Financial Management Training Course Outline

Financial Management Training Course Outline – 1 Mango Training Course Outline Course Code: Course Title: Duration: For: ES1 [formerly FM1] Getting the basics of financial management right 5 days Non-financial managers and financial officers Purpose Financial management is the lifeblood of an organisation. Everyone who works to achieve the goals of an NGO has an important role to play in ensuring an effective and appropriate use of financial resources. However, basic financial management skills are often lacking and financial management is too often sidelined during program implementation. This course is designed to strengthen the financial management skills and confidence of NGO staff to: integrate good financial management systems into operations management manage and control financial resources more effectively and efficiently. Target audience This course is aimed mainly at the staff of small and medium-sized NGOs who participate in the implementation of the program and/or in the management and control of financial resources. It is specifically designed for: Non-financial officers and managers who want to improve practice in financial planning, control and reporting Financial officers interested in developing their financial management skills and knowledge to improve financial systems and program staff support. Page 1 Mango 2014

2 Previous experience or training in financial management is not a requirement for this course. We recommend that you read this course outline carefully to ensure that the content is relevant and meets your learning requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us. Course content The final balance of the course content will be decided by the course participants, according to their interests and training needs. See below for a program guide. Core components will include: The what, why and who of financial management for NGOs How to achieve good financial management practice key principles and frameworks Construct and use effective budgets, including project and donor budgets, and cash flow forecasts box. What accounting records should you keep at your NGO and why? Budgeting and Accounting for Central Support Costs (essential) Demystifying the Balance Sheet How to Make Sense of Annual Financial Statements Monitoring and Controlling Budgets Preparing and Using Budget Comparison Reports Informing Donors How to Meet Donor Requirements Protecting Our Assets Systems and Internal Control Procedures Process Page x 2 Mango 2014

Financial Management Training Course Outline

Financial Management Training Course Outline

3 Learning outcomes At the end of the course, participants will be able to: Do: Prepare projects, donors and consolidated budgets using the activity-based budgeting technique. Prepare and use a simple cash flow forecast. Simple financial monitoring report Analyze financial statements and budget monitoring reports to assess performance Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your NGO’s internal control systems. important. Management Describe the financial management roles and responsibilities of board, managers, finance and program staff Explain the importance of budgets in planning, control and decision-making Explain the key components and language of a cash accounting system. Financial reports I feel: Recognize that financial management is for everyone Appreciate the central role of financial management in achieving the goals of an NGO Appreciate the importance of accountability and transparency in an NGO. Page 3 Mango 2014

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4 Training Approach Mango’s training approach is very practical, participatory and often fun! We focus on real issues and help participants use the techniques covered, rather than just discussing them. We work hard to demystify financial concepts to overcome the fear of finance. Mango Coaching really takes the fear out of finances! We work with small groups to meet the individual needs of the participants. We use a variety of teaching methods to stimulate interest and learn about participants’ different learning styles, including illustrated presentations, group exercises and discussions, case studies and practical problem-solving activities. The courses are supported by extensive material that participants can take with them and request after the course. We also offer a free telephone or telephone follow-up service to all Mango students. How to book This course is available as an open, in-house or group training event. Visit our website to schedule your training or contact the training team at [email protected] for more information. Page 4 Mango 2014

5 Getting the Basics Right PROGRAM GUIDE Module of the Day: Topics to Cover: Day 1 Welcome and Overview Introduction, Expectations and Program Overview Key Principles and Concepts of Financial Management What is Financial Management? Why is it important for NGOs? Structure and governance of NGOs Good practice systems: seven principles and four blocks of financial management Mango’s Finance Health control system Design techniques Day 2 Financial planning Financial planning process Cost structures Functions and types of budgets Practical approach to building good budgets Consolidated cash flow forecasts Budgets Day 3 Accounting records What records should you keep ? The accounting process: cash or accrual.

6-day module: Topics covered: Day 4 Financial monitoring Financial information Who needs what, when and why? Using Financial Statements Using Budget Monitoring Reports Overview of Donor Reports Day 5 Internal Control Systems The Four Actions of Internal Control The Role of Audit Dealing with Fraud The Finance Manual Summary and Conclusion Summary of Key Messages Evaluation Certificates Page 6 Handle 2014

Financial Management Manage Funding and Funding Goals To provide participants with the critical skills needed to raise funds for humanitarian programs and responsibly manage financial resources:

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How sound is financial management in your nonprofit? Version 3 2009 Mango 2nd Floor East, Chester House, George Street, Oxford OX1 2AU Telephone +44 (0)1865 423818 Fax +44 (0)1865 423560

IFMIS as an engine of change Gert van der Linde AFTFM IFMIS as an engine of change Agenda Driver of what to change? Financial Management Performance Linking financial management to key financial program delivery

Information note Training Associate role with Mango This information note describes what to expect when you join Mango as a Training Associate. It covers: 1. Overview. Your Investment and Commitment 3. Introduction

Financial Management Training Course Outline

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JOB AND TASK DESCRIPTION Position Title: Financial Accounting Assistant (Treasury) Division: Corporate Services Division, Finance and Management Information Section Grade: J Reports to: General Financial Accountant

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Financial Management Training Course Outline [email protected] +44 (0)1572 717000 Practical and engaging financial education for non-financial people Learn to speak the language of the boardroom.

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Government Council of Rwanda Igwe cy Igihugu Gisweswe Imigejore Oficina Rwandais de la Gouvernance JOB ADVERTISEMENT Reference to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of 15 December 2014 which approved the new structure,

We are always open to hearing from exceptional talent. If you are looking for consultancy opportunities in the International Development sector, register your details with us on our website,

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NGO self-assessment with a SWOT exercise Step 1: Analyze your NGO capacity > page 2 Step 2: Do the SWOT exercise > page 5 Step 3: Make a strategic plan > page 8 Step 4: Implement, monitor, evaluate

Financial Management Training Course Outline

[email protected] +44 (0)1572 717000 Practical and engaging financial education for non-financial people Learn to speak the language of the boardroom.

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CORPORATE SERVICES MANAGER POSITION DESCRIPTION Company: Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance Aboriginal Corporation Job Title: Director of Corporate Services

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