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Linked In Project Manager – Like many of you, I have spent most of my career managing and organizing projects. Some have been organized along traditional project management paths, but increasingly flexible project management methods are taking center stage, especially in product manufacturing. With this in mind, I personally tried to evaluate some of my previous experience with my Agile Scrum Master certification; and /’s Learning Path: Becoming an Agile Project Manager was a great way to learn beforehand.

Spent $1.5 billion to acquire in 2015 and as part of its move into the online education space released its first educational tracks in March 2016. Learning tracks include both learning theory and instruction on how to develop skills, facilitating an interactive course delivery experience. This allows other online education providers to leverage their ability to develop key specific skills such as Agile Project Management.

Linked In Project Manager

Linked In Project Manager

Why Agile? CSM or PSM? “More and more of our customers are asking us to help them with an Agile/Scrum perspective as they seek to increase their ability to deliver new products quickly and efficiently,” Marie Stappard, CSM/CSPO Consultant.

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In most workplaces these days, technology is king. If you look at the 2018 Most Promising and In-Demand Jobs and Skills report, you’ll see that the technology sector dominates the list, with project management represented in four of those roles. Because Agile is designed to guide teams to create an iterative and incremental product, it is considered by most to be the ideal project management style for the constantly innovating and changing technology space.

For those looking to demonstrate their knowledge of agile project management, the Scrum Alliance is a great way to start. Although Scrum is only one subset of Agile, it is the most recognized format and has the most recognized Agile experience certification. A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) has a huge market advantage in terms of branding, but the course and follow-up exam are relatively expensive (usually $1,000 or more), and recertification is required ($100 each). two years. Trainers must be certified by the Scrum Alliance for your coursework to be recognized.

One of the great things about Agile Project Management is that the website and all instructors are certified by the Project Management Institute, and classroom work counts as PMI credits. However, you still need to complete a face-to-face course to get a CSM. For example, you can view information about the first course of the track here Principles of Agile Project Management.

Another testing option is Scrum Alliance competitor The advantage of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification, especially in an online learning context, is that the PSM does not require an expensive in-person course. Instead, if you already have a high level of Scrum fluency, you can simply take the test at a more affordable price ($150) and won’t need to upgrade. If you are confident enough in your skills after completing an online course, this is a great certification option without a significant investment of additional time or money. However, the PSM exam is considered more difficult, so make sure you prepare.

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In general, although CSM is much more widely accepted, PSM is less expensive and requires less investment. Many consider the PSM to be a more difficult test, but its ability to go directly to the test fits very well with the learning model. More detailed comparisons of CSM and PSM can be seen here and here. Personally, I intend to confirm in both cases and will follow up with my personal opinions after this process.

With the thousands of training courses you get with a Premium subscription, it’s hard to argue the value of Learning/ for skill development. The Agile Project Management track is particularly valuable because of its alignment with real-world certifications, the aforementioned CSM and PSM. It’s safe to use this path to improve or review your skills before taking challenging certification exams.

Another great feature of Agile Project Management is the ability to share your work with your network. which makes it easy to share course completion data and although the courses are not globally recognized as an import qualification, you can get course completion certificates and a learning path. in the internal search engine and show employers that you care about your professional education and that you are interested in the subjects in which you are certified.

Linked In Project Manager

The most important thing is that the training you receive is relevant to the work you are expected to do and is in the interest of the employer. With this in mind, I would have to consider the quality of teaching to be excellent. For the Agile track, I found that the content was clear, well presented, and the graphics didn’t distract, but instead enhanced the presentations. The speakers were experts in the field and used an engaging lecture style with relevant examples and stories from their own experiences. course “Agile at Work: Planning with Agile User Stories”.

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In addition to the presentation, each course provided project files, including chapters from several respected project management books. related project files, especially when reading related materials, the depth of your Agile learning will be greatly enhanced.

Overall, the training is smooth and professional. Although this course will not in itself make you an MSc, it provides a good foundation for the subject and a good starting point for further coursework or research. there are no examples to view. What should I add to my LinkedIn resume? Reporting on your previous roles? A list of your accomplishments? Should I write in the first person? Or in third place? Or should you continue to use the cookie-cutter bio that LinkedIn wrote for you? (The answer to that question is no, but don’t worry: you’ll soon have a LinkedIn resume that you’ll be proud to post.) In this post, we’ll look at what to include on LinkedIn about a department to do. it stands out as well as examples to inspire you. Let’s get started. LinkedIn Summary The LinkedIn Summary, also known as the LinkedIn Bio or About LinkedIn section, is a few paragraphs of text that appear immediately before a list of a LinkedIn user’s current and previous roles. LinkedIn offers a word limit of 2,000 words, but only the first three lines are visible before the visitor has to click Show More. Writing a LinkedIn resume is especially challenging for salespeople, marketers, and other professionals whose jobs depend on networking. You are not targeting recruiters and hiring managers; you are attractive to prospects and customers. Also, in addition to finding an interesting and authentic way to describe your professional background, you also need to become a subject matter expert. Whether you’re a LinkedIn job seeker or an employed professional, your resume should match your skills, experience, and professional interests—think of it as a digital improvement zone. LinkedIn Resume Templates Free Resource Access Over 80 professional resume templates and examples for LinkedIn, speaker bios, and more. Why a good LinkedIn summary is important Writing a LinkedIn resume can seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you’re constantly updating your profile. You may find it unnecessary if you don’t spend a lot of time on stage or if you’re not looking for work. But a good LinkedIn resume is critical to career success. For sellers, this can be a useful tool for social selling; for other professionals, it can be a gateway to a new career opportunity. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should definitely write a resume on LinkedIn. 1. You can introduce yourself in your own words. While your past roles may be prominent, they’re not the only thing people should know about you. A LinkedIn summary allows you to make a personal first impression and quickly highlight your accomplishments and experience. 2. You can show your personality. Add some flair and humor or make it super professional. Either way, your LinkedIn resume will give employers and other users an idea of ​​what to expect if they arrive.

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