Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description – The Work to Be Done is an approach to business operations that focuses on clearly understanding the pain points of underserved customers. This alone is a huge improvement over alternative approaches as it doesn’t rely on luck and avoids wasting time and money on irrelevant or suboptimal alternatives.

JTBD is a methodology that asks not for customer characteristics, which are then used to make assumptions about their needs, but for the high-level tasks (customer tasks) they want to accomplish. It’s an active approach to the specific work your client is asking you to do, and one that focuses more on the outcomes of the partnership than the relationship itself.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

This leads to a new way of looking at products and consumers, as well as potential competition. In practical applications, the approach can be easily combined with known methods, such as those from design thinking.

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In the past, customer-centric action almost always meant the same approach: Knowing and characterizing one’s own customers as well as possible in order to draw conclusions about their behavior (consumers) and the needs of their characteristics.

What sounds sensible at first glance is not entirely harmless. The Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) principle is an alternative approach that gives you more direct access to your customers.

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So far, the principle has applied: the better you know and can describe your target group, the better products and services you can develop based on these considerations. Detailed personas are used to give customers a face and personality.

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The aim of all this was to be able to put yourself in the position of your own customers – after all, you often don’t even belong to the target group yourself. But you cannot predict a person’s actions simply based on their characteristics. There are many correlations between a person’s characteristics and their actions.

Another common mistake is focusing too much on a specific product or misunderstanding customers’ needs. Theodore Levitt said:

You can now access the full JTBD Client Statement of Work Package, which includes a comprehensive presentation, associated templates and instructions for use.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

How should you structure your business more effectively? This is where the UNITE Jobs-to-be-Doe Statement and Map come into play. The JTBD framework enables you to drive customer-centric growth and process innovation to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

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If marketers, decision makers, or product developers want to improve business outcomes, they need to understand the challenges that crop up in our customers’ lives. We have to offer solutions. Understanding who these people are is the wrong unit of analysis.

What we really want to know is what they’re trying to do. At the heart of the theory is “The Job”: A job is a fundamental problem that a customer has to solve in a specific situation. Theories drive us to understand the customer experience. Why do customers come to us and not the competition? Is it because we have the highest specification product? are we cheaper Or is it because of our fantastic marketing department?

The work-to-do theory provides a framework that you can use to develop practical solutions to your customers’ specific problems and challenges. The to-do framework explores how to write a statement of work and work map that help describe how your customers are currently addressing those needs so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

We have written a separate article describing in more detail the scope of work to be done. It also includes tips for surveying your customers to better understand how you can help them achieve their goals. Click here to get more information.

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When you choose a work-to-do approach, you agree to work within a few simple assumptions that lead to decision making.

A passenger doesn’t want to ride in a taxi, they want to get to a place. A construction worker doesn’t want to push a wheelbarrow, they want to move materials from one place to another. A payroll specialist doesn’t want a computer program, they want an easy way to track hourly wages.

So if the customer’s needs are always conceptualized as JTBD first, they will remain stable and valid for the longest time. Businesses can focus on results-driven innovation.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

JTBD enables strategy, disruptive innovation and product development based on stable customer needs that offer greater potential for value creation. We ask customers for insights to serve them better.

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Because we think Jobs to Do, we invest in developing solutions that have practical market value.

You can now access the complete do-it-yourself package that includes a comprehensive presentation, associated templates and instructions for use.

Successful companies respond to the needs of their customers by helping them accomplish the tasks that need to be done. Below are some examples of innovations and companies that fit the JTBD concept.

If some of those products or companies aren’t as popular as they used to be, consider this: what has changed, the product, the work, or the needs and expectations of the customers? How can a company successfully complete a task and make a transition when the environment changes?

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Example task (1): I want a mobile device that I can use to listen to my music while running. voice of the customer

This task was accomplished by two major devices: the Sony Walkman and the Apple iPod. Either way, these products have made great strides in making music mobile and, more importantly, giving the user the ability to customize the experience beyond simply selecting a radio station.

At their core, the Walkman and the iPod do the same job, with the iPod taking advantage of new technologies and meeting user expectations for music mobility.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

Example task (2): I would like to buy the desired book easily and find it quickly. voice of the customer

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It’s almost hard to remember that when Amazon started out, it only sold books. In the early days, Amazon solved the problem of book availability for its customers. While a brick-and-mortar store was limited in the number of different books it could carry, Amazon could draw on a wider variety. Amazon has, of course, expanded to include a number of different departments and different stores, but the rationale of a large selection that is readily available remains large in all of its activities. Amazon continues to be an example of what you can build with a good idea (and a quarter of a million dollars from your parents).

Sample task (3): I would like to buy books in a welcoming environment where I can consult experts who understand my tastes. voice of the customer

What Amazon doesn’t offer is an environment that welcomes readers and book lovers into a physical space. For this reason, even in a world with a website like Amazon, physical bookstores still exist (albeit in reduced capacity). Smaller bookstores bring a responsive personal touch to a Job to Do that a retailer like Amazon just can’t offer.

Physical bookstores stay in business because some customers want the experience of browsing the shelves or chatting with staff about new releases. This is especially true for customers who rely on smaller, independent bookstores. While these are becoming increasingly rare, the bookstores that stay in business offer an experience that addresses a task that a website can never fulfill.

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Example task (4): I want to connect with my classmates (and know who is available today). voice of the customer

Facebook. Whatever you think of social media and Facebook in particular, you can’t deny how heavily it is now woven into the lives of many of its users. While the coding and algorithms may be complicated, the JTBD Facebook supplement is a simple matter and surprisingly easy in the work that physical libraries do: the website makes it easy for users to connect with each other. Originally only for college students, millions of people use Facebook today.

Humans are social animals. Most of us crave some level of connection and attention. Facebook facilitates and monetizes this desire.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Job Description

One of the best ways to understand your client’s mission is to talk to them specifically about their goals and challenges. We find that clients are often very generous with their input when they learn that we make an effort to address how they work and what they need to be successful.

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For guidelines on conducting these interviews, see our work-to-do framework article.

The work-to-do principles can be applied in many areas and can support you in your company in many ways. For example, consider the following use cases:

In an independent study of different innovation methodologies, innovation consultancy Strategyn, one of the companies that developed the approach and aligned it to the work to be done, found that the success rate of innovative approaches.

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