Financial Management Of Bmw

Financial Management Of Bmw – After a successful 2021, the BMW Group is accelerating technological change and moving forward with the transformation towards sustainable mobility. The company is gearing up for an all-out leap in technology in the Neue Klasse and is once again upping the ante significantly as it continues to develop e-mobility.

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Financial Management Of Bmw

Financial Management Of Bmw

Munich. After a successful 2021, the BMW Group is accelerating technological change and moving forward with the transformation towards sustainable mobility. The company is gearing up for an all-out leap in technology in the Neue Klasse and is once again upping the ante significantly as it continues to develop e-mobility. At the same time, the BMW Group engages its stakeholders, from employees to capital markets to society, in a successful, consistently implemented transformation strategy.

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“We see 2021 as a clear proof that successful transformation has paid off.” Our strong result in fiscal year 2021 is the result of our consistent strategy – an open technology approach and the right products at the right time,” BMW AG CEO Oliver Zips said on Wednesday. Munich. “We have laid the foundation for this success in the coming years: with the Neue Klasse, we are taking sustainable mobility to a new technological dimension. By extending the contract with our joint venture BBA until 2040, the BMW Group is taking its growth to the next level.

The BMW Group follows the current development of the situation in Eastern Europe with great concern and concern. As a global company, the BMW Group stands for the peaceful coexistence of different cultures around the world – anytime, anywhere. The thoughts of our BMW Group employees are with all those who suffered and lost in this war.

“Three things are most important for the BMW Group in the current situation: helping victims and victims wherever possible, securing our daily operations around the world and continuing to implement our long-term strategy in a systematic way,” Zipse said. “The big challenges we’re already facing, like the transformation to mobility, still need to be tackled with the same intensity. It’s especially important not to give up on the right things in times of crisis.”

All stakeholders in the company benefit from the BMW Group’s approach to transformation: In response to ongoing technological change and sustainable growth prospects, the BMW Group plans to add new jobs this year, which will increase its workforce by up to five percent worldwide. In this way, the company contributes to social welfare in its locations around the world. Currently, BMW AG employees will see a significant increase in profit-sharing bonuses for 2021 in line with the Group’s net profit.

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“The main secret of BMW’s success is our employees: they deserve our gratitude, respect and recognition for their achievements in 2021. . We are working together to continue this success in the future,” said Zipse.

Nicolas Peter, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for finance, adds: “Our workforce also benefits from the company’s success: For example, last autumn we once again expanded the preference share program introduced in 1989, which allows employees to purchase shares. in the company on favorable terms”.

The environment is another key stakeholder for the BMW Group and also benefits from the company’s course: According to preliminary estimates, the BMW Group published a figure for the EU fleet’s CO2 emissions of 115.9 grams per kilometer, which is why it was once again significantly met. fleet CO2 target of 126 g/km. 2021 was also the first year that all BMW Group production and all its locations worldwide achieved a net zero carbon footprint.

Financial Management Of Bmw

In 2021, the company became the first German car manufacturer to join the “Business Ambitions for 1.5 °C” campaign launched by the Science-Based Targets Initiative, thus committing to the goal of complete climate neutrality in the entire value chain by 2050. at the latest. In order to take into account all aspects of sustainability, the BMW Group aims to significantly increase the percentage of secondary material used in its vehicles. The “second first” approach aims to gradually expand the percentage of recycled and reused materials in the Neue Klasse from the current average of around 30 percent to 50 percent. The BMW i Vision Circular has already given a glimpse of what individual, sustainable, luxury mobility in an urban environment could look like in 2040: built 100 percent from secondary material and renewable raw materials – and 100 percent recycled.

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All BMW AG shareholders also have the opportunity to share in the company’s success during the transformation: The Management and Supervisory Board will propose a dividend of EUR 5.80 per ordinary share (preferred shares: EUR 5.82) for fiscal 2021 until the Annual Meeting. This means a payout ratio of 30.7%.

“The higher dividend allows our shareholders to benefit from the company’s strong performance last year.” Appropriate participation in the company’s success is important to us. We will continue to exercise sound judgment, focusing equally on the successful, sustainable development of the company and the expectations of our shareholders. Even in periods of great volatility, amid the challenges of large-scale transformation, we still optimize our company’s profitability and provide our shareholders with the opportunity to benefit appropriately,” said Peter.

Another important element of the company’s future direction is the extension of the contract with the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture in China, along with the acquisition of a major part. As of February, the BMW Group has a 75 percent stake in the fully consolidated company in the Group Financial Statements of BMW AG.

“A successful global company must be able to comprehensively understand and respond to the needs and desires of customers in all three major regions of the world. With our new footprint in China, we will be able to meet this demand equally in all regions,” said Zipse. One of the ways the BMW Group will achieve this is by expanding its range of all-electric vehicles in the world’s largest e-mobility market, and starting production of a long-wheelbase all-electric version of the BMW 3 Series this year. Specially adapted version for China. The company has already announced the expansion of the BMW X5 range to include a locally produced variant in China.

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Based on strong operational performance during the transformation and confidence in the company’s continued success, the BMW Group sets ambitious targets for free cash flow: For 2022, the BMW Group expects free cash flow in the automotive segment to reach at least seven billion euros. . In addition, there will be a positive one-time effect from the recognition of BBA’s liquid assets in the balance sheet for the first time in the amount of approximately EUR 5 billion. Payment of the purchase price of around 3.7 billion euros in February has already been considered.

Thanks to its successful business development, the BMW Group has a healthy balance sheet and a very solid financial structure with the potential to generate sustained high free cash flow. One of the reasons for this is the recent full consolidation of BBA in the financial statements of the BMW Group. The Management and Supervisory Boards will propose to the Management Board at the Annual Meeting, among other things, the authority to purchase and retire their own shares. Under the legislation, the Board of Directors will be empowered to purchase and retire or exercise shares of up to ten percent of the company’s total share capital for a period of five years.

Confirmed so far by the success of its all-electric models, the BMW Group is also increasing its goals to increase e-mobility: This year, including pre-production cars, the company will already have 15 all-electric models in production. about 90 percent of its current segments. In addition to existing models such as the BMW i4, BMW iX and MINI SE*, it also includes four high-volume BMW model series: BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series, BMW X1 and BMWX3. The new BMW 7 Series also has a special role with the introduction of the new BMW i7 in 2022.

Financial Management Of Bmw

“The BMWiX and BMW i4 are undoubtedly the best electric cars on the market right now – test reviews and strong demand from our customers speak for themselves. This year, the BMW i7 will take things to the next level,” said Zipse.

Statement And Presentation Oliver Zipse, Chairman Of The Board Of Management Of Bmw Ag, 102nd Annual General Meeting Of Bmw Ag In Munich On 11th May 2022

With the introduction of the BMW iX and BMW i4, the BMW Group significantly

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