Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary – Whether you’re considering a career in project management or preparing to negotiate a raise, understanding the salary landscape can help you make informed decisions about your future. So we thought we’d help you do your homework by giving you a quick overview of average project manager salaries in a few key areas.

There are many sources of project manager salary information out there, and they all provide different data. Here’s a quick rundown of where we got the numbers for the infographic and why.

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

The average project manager puts in more than a typical 40-hour week and takes home just under $89,000. It’s important to note that this average base salary for project managers covers a wide spectrum and many different factors play into your salary.

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Let’s take a closer look at how your salary can be affected by your career path, job type, location and PMP status.

Your job title probably has a big impact on how much you earn as a project manager. And it makes sense: The more experience you have—and the more promotions you get—the higher your salary. Set your sights on leadership and your income outlook is much brighter. 🌞

Should you go into IT, marketing, healthcare or construction project management? If you are just starting your career, you have many opportunities. It helps to get an idea of ​​which industries offer better paying opportunities for project managers.

Of course, money should never be the sole deciding factor in major life decisions. You must love the work you do. But here’s how the different disciplines fit into project managers in general. These numbers will vary depending on your career level, but this gives you a basic idea of ​​where you can get depending on the area you choose.

What Does A Project Management Salary Look Like?

It’s no surprise that where you live affects your earning potential. We’ve selected some popular metropolitan areas across the US. to see how average project manager salaries compare.

Another trend that caught our attention is that salaries for project managers in large coastal cities tend to be higher. Just remember that cities like NYC, San Francisco and Seattle also have a high cost of living. Do your research before you pack up and head out to chase the big bucks.

If you don’t already have a PMP certification, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. PMI’s 2021 Project Management Salary Survey shows that earning your PMP can give you a leg up as a project manager.

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

But perhaps the biggest lesson here is the importance of education. If you actively seek out learning opportunities to become a better project manager, you will definitely see your income increase. 📈

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Want to improve your chances of getting a raise? Don’t worry too much about what everyone else is doing and focus more on continuing to improve yourself. Our free Art and Science of Project Management video course is a great place to start.

You can also prove your worth by using a project management tool that makes it easy to track project success and share your wins with others. With , you’ll have all the features you need to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

There are simple tools to suit your process. See how it has supported more than 1 million users and companies worldwide in transforming their workflows.

“It helps my team stay focused, know what our priorities are and know that every project has a deadline.”

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Project Management Salary Range 2022: How Much Do Project Managers Make? Find out how much the average project manager earns annually and view project management salary ranges by job title, industry, location and PMP details.

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

About How to use different project views in See how you can better plan and manage your projects with tips and examples of how to effectively use the chart, list, calendar and gantt chart views in .We’re doing our annual salary survey! The data will help project managers around the world determine whether they are getting value for money.

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The only real answer to this (always frustrating) question is, “Well, it depends…” As a project manager, your salary depends on things like:

Tools like Payscale and can provide good general salary information, but their shortcoming is that they include a lot of metrics that don’t fit into the digital project management space, which is what we focus on here at Project Manager Digital. And they don’t always provide enough clarity to be useful. So we started surveying the DPM community to get a first-hand understanding of digital project management salaries. Our survey is designed to find answers to questions such as:

Have your say in the DPM Salary Survey 2023! We’ll send you the results after we’ve compiled them so you can see for yourself.

Hundreds of participants from around the world completed the 2020 survey. We’ve also supplemented our survey with salary data from other online sources and compiled the results here to help you better understand the digital project management profession as it continues to grow. And most importantly – we are collecting data to update the 2021 results. Please participate by taking a few minutes to complete the survey here:

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This year, we had hundreds of participants from around the world, most of whom live in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The remaining 42% of respondents came from a group of 63 countries – a wider reach than our survey in previous years.

This year, many professionals were introduced as Project Managers, followed by Senior Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Head of Project Management and Project Directors.

The majority of respondents (79%) work on permanent contracts, while 21% work in contract or freelance roles. More independents are represented in the survey data than in previous years.

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

Another big trend we saw this year was an increase almost everywhere, with the exception of a few positions in Canada and one position in the US. While Project Coordinators in the US and Project Managers and Project Management Leads in Canada saw a decrease in average salary, all other positions in the US, Canada and the UK saw increases. It’s important to note that we supplemented our search data with data collected from sources such as GlassDoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed and others.

Project Manager Salary In India: 2023 Insights

You can find country-specific information on this below, but overall, senior project manager and project director roles have grown anywhere from 3% to 23% since last year.

Head of Project Management saw a mix of increases and decreases, while Project Coordinators saw increases in Canada and the UK, but not in the US. Project managers also saw a mix of increases and decreases, increasing by around 2% in the US and UK and decreasing by 4.6% in Canada.

The trends from 2020 are a slight departure from the trends seen from 2018 to 2019 – which showed salary increases for mid- and low-level positions and salary decreases for senior positions. Last year, we noticed that the roles of senior PMO leaders were changing, either due to job cuts or ongoing discussions and regulations targeting pay inequality in the company.

Although our data is limited, it is fair to say that these trends may have contributed to increased salaries in positions such as Project Manager and Project Director as they take on responsibilities within the lower division. However, he does not consider the rise of senior roles. This may be due to the high confidence in those higher positions in the transition phase of this flat leadership.

How Much Do Project Managers Make? 2020 Project Manager Salary Guide

Another interesting trend seen this year is the rise of non-traditional Project Management job titles. 15% of global respondents had job titles that did not reflect a PM role. These respondents held titles such as Scrum Master, Developer, Account Manager, Creative Director, Implementation Coordinator, and more. This indicates that many positions are involved in project management and assume the responsibilities of a project manager.

We received 226 responses from US digital project managers. covering 67 cities. Salaries for full-time positions range from $32,500 to $210,000. Results range from $50 to $1,100 per day.

The average level of a freelance digital project manager in the US presented a wide range of fees compared to last year’s results, ranging from $50 to $1,100 per day.

Glassdoor It Project Manager Salary

Compared to 2019, this year’s survey results show salary increases for many digital project management positions. The average salary for Project Managers increased from approximately $75,183 to $76,632. Senior project managers saw the biggest increase from $86,600 to $97,452.

Project Manager Salary Trends In 2022

Other high-profile roles have also seen an increase

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