Google Expense Manager App

Google Expense Manager App – Tracking expenses is the only way to make sure that your money is not wasted. The idea is very simple: you need to classify expenses by categories and analyze how much money you spend on each. Examples of categories include food, insurance, utilities, and more. Based on the analysis, you will be able to reduce costs and increase savings. Does that sound appealing? Then check out this Google Sheets personalized expense tracker template that you can use.

In the expense tracking sheet, you will see rows grouped by income and expenses. Click the “+” icon to expand each of them.

Google Expense Manager App

Google Expense Manager App

Here you need to define your categories for income and expenses If the default settings are fine, skip this step

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This allows you to filter expenses for a specific time period Click on cell B43 and select Period from the drop-down list Once you change the period to filter, the pie chart will update

It works after you enter the data in the personal Google Sheets expense tracker template. For this, you need to go to import your income/expense sheet. It consists of 5 columns:

You can enter expense/income data manually It is convenient to spend cash Better to import transactions from your bank for cashless expenses and income This can be done automatically with The only requirement is to check the API available in your bank

Using we get data from bank web API It is a tool that allows users to automatically import data from multiple sources like PipeDrive, Xero and more into Google Sheets, Excel and BigQuery. You can use the web app or install the Google Sheets plugin from the Google Workspace Marketplace. provides JSON integration to connect to web API You can learn more about how this API works in the Google Sheets tutorial Let’s get started.

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Sign up on and start your data integration journey by creating your first importer Click Add Importer, then select JSON as the source application and Google Sheets as the target.

As an example, consider the parameters used when setting up integration with Monobac to export bank transactions to spreadsheets:

After the parameters are set, click Save and Run to import the initial data After that, will update the data automatically every day

Google Expense Manager App

With the raw data imported into Google Sheets, you need to query it to import the daily expense tracker Google Sheets income/expense spreadsheet. In our case, these are three columns:

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The column is in Unix epoch time format (in seconds). To convert them to real data, apply the following formula based on the ARRAYFORMULA + DATE function to cell A2:

All that remains is to assign categories (income or expenses) to the imported data.In our case, we have to do this manually.After you map the cost/income data, it will appear in the Expense tracker in Google Sheets.

Go to the monitor and select the period to monitor. For example, we selected August, and all costs imported in August will be returned:

Note: pie charts only work with absolute values ​​We have had both negative (cost) and positive (income) imported bank transactions. After mapping, it is recommended to use the ABS function to get the absolute value for the minus number (or ARRAYFORMULA + ABS for the absolute column).

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To be honest, I’m not used to tracking my expenses in detail Like most of us, I rely on my memory to “Track my expenses”

Now that I’ve set up my spending information, I know what expenses I can afford and how that might affect my cash balance. What’s best for tracking frequency depends on the goal of tracking. The tracker featured in the article is the Google Sheets monthly expense tracker. However, you can start with daily tracking to optimize your expenses at a lower level. Then after a few months, you can switch to monthly follow-up

I hope my experience and these expense tracker templates help you too Good luck with your data!

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Personal Expense Tracker Apps (i Tried These Free Apps)

People often need help keeping track of all their expenses Before smartphones, people relied on a daily diary to keep track of their expenses by listing where they spent money, a tedious process. However, with smartphones becoming more affordable, tracking where you spend your money has become very easy thanks to expense tracking apps. While there are many options to choose from, here we list the best apps to help you track all your expenses.

Axios, formerly known as Nut, is the best expense tracking software in India. Packed with dozens of features, the app lets users see at a glance where they’re spending their money, as well as track digital wallets, credit cards, Sodexo coupons, bank accounts and more.

You can check your balance from the bank itself, pay electricity, gas, mobile, broadband and DTH bills. Axios integrates well with Android and collects information about your transactions via SMS. If you spend cash, you can quickly add it to your expense list

The app also lets you add custom expense categories, tags, and reminders Axios is free on the Google Play Store, with the ability to back up all your data to the cloud.

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Wallet is one of the most popular expense tracking apps available on Android The app supports over 3,500 banks worldwide and allows you to automatically add expenses every time you make a transaction. In addition to tracking expenses, the app also allows users to set budgets and goals The budget feature lets you limit how much you spend on things like fuel. The wallet also notifies users when they are at risk of overspending and notifies them when a set budget limit is exceeded.

The app helps you set a budget for things like shopping (Image Source: Google Play Store)

The targeting feature can be really useful if you want to save your hard-earned money for something The app also supports selected account sharing, so you can easily collaborate on budgets with friends or family. Users can also use the Scheduled Payments feature to see how their scheduled payments will be affected.

Google Expense Manager App

Spendy is another popular expense management app. This app allows users to view and manage all their bank accounts and crypto wallets in one place. It also supports some NFT wallets Like other options, the app comes with a password option that prevents others from spying on your personal spending Spendy also makes recommendations based on your personal spending

Axios To Andromoney: The Top Android Apps To Help You Track Expenses

The premium version of the app offers additional features such as bank account synchronization (Image Source: Google Play Store)

The free version of the app lets you track one budget, but if you want multiple budget tracking features, you’ll need to shell out a few bucks for the Plus or Premium packages. The paid version of the app lets you sync your bank accounts, share wallets with others, and add unlimited wallets and budgets.

Money Manager is another easy-to-use expense management app that helps you manage, save and track where your money is going. Budgets and expenses are displayed in a graphical format, which allows you to easily see how much money is spent against the budget, so you can make better choices.

It also comes with credit and debit card management functionality When you enter the billing date, you’ll be able to see the outstanding payment along with the payment amount on the Assets page. Linking a debit card to the app also allows you to set up debits automatically

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Money Manager allows you to use a password to prevent others from seeing your spending (Image Source: Google Play Store)

If you use the app on a shared device, the built-in password feature can be useful. If you want to use the app on a PC and want to access certain features, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Andromoni is a useful app if you want to keep track of all your expenses. The app has a clean and minimal user interface and allows you to add expenses with the click of a button. The page also has a built-in calculator where you can add up your expenses for easy calculations

Google Expense Manager App

It has an easy-to-access menu that lets you track your expenses by specific category

Personal Expense Tracker Template

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