Independent Bank Manager

Independent Bank Manager – This is the second part of a two-part series interviewing Urs Brusch, CEO and founder of HP Wealth Management. Please click here for part 1.

In this second episode of Insider Talk, Dominic Gamble, CEO of, sits down with Urs Brush, Head of Singapore’s leading boutique HP Wealth Management, one of Asia’s leading boutiques, to tackle it head-on – ask him:

Independent Bank Manager

Independent Bank Manager

Boutique wealth managers are often referred to as independent wealth managers. They are often identified as the profitable future of wealth management and a force to be reckoned with in competition with private banks in the coming years.

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But it’s going slowly. If the proposition is so strong, why are fashion brands rarely recognized by customers (in our experience)?

DG: Okay. How does boutique shopping work for boutique customers? Let’s look at it from a private customer’s perspective – Let’s say I’ve never heard of you, but I know private banking and may even be a disgruntled customer. But I see your name and maybe I don’t recognize it – how does your relationship work?

UB: HP Wealth Management clients still put their money in a private bank because we [HP Wealth Management] are not a bank, we are an investment manager or advisor. The choice of bank can be the one the customer uses now or a new bank that he recommends.

If the bank is the same, their bank will have a form that the client must sign naming us as the representative of the limited trust.

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We support this process from start to finish and act as an interface for the customer who is no longer a bank. Instructions for the transfer, transfer or transaction of client funds are sent to an independent asset manager. All management is carried out by an independent asset manager and all investment advice and execution is carried out by an independent asset manager.

The most important factor is that the invoice is in the customer’s name, not ours. So after a year, if the client doesn’t like us, they still have the bank account in their name and we can be removed very simply. It is important to note that a limited power of attorney does not allow us to transfer or dispose of property.

A client may initially think that by using an independent asset manager, they are adding other fees. However, this is generally accompanied by a reduction in bank transaction and security fees. Through us, the client has “volume” interest in the bank.

Independent Bank Manager

We have our own payment plans for our customers and banks. In general, the involvement of an independent asset manager is cheaper than a client working directly with a private bank.

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Most Asian investors have extensive personal banking relationships. Too often they treat each relationship individually. One of our core competencies is combining assets in different portfolios with different custodians. It allows customers to show all their assets and liabilities in a consolidated balance sheet. From there we can advise on a general basis across the entire portfolio. This is a rare case where a customer is doing business with a bank.

We do not need to tie any bank. We can get investment ideas from any corner of the market and strive to deliver the best solutions to our clients. The client pays us, and if we don’t deliver the value they expect, the client can fire us.

UB: We hope that there will be independent asset managers who realize that there are other options than using a private bank directly. We hear so many stories of unhappy private bank customers that the independent wealth management industry is growing by the day.

The transition to independent asset management will be driven by the clients themselves. Private banks continue to underperform clients, and as the wealth creation era grows, they will focus on wealth preservation in Asia, as boutiques like HP Wealth Management continue to expand their client base and services for UHNW individuals. and families who need impartial advice on their wealth.

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Remember, independent asset managers are not in competition with private banks because we still use them and work with them. But we do it in a way that protects the client’s interests and we use banks as service providers, so we see banks as our partners and a way to bring the best solutions to our clients.

DG: Thank you Urs. And we hope our service does its bit to help clients make the right choice and raise awareness of the various wealth managers available.

Over the past decade, Robo-advisors have grown; automated platforms that help investors allocate capital. But how does this rising alternative compare to the traditional financial methods of understanding charts and indicators and picking your own stocks and bonds? The simplest form of managing your assets is direct banking: You deposit your money in a bank. Your choice and business advisor will introduce you to investment opportunities. Although this form of partnership is simple and straightforward, it has its drawbacks:

Independent Bank Manager

All banks seek to maximize their profits. Customer advisors do not always recommend the most desirable investments to customers, but they are the most profitable for the bank. It is difficult for clients to tell when this will happen, often due to hidden fees, lack of comparison with other investments and complex investment products.

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Is your bank the cheapest? Does it provide the best investment opportunities? Answering these questions requires a lot of time, effort and expertise.

Capital Bank has notified its customers of a proposed price increase for 2016. Capital reviewed this value adjustment and concluded that it was not justified. After much negotiation, most customers avoided the announced price increase. In this way, they save several thousand Swiss francs a year.

We currently serve investors in Switzerland with assets over CHF 1 million. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at +41 43 288 29 00, email or Twitter. You can also send us a request through our contact form. We will be happy to contact you.

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