Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways – A few days ago I wrote about how Qatar Airways is going through mass layoffs of its flight attendants. Because the airline has a dark outlook on the future.

Not much information has been released publicly about what those layoffs look like. As you would expect from a state-owned airline with no unions, however, the information I heard, which I had on good authority, was relevant.

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

This is very different from the story going viral about a pilot being charged about $162,000 because there is much more to this story.,, Bba, Mba Vacancy At Qatar Airways

Although this will continue to change. But I understand that Qatar Airways is laying off 5,000 of its 13,000+ cabin crew, including:

These are mass layoffs. And it makes you wonder what exactly are the flight schedules of Qatar Airways. Considering the modern fleet It’s not that they have a lot of old planes that need to be retired.

At unionized airlines There is often a simple process for layoffs. How does Qatar Airways handle layoffs as a non-union airline?

Let’s say that Qatar Airways lays off employees who have been with the airline for 15 years or more. I couldn’t help feeling disgusted.

Qatar Airways Introduces

The CEO of Qatar Airways is known to love young cabin crew. He boasts that the average age of a cabin crew in his airline is 26 and how grandma served you on US airlines.

Although I think the United States may be a little too much (if you do not have a retirement age and flight attendants over 80 years old) This is the opposite.

Someone who has worked with Qatar Airways for more than 15 years can be “only” 36 and end a career just because of the loyalty they have earned is terrible.

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

I understand they are reducing flight attendants at all levels. However, remember that there is not always a direct correlation between years in the company and your position. at least senior flight attendants should be given the opportunity to be “demoted” to another position. If their position is no longer available

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Qatar Airways plans to lay off 5,000 flight attendants from my understanding. This will also include those who have worked for the airline for less than six months. and those who have worked with airlines for more than 15 years

Celebrate the loyal to the company. If you ask me, airlines seem to be concerned about the average age of their crew in this crisis. Instead of taking care of the person who has been in charge of the airline the longest Qatar Airways is currently in the process of reducing its workforce. because the airline starts operating To send notices of termination to the flight attendants and pilots. There is a story about Qatar Airways pilots going viral. Although it is not as scandalous as you think.

There is a letter about a Qatar Airways pilot being fired. Her services were terminated on May 7, and she will receive seven days’ pay in lieu of notice period according to the terms of the contract.

In addition, she was informed that she must pay the company the amount of QAR 591,091, which is equivalent to USD 162,343. commercial pilot with the airline And they want their money back.

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Of course it sounds terrible. They didn’t just shoot down the pilot. But they also charge her ~$162K?

I have seen some dissatisfaction on the internet with people saying they would never fly with Qatar Airways again. and point out how disgusting that is. How badly does Qatar Airways treat foreigners? And people wondered how this could happen to a man.

When I first watched it I was also worried that this story would be as bad as it sounds. But there seems to be more to the story than that.

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

The first interesting fact is that the pilot in question is a Qatari national. Qatar Airways scholarship program is available for And as everyone knows with the region, local people get special treatment.

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@TameemAlthani @KBKAlthani @qatarairwaysar I am a Qatari citizen, an employee of the Qatar Airways Company, today I was terminated on Thursday 7/5/2020 without disciplinary reasons or consequences, please check the matter— Jawaher Al-Hail (@AlhailJ) May 7, 2020

The tweet said the pilot wanted an investigation. and no disciplinary reason for dismissal was given.

So what really happened? Every story has two sides. And it is difficult to understand where exactly the truth lies.

The other side of the story is that the pilots have spent the last six years completing a two-year training course and have yet to pass any of the tests required to become pilots. Airlines are starting to get tired and because they keep firing pilots and trying to cut costs. They therefore decided to terminate their contract at this point.

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While Qatar Airways fired the pilot and charged her $162,000, it sounds outrageous. But I don’t think we should attack airlines without knowing more.

At least There is more to this story than meets the eye. The pilot in question was a local. And as anyone familiar with employment in the Middle East knows, there are many benefits that come with being a local.

So in the Middle East employment scandal. I don’t believe this job needs to rank high… Interested candidates can submit an updated CV, passport copy. Experience certificate and a certificate of qualification by e-mail with the position applied for in the subject line.

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

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We are looking for highly motivated individuals who can deliver our legendary hospitality and world class service. with industry-leading benefits and an unmatched training program. You will support our Customer Experience department by creating an unforgettable experience for our passengers on board.

When you work with Qatar Airways, you can rest easy knowing that you are flying with the only airline in the world with Hamad International Airport, a state-of-the-art global hub. Receive four Skytrax 5-Star ratings – including the prestigious 5-Star Airline Rating. 5 Star Airport Rating 5 Star COVID-19 Airlines

Internal Audit Supervisor

We have always been a leader in this industry. and has adapted since the beginning of the pandemic to become the world’s largest carrier. while still defining the level of security comfort and our service is new during our inflight experience.

Start writing your own story with Qatar Airways. An airline that never stopped flying and stayed steady through the pandemic.

Your skills, your imagination. Your ambitions Here there is no limit of potential and impact on you.

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

Can do. You will find endless opportunities to grow and work on your biggest and most rewarding challenges.

Qatar Airways Job Vacancy 2022

Build your skills and experience. You have the opportunity to be a part of our future and create the life you want for a while.

Become part of the international community The best of us is here and coming. For us it is simply impossible.

Well. We are growing fast. Breaking records and setting trends that others will follow. We don’t slow down in fear.

Individuals contribute to our proudest stories. An amazing story of growth and determination. Now is the time to bring

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Your best ideas and passion go to a place where your ambition knows no bounds. and part of reality

If you are interested in applying for this position. Please download Upload your CV and complete the online application.

The above information is a public workplace. This job posting is neither an offer nor a contract. Qatar Airways career: Qatar Airways The state airlines of Qatar announced

Finance Supervisor Salary In Qatar Airways

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