Hardees Meaning In Urdu

Hardees Meaning In Urdu – Classified documents have been found at the home of former Vice President of Indiana (sic) Mike Pence. It hurts some of Trump’s silly defenses of possessing classified documents and attacking Biden.

Remember, Donald Trump deliberately took classified documents. Efforts to return all of these items were resisted. He lied about having them. He had his lawyer sign a false affidavit. He claims to be the owner of the documents. He still claims he has them. He also lied that he only carried empty folders that once contained classified documents. It took some empty folders, but it also took files.

Hardees Meaning In Urdu

Hardees Meaning In Urdu

One of the stupid defenses is that Trump is allowed to take classified documents because he is the president but not the vice president. The first small batch was discovered at President Biden’s home in Delaware during his vice presidency. This is a very stupid defense and simply not true. Whether classified or not, no president or former president can steal documents that are government property.

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That undermines the argument that Biden deliberately stole the documents, since Mike Pence’s defense is the same as his.

The packing and delivery of the documents to Pence’s home was handled by his aides. The same may happen with President Biden’s files. Donald Trump picks and chooses which documents to keep because he thinks they’ll be “cool keepsakes.” Trump deliberately took the documents and tried to smuggle them out. I’m surprised the FBI didn’t find small soaps and shampoo bottles in MAGA-Lardo’s White House.

The problem with misplacing classified documents doesn’t seem to be with Pence or Biden, but with the current system. So what now?

Will Merrick Garland appoint another special prosecutor to investigate Mike Pence? Pence’s lawyers said they found two classified boxes, which appeared to be more documents than those found at President Biden’s home.

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The discovery of the documents eased some of the pressure on President Biden. Both cases appear to be clerical errors. The two-man team immediately contacted the National Archives and voluntarily handed over the documents. Both men cooperated.

Donald Trump’s team argues that this shows that all three cases were administrative errors and that no criminal charges should be brought against any of the incidents. The only problem is that the Trump situation was not an administrative error. It’s a crime. Donald Trump stole documents, refused to cooperate and lied.

Another hole in MAGA’s argument is that when you pretend to be angry that Biden has the documents and don’t care that Trump did worse, you lose credibility.

Hardees Meaning In Urdu

Now, for all the morons who keep asking why the FBI didn’t “raid” President Biden’s residence, it’s because he cooperated. Over the course of a year and a half, Donald Trump has secured several opportunities for collaboration. The National Archives was forced to contact the Justice Department over Trump’s refusal to cooperate, and the Justice Department gave the FBI permission to search Mar-a-Lago. If they don’t, Trump will still be sitting on his country club classifieds.

Issue 22: Library

As for the allegations that Hunter Biden, with ties to China, has access to the garage where his father keeps his papers… there are white nationalists, mob bosses, spies for foreign governments, and Jared Kushner gets paid $2 billion. Saudi Arabia, which may visit Mar-a-Lago for reasons that remain a mystery. Shaddup, needles.

There’s also a theory that the Secret Service guarding Trump at Mar-a-Lago is also guarding classified documents, no, no.

On the other hand: You’ll see this type of joke repeated over and over again, with different punchlines. I saw a cartoon about the documents found at Mount Vernon and a meme about the documents found at Lincoln’s cabin. There is nothing more in the joke than the files found in these places, but you will see more.

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After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis beat Democrat Charlie Crist by 19 points last Tuesday to win re-election, the debate within the Republican Party over whether to abandon Trump and start running for DeSantis altar worship opened a debate, especially since most of Trump’s election. candidates failed humiliatingly.

Hardees Meaning In Urdu

The Republican Party promised us a red wave. But thanks to Donald Trump, we’re getting a little rosy. There are signs that the Trump cult is growing suspicious.

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The front page of Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post portrayed Trump as a foolish man sitting on a wall. Another Washington Post cover labeled DeSantis as “DeFuture.” Murdoch’s other outlet, The Wall Street Journal, called Trump “the biggest loser.” The Fox News mob was abusing DeSantis everywhere, and Tucker replayed his interview with the guy months earlier. None of this suits Trump. It’s like watching your ex-girlfriend make out with Ron DeSantis on the front page of the New York Post while Tucker Carlson fondles himself as he watches.

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana told reporters, “We’re not a cult,” even though he wasn’t asked if the Republican Party was a cult. But they are like that, every cult needs an ass to spin. DeSantis believes that, in his case, he should allow his hips to be the sun. “Stay Away from the Sun” was a song under three doors played for Donald Trump the night before his inauguration. If DeSantis wins the 2024 presidential election, he will beat Trump by having worse bands like Nickelback play at his parties (both of these bands toured with Puddle of Mudd a few years ago, which makes me question how the public will be able to tell the difference) . between these three bands. I think each of these bands are regulars in Sturgis. Bleah).

DeSantis’ wife posted a video on November 4 claiming that on the eighth day, God created Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is very pompous, claiming to be sent by God, but Trump claims he is the chosen one. During the 2016 Republican convention, Trump declared, “Only I can fix it.” Trump thinks he’s a god, and anyone considering running for president in 2024 is disloyal to him. Trump lashed out at DeSantis and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, whose approval ratings also rose with the base.

Trump will not take any blame for the failures of candidates like Dr. Oz and Blake Masters. Instead, he prefers to blame Mitch McConnell. Since Trump couldn’t blame DeSantis, who won the Florida Republican jackpot, he credited him with his victory.

Hadees E Nabwi ﷺ Archives

Trump claims he created DeSantis’ political career, and that DeSantis rode the Trump train in 2018. During his first run for governor, he proudly ran an ad teaching his children how to build a racist border wall out of Lego bricks . Now, Trump calls him a “mediocre governor” and just a racist Lego border wall builder. Trump also blasted Ron as “sanctified,” which is shocking because “sanctified” is such a big word.

It’s like the first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods but Trump.” Trump feels very threatened by all the DeSantis talk. He doesn’t want Republicans praising DeSantis instead of him… he doesn’t even want DeSantis to praise himself. how dare

Trump even claimed he used the FBI to help DeSantis win his first term as governor. uh what? I don’t think it’s good to politicize the FBI, DOJ and IRS. Isn’t that what MAGA Nation has been claiming without evidence ever since the FBI issued a search warrant for Trump’s Gold Resort for stealing classified government documents?

Hardees Meaning In Urdu

What MAGA ignores is that Trump has always politicized the FBI and DOJ. He tweeted orders calling for an investigation into his enemies. He fired James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Geoffrey Berman and Preet Bharara because they were all doing their jobs.

Did Someone Say Free Egg Puff?! 😋

Did Trump really send in the FBI to help DeSantis win the election? In Truth Social, Trump claimed that votes in Broward County, which is in the Miami area, were “stolen” by a “corrupt” election process in 2018, DeSantis accused his Democratic opponent, Andrew Giller Mu, that the advantage of Andrew Giller Mu fell by 10,000 daily votes.

Trump says he and Florida’s then-governor, and now

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