Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa – We’re running our annual salary survey! The data will help project managers around the world find out if they’re getting paid what they’re worth.

The only real answer to this question is (the ever-frustrating), “Well, it depends…” As a Project Manager, your salary depends on factors such as:

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

Tools like Payscale and can provide some good general salary information, but their shortcoming is that they involve a lot of assumptions that don’t hold true in the digital project management space we’re focusing on here. . Digital Project Manager. They also don’t always provide enough specifics to be useful. So we started surveying the DPM community to get some specific insight into digital project management salaries. Our survey was designed to find answers to questions such as:

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Add your voice to the DPM salary survey 2023! We’ll email you the results after we’ve compiled them so you can see for yourself.

Hundreds of participants from around the world took part in the 2020 survey. We’ve also supplemented our survey with salary data from other online sources and compiled the results here to help you better understand the management career field. digital projects as it continues to grow. Go ahead – we’re collecting data to update the 2021 results. Please take part by taking a few minutes to complete the survey here:

This year, we had hundreds of participants from around the world, most of whom live in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The remaining 42% of respondents came from a collection of 63 countries – a wider reach than our surveys in previous years.

This year, most professionals were identified as project managers, followed by senior project managers, project coordinators, project management leaders and project directors.

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The majority of respondents (79%) work on permanent contracts, with 21% working in contract or freelance roles. More freelancers were represented in the survey data than in previous years.

A major trend we saw this year was increases almost across the board, with the exception of a few positions in Canada and one position in the United States. While project coordinators in the United States and project managers and project management executives in Canada saw a decline in average salaries, all other positions in the United States, Canada and the UK saw an increase. It’s important to note that we supplemented the data from our survey with data collected from sources such as GlassDoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed and others.

You can find country-specific details on this below, but overall, senior project manager and project director roles have grown by anywhere from 3% to 23% over the past year.

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

Project management executives saw a mix of increases and decreases, while project coordinators saw increases in both Canada and the UK, but not in the United States. Project managers saw a mix of growth and decline, with nearly 2% growth in the United States and the UK and a 4.6% decline in Canada.

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The 2020 trends are a slight departure from the trends seen from 2018 to 2019 – which saw an increase in salaries for more entry-level and mid-level positions and a decrease in salaries for more senior positions. In the past year, we’ve seen the roles of high-level PMOs undergo a shift, perhaps due to flat workplace hierarchies, or ongoing negotiations and regulations targeting pay disparity between corporations.

While our data is limited, it is fair to say that these trends may have contributed to an increase in salaries for positions such as project manager and project coordinator, as they assume responsibility within a flattened hierarchy. However, this has not led to growth in higher roles. This may be due to greater reliance on those in higher positions in the transition phase to this more flattened hierarchy.

Another interesting trend seen this year was the rise of non-traditional project management job titles. 15% of respondents worldwide had job titles that were not necessarily indicative of a prime ministerial role. These respondents held titles such as Scrum Master, Developer, Account Manager, Creative Director, Implementation Consultant, and more. This indicates that more positions are joining project management and taking on the responsibilities of the project manager.

We are distributed in 67 cities in the USA. received 226 responses from Digital Project Managers. Salaries ranged from $32,500 to $210,000 for full-time positions. The average digital freelance project manager contractor rate showed a wide range of rates compared to last year. Results range from $50 to $1,100 per day.

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USA The average rate of the freelance digital project manager contractor in the USA compared to last year’s results showed a wide range of rates, ranging from $50 to $1,100 per day.

Compared to 2019, this year’s survey results demonstrate increased salaries for most digital project manager positions. The average salary for project managers increased from approximately $75,183 to $76,632. Senior project managers saw the biggest increase, from $86,600 to $97,452. ,

Other top-level roles also saw salary increases: Project management executives saw an increase from $105,155 to $106,882, and project directors saw a slightly larger increase from $95,342 to $98,138. Project coordinators saw a drop in the United States alone, going from $54,896 to $54,394.

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

We received 64 responses from digital project managers spread across 20 UK cities, with nearly half of respondents living in London. Digital Project Managers salaries ranged from £21,620 to £117,000. The average freelance digital project manager contractor rate ranged from £39 to £625 per day.

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Digital project manager salaries in the UK ranged from £21,620 to £117,000. The average freelance digital project manager contractor rate ranged from £39 to £625 per day.

Compared to 2019, the project coordinator role saw an increase in average salary from £30,900 to £32,158. Senior project managers and project directors saw big rises from £44,322 to £54,424 and £56,250 to £68,226 respectively.

Project managers saw a more modest increase from £38,590 to £39,468. Project Management Executives saw an average of £77,233 in 2020.

We received 51 responses from digital project managers across Canada in 10 cities, with nearly a third coming from Vancouver and a third from Toronto. Digital project manager salaries ranged from $40,000 to $110,000, lower than the 2019 salary range of $55,000 to $135,000. Freelance project manager day rates ranged from $75 to $520.

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Digital project manager salaries in Canada ranged from $40,000 to $110,000, from the 2019 salary range of $55,000 to $135,000. Day rates for freelance project managers ranged from $75 to $520.

In Canada, we observed a decrease in salaries for project managers and project management executives from $72,158 to $68,869 and $106,667 to $90,521, respectively. from $51,000 to $53,267 and $75,333 to $89,631, respectively.

If you’re looking for an average project manager salary, you’ll find detailed answers from career sites and job organizations.

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

Below, we show the results of calculating average salaries for various project management roles by combining salary averages. We combined data from our 2020 salary survey with data from Glassdoor, PayScale, Indeed, LinkedIn, CW Jobs, Navuvo, Telegraph, Zip Recruiter and other career sites. We’ve only covered the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but you can still use these estimates to get a basic idea of ​​project management salaries.

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This is a broad category that includes project management roles in IT, government, healthcare, finance, construction and many other sectors.

Based on the average project manager salaries listed above and calculated based on a 40-hour work week, project managers earn an average of $33 (CAD)/hour in Canada, $37/hour in the United States, and $37 $/hour in the United States Americans earn £19/hour. The empire. Keep in mind that this hourly rate is a simple calculation based on an average annual salary – if you’re a contract, freelancer, or work from home project manager, you won’t necessarily earn the same hourly rate as a project manager. your project. You will be charged by

Our calculations show a clear difference between normal PM payment (above) and digital PM payment. Comparing the numbers above, across the board, we see that digital project management pays 1%-12% less than the project management industry average.

Across the board, we see digital project management pay 4-15% less than the project management industry average.

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It’s worth noting that in our salary survey looking at project management salaries, reported PM salaries were generally in line with the digital project management salary numbers above.

Entry-level PMs go by several different titles. Typically, the salary falls within the same range as junior project manager salary, project assistant salary, project coordinator salary, assistant project manager salary, or associate project manager salary. Or, your role may simply be “project manager,” but with a salary that starts at the low end of the pay scale.

Typically, the salary of an entry-level PM is similar to that of a junior project manager, project assistant, project coordinator, assistant project manager, or associate project manager.

Finance Manager Salary Ottawa

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