Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Flight Instructor Refresher Course – Flight instructors must be recertified every two years. However, CFIs who have received a certain number of successful check ride referrals in the last two years can be renewed based on that record alone, which is not possible in the current environment.

The floors have collapsed under flight schools due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, leaving many CFIs without teaching students. The online option of FIRC (Flight Instructor Retraining Clinics) has already worked with companies like Sporty’s Academy, which is known for its online FIRCs. Sporty recently announced that it will offer free online eFIRC as an easy renewal option.

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Created by faculty at Sporty’s Academy, Sporty’s eFIRC is universally accessible through a web browser on mobile devices including PC, Mac, iPad and Android platforms. All you have to do is log in with an internet connection and start training. There is no software to install. “Sporty’s EFIRC was developed with today’s modern CFI in mind, so you’ll never have a regulation and FOI theory again,” said Sporty Academy President Eric Radtke. There will be a training environment.”

Sporty’s Launches Suite Of Free Flight Instructor Tools

Sporty’s eFIRC has 16 lessons, each divided into learning modules for ease of study. Topics range from new technology to deregulation, regulatory changes and new weather product updates. Other modules include important information on accepting remote pilot or student pilot applications and additional related material to keep you up to date. Each lesson has a corresponding quiz to gauge your progress. It also includes an extensive reference library for quick access to certification standards, advisory circulars, regulations, handbooks and more. The Progress Dashboard keeps instructors informed of learning progress and quiz scores.

New to Sporty’s eFIRC, the CFI Endorsement Guide is a plain-language reference that covers the endorsements students need and when to apply. The CFI Endorsement Guide is condensed for quick access to the most frequently used endorsements and complements the latest consulting rotation information.

Through the optional Paperless Airman Certification Representative (ACR) service, flight instructors who complete Sporty’s online FIRC will have the authority to process all CFI renewal paperwork with Sporty and issue a provisional certificate in the course. . Office. Ground instructors may also obtain a graduate certificate to meet the recent experience requirement.

When you register, you get one year of free access to Sporty’s eFIRC. The paperless CFI renewal service is $24.95. Visit sportys.com/firc to register or view a demo of the interactive course. Already a customer of another FIRC provider? Would you like to enroll in our program for $25? Click here!

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Start your FIRC with the Unconditional Aviation Seminar. If this is not the best online FIRC, feel free to leave. If you tell us you want to withdraw, we will refund 100% of the payment at any time until you have finished the course.

Aviation Seminars has produced the first 100% online FIRC based video! Sit back and enjoy each interactive topic as if you were there when it was filmed in our real live classrooms at FIRC! On-screen charts and graphics bring your presentation to life, increasing your engagement and understanding of your topic. Finally, this is how online FIRC should be!

Sit back, relax and watch FIRC sessions at your own pace with our aviation seminars. No more sitting and poring over endless piles of reading material. Play your video presentation on your favorite device (desktop, laptop, phone or tablet) and watch it at your convenience!

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Don’t have time to finish the whole session? No problem. Go through the part where you have time, then come back and start where you left off. FIRC has never been so easy.

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⋅ Complete FIRC at least 3 days before expiry to ensure renewal processing (most renewals are completed within 24 hours. If you need more time, please contact us Let us know and we’ll try to keep it on schedule.)

I really liked the online course and found it very effective. We are glad that we have developed this online course to save you a lot of time, money, stress and energy. Catherine B – North Carolina I enjoyed the program and felt it was great. Mike M – In Indiana was initially reluctant to register for another online FIRC. Because it took me twice as long to complete the last few online FIRC courses. Since starting FIRC online, how much difference does it make to be able to listen to the instructor and the class? This course is better than taking a two day class and saves you money on travel and hotel expenses etc. I did not have to travel and completed the course on my own time. Kim’s presentation style kept my attention and I learned to listen to her story because it was interesting and challenging and likely to answer some of my questions about her story. Great job and presentation. Benjamin M. Arizona Great Course. It’s great to have the opportunity to talk to the presenter on the phone. Steven S – New York is great! Don’t change anything! Garrett P – Europe

*Cancellation and refund can be requested at any time on FIRC online till the graduation certificate is issued. Tuition fees are no longer refundable once the graduation certificate is issued. If you’re reading this, you’re either interested in becoming an instructor or need to renew your instructor status. The TC Approved Instructor Refresher Course is designed to give current flight instructors the opportunity to renew their rating without taking another flight test. However, grade renewal is possible up to two consecutive times through an instructor retraining course. Then we have to do flight tests. See CAR 421.66 here.

The advantage of refresher courses is that they can be done in virtually a weekend (no pun intended). Also, if your rating expires during the winter in Canada, it may be easier to take a refresher course than expect VFR weather in November on the day of your flight test. You will also find many instructors from across Canada.

How To Become A Certified Flight Instructor (cfi)

Personally there are refresher courses, but I can’t find any in my area before my grade expires. That’s why I chose Aviation Solutions Online Course.

Over the weekend of November 20/21, I attended the Aviation Solutions Instructor Refresher Course. All done using Zoom (as you might expect). I was given a preparatory course package which required me to complete a compulsory 63 question preparation instructor ‘fresher’ before the course started over the weekend. The average completion time of ‘Epressor’ is 6-7 hours. This is done through a web app called ClassMarker. I have a lot of personal experience with ClassMarker and it proves that Aviation Solutions has put the tools provided by ClassMarker to good use. It wasn’t that hard, it was open book and it was a great trailblazer for the course.

I found most of the presentations to be valuable to the instructor. There has been a lot of discussion about Scenario Based Training (SBT). There are also some important discussions regarding scoring criteria for pilot examiners (PEs). It was a useful discussion that really helped teachers understand how their students would score on the flight test.

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Yes. Clearly the course was very structured, had good content, and was very easy. My advice to course creators is to make more use of Zoom breakout rooms to reduce instructor talk time and make the learning environment more student-centered. Most of the pilots I have met are talkative and active. Short sessions with short breaks can also help participants focus.

Onze Ato Blaast De Flight Instructor Refresher Course (firc) Nieuw Leven In

Below is a list of useful publications and documents obtained from the Flight Instructor Refresher Course. You may already know all of them. If not, they can assist you in any way they can with your flight instructions.

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The Gleim Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) is a 14 CFR Sec. 61.197. The Gleim FIRC includes new materials and resources for CFIs to enhance training during safe pilot training.

Flight Instructor Refresher Course (aeroplane)

Gleim helps train the best pilots in the world!

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