. However, in all these countries, the average salary is lower than in the United States, Great Britain and Germany.

Finance Manager Salary Guide

Compared to our survey last year, the salaries of all financial experts have increased. The only exception is the UK, where reported wages fell by 2%.

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Now that we’ve seen the disparity between countries, let’s take a closer look at the pay gap between finance roles.

Of course, how financial experts are paid depends on their specific title and/or role within the company. As predicted, CFO and VP Finance roles tend to earn top salaries, while accountants, FP&A managers and finance managers are at the lower end of the pay scale.

However, hierarchy in the company does not always determine pay. Historically, a VP of finance would not earn more than a CFO, although our data suggests otherwise. Several factors may contribute to this trend in our research results: negotiation skills, inconsistency of job titles across countries or regions, and company size.

Of the more than 800 financial professionals surveyed, 70.6% identified as male and 28.5% identified as female. 0.8%

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