Healthcare Project Manager Salary

Healthcare Project Manager Salary – Average Youth Project Manager Salary $60,672 per year To create our salary estimates, we start with data published in publicly available sources such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Foreign Worker Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

Junior project managers earn an average of $60,672 per year, or $29.17 per hour, in the United States. Junior project managers at the bottom of the spectrum, the bottom 10 percent to be exact, earn about $36,000 a year, while the top 10 percent earn $100,000. Location affects the amount a junior project manager can expect to earn. Young project managers earn the most in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New York and Delaware.

Healthcare Project Manager Salary

Healthcare Project Manager Salary

Across the United States, the average salary for a junior project manager is approximately $60,672 per year, which breaks down to $29.17 per hour. Interestingly, Junior Project Managers have the highest salaries in San Francisco, California at around $76,587 per year. For starters, the average entry-level salary in San Francisco, California is $41,000. Additionally, Junior Project Managers earn above average salaries in Providence, RI, Washington, DC, Columbia, MD, New York. , New York and Farmington Hills, MI. On a larger scale, junior project manager salaries are highest in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New York, Delaware, Michigan and Massachusetts. In contrast, Mississippi, Vermont and Maine offer the lowest salaries for project managers.

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According to our most recent salary estimates, Credit Suisse and Technip USA Corporation are the companies that pay the most junior project managers.

Here are some examples of how much a junior project manager can earn by different industries: The technology industry pays junior project managers an average salary of $70,801 The financial industry pays $68,925 The lowest paying industry for junior project managers is retail. industries. Junior project managers in this industry earn an average salary of $47,425

Connecticut pays the most junior project managers in the United States, with an average salary of $77,069 per year, or $37.05 per hour.

You know if you are getting a fair salary as a youth project manager if your salary is close to the average salary in the country where you live. For example, if you live in Rhode Island you should be paid around $76,396 per year.

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A senior analyst/project manager gets paid more. A senior project analyst/manager earned an average salary of $113,296. The highest paid 10 percent earned $131,000, while the lowest 10 percent earned $97,000. When you were young, you were probably asked the common question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” ” Your answer can be one of the following levels: Doctor, Policeman, Firefighter, Professional Athlete, Veterinarian, Teacher, Scientist, Astronaut, Gamer, and Project Manager.

Ok, none of you answered “project manager”, but maybe you should have. Read about the responsibilities and benefits of the project manager career path.

If you want to better understand what a project manager does, check out our reasons why project management is important.

Healthcare Project Manager Salary

According to a report by the Institute of Product Management, “the demand for project managers over the next 10 years will grow faster than the demand for workers in other professions.” The report estimates that there will be about 214,000 new project management-related jobs in the United States each year.

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At the same time, the report notes that while the demand for project management positions is increasing, the number of prime ministerial professionals is decreasing.

The need for project managers and the lack of qualified ones (basic supply and demand) make project management positions attractive for various reasons that will be discussed later in the article:

How much money can you expect to make as a project manager? Like any job, the amount you earn depends on your location, your level of education, the amount of experience you have, the industry you work in, where you live and the size of the company that employs you.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a mid-level project management position is about $80,000 per year and ranges from $22,000 to $174,000 (based on feedback from over 23,000 current and former project manager employees and positions).

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Project management is not the final job. There are many different project management job titles, from entry level to manager, available as you progress in your career path.

Consider this project manager role as you work toward your desired role. The career path of a project manager usually includes the following responsibilities:

Project management is not limited to one industry. Project managers are needed in various industries, including the following industries.

Healthcare Project Manager Salary

A construction project manager understands the construction business, works directly with clients, receives permits, plans construction schedules and manages contractors.

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An architectural project manager works closely with clients and often visits construction sites to consult with construction project managers to ensure project progress.

The Health Insurance Project Manager works with clients after claims are filed and manages projects related to coding, compliance and reimbursements. In addition, responsibilities include managing documents and developing customer communications regarding policy changes and other types of updates.

A production project manager maintains relations between the company and the customers in order to ensure a response to the customer’s needs. In addition, the production project manager is careful about quality control, ensures compliance with safety guidelines, supervises the production process and finds ways to optimize processes.

Engineering project managers are involved in every step of developing a new product or improving an existing product. They conduct research, planning, development, design and production. These project managers typically work with other stakeholders, such as the manufacturing project manager, to ensure overall satisfaction.

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Software/IT project managers will typically have a background in software development, computer science, or information technology. That way they can speak the same language as the software development teams they work with. Software project managers work in an Agile environment and manage timelines, iterations, track bugs, demonstrate new features to customers, etc.

Whether you’re charting your own career path or helping other employees realize their potential, start with our career progression chart. This can help you chart a path through the various levels of project management to reach your end goal.

Interested in learning more about project management? Check out these articles to learn basic project management techniques and the skills you’ll need to pursue this career:

Healthcare Project Manager Salary

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