Logistics Manager Salary Canada

Logistics Manager Salary Canada – As your business grows, more time and resources are needed to keep things running smoothly. If you know what a warehouse is and what warehouse work is, you are ready to hire a warehouse manager.

Warehouse managers supervise warehouse personnel, perform inventory tasks, communicate with third parties, and use inventory management software. Read on to find typical warehouse manager salaries for many job markets, companies and positions.

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

The average salary for a warehouse manager is $53,500. The average salary of warehouse managers depends on experience, job responsibilities, marketing skills and technical know-how. The salary also depends on the local cost of living, wage laws and the company making the hiring decision. We used several of the largest national employment websites, including Glassdoor, Indeed, Payscale, and Salary.com, to calculate average wages.

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This estimate includes data from dozens of warehouses and factories. Let’s look at the average compensation for certain types of warehouse manager roles.

The average salary for a warehouse operations manager is $73,600. Warehouse Operations Manager is one of the most common management positions in warehouses. Warehouse operations managers control inbound and outbound, entry-level employees, inventory, and space usage.

They are also responsible for training new and existing employees. Higher salaries are usually received by those who have extensive work experience and familiarity with the relevant software.

The salary for a warehouse assistant varies greatly, but the average is around $56,778. Volatility can arise for many reasons, including experience level, company type, job responsibilities, and market position.

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Warehouse manager assistants assist warehouse managers with a variety of day-to-day tasks. They are responsible for inventory, equipment maintenance, updating records, maintaining security measures, and more.

The average salary for a warehouse distribution manager is between $69,400 and $77,000. The warehouse distribution manager is responsible for the correct execution of all distribution-related tasks. This includes order management, picking and packaging, e-commerce preparation and shipping. The distribution manager also deals with specialized software and should be familiar with stock exit processes.

The typical salary for a warehouse manager is between $53,400 and $86,300. Warehouse managers are responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations of receiving and distributing goods in the warehouse. This includes assigning tasks to employees, scheduling deliveries, meeting customer service needs, and ensuring business continuity.

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

The salary for an entry-level warehouse manager is typically between $35,800 and $54,700. Entry-level positions are very different from experienced positions. An entry-level warehouse manager may have experience as a warehouse assistant. They may also enter the role for the first time.

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The entry-level warehouse manager oversees day-to-day operations, maintains inventory, recommends performance improvement measures, and allocates employee responsibilities. They may be the sole manager on the warehouse floor, or they may report to the head of the warehouse department.

In most cases, a warehouse manager earns between $50,000 and $55,000 a year. Differentiating a warehouse manager salary based on the size of the warehouse can be tricky.

Small warehouses can offer a salary difference of only a few thousand dollars a year. In some cases, this can mean a $5,000 to $10,000 difference, meaning that small warehouse managers make $45,000 to $50,000.

The average salary for a warehouse manager is $32,500. The head of the warehouse department performs duties related to one section of the warehouse. This could be receiving, inventory, distribution, back office operations, or some combination of the above. Department managers can also use the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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The salary of the warehouse manager is lower than that of the warehouse manager, because his work involves less responsibility. Salaries can be high depending on the company where department heads may supervise dozens of employees.

The typical salary for a warehouse CEO is $67,550. The Warehouse General Manager is responsible for the successful and efficient execution of all warehouse operations. They control the flow of warehouse management processes with inventory management software, schedule shipping and receiving, manage employee schedules, and provide training.

The average warehouse manager earns $48,500 a year. A warehouse area manager is responsible for directing and improving operations in one or more warehouses.

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

Warehouse managers create, track and resolve requests related to incoming and outgoing orders. It is their responsibility to ensure that all goods entering or leaving the warehouse are delivered to the appropriate locations in a timely manner. They may also be responsible for conducting manual inventory checks, communicating with senior management, or implementing new processes.

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The average salary for a warehouse manager is $38,000, with a low range of $30,000 to $46,000. There are several reasons for such a significant salary.

Firstly, the shift supervisor can manage two or three people at one enterprise and 10-12 at another. Second, some shift leaders may have multiple responsibilities on the job, while others may have different leadership styles. Third, companies pay more for people with more experience.

Delivery managers earn an average of $53,000. The warehouse delivery manager oversees all logistics associated with the shipment of products, including packing lists. These include pick and pack, e-commerce packaging, prepare items for pickup, update inventory systems, and oversee customer service. The manager in this role also oversees all frontline employees who are involved in the delivery.

For those who are considering hiring a warehouse manager, it is important to offer a competitive salary. To help you make an informed decision about the salary you can offer, here is a list of warehouse manager salaries by company.

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The median salary for an Amazon warehouse manager is $45,862. If you don’t do most of your shopping in brick and mortar stores, you’ve probably heard of Amazon. Founder Jeff Bezos created an e-commerce giant by selling books online, and later his brand went on to sell everything.

Warehouse managers at Amazon schedule employee shifts, move products from receiving to inventory, maintain a safe and secure environment, and communicate needs to various departments.

The average salary for Costco warehouse managers is $61,700. Costco is a major retailer offering hundreds of consumer products through a membership business model.

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

The company is known for its wide range of stores and shelves, from snacks and wine to clothing and electronics. Costco Warehouse Managers track incoming shipments, coordinate warehouse partners, manage inventory, and keep warehouse processes running smoothly.

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The average salary for a Capstone Logistics warehouse manager is $57,900. Capstone Logistics is a North American provider of third-party supply chain solutions (see What is 3PL for more information). They offer warehousing, transportation, freight management, supply chain analytics, and more.

Depending on the services provided to the customer, Capstone Warehouse Managers may perform several tasks. Inventory, dock management, pallet sorting and warehouse maintenance are just a few examples.

The typical salary for a Sysco warehouse manager is $61,958. Sysco sells kitchen equipment, food and small items in bulk to restaurants, hospitals, schools and hotels.

They work with more than 30 restaurant chains and similar companies in more than 90 countries on more than one online marketplace. Sysco warehouse managers have general managerial responsibilities such as inventory control, employee training, implementation of security procedures, and performance improvement.

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The average salary for a UPS warehouse manager is $43,500. Individuals in this role are responsible for overseeing pickers and packers, ensuring orders are delivered on time, following safety protocols, and participating in hiring decisions.

Prices vary, but the average salary for an Aldi warehouse manager is $72,889. Aldi is known for its cheap grocery stores, average employee salaries, and minimalist store layouts.

A Coca-Cola warehouse manager earns an average of $67,000. Coca-Cola Warehouse Managers ensure product compliance with food safety and safety regulations, hire and train line workers, use advanced inventory management practices, and oversee product receipt and delivery.

Logistics Manager Salary Canada

The average salary for a Walmart warehouse manager is $48,347. Warehouse managers at Walmart have the same responsibilities as any other company. This includes receiving goods, warehousing and tracking shipments, managing reports and financial records, interacting with external service providers, and overseeing frontline personnel.

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The average salary for a Dixons Carphone branch warehouse manager is £26,342. Dixons Carphone is a consumer electronics conglomerate based in the United Kingdom (UK). They sell mobile phones, computers, speakers, home appliances and more.

The median salary for a Publix warehouse manager is $53,124. Publix is ​​one of the largest grocery store and supermarket chains in the United States. The Publix Warehouse Manager oversees the incoming and outgoing of products, allocates responsibilities to warehouse staff, and ensures regulatory compliance and product safety.

The average salary for a Uline warehouse manager is $57,462. Uline is one of the largest distributors of packaging, transport and cleaning products in North America.

They provide boxes, bags, shelves, stock labels, and dozens of other products. Managers’ responsibilities include coordinating inbound and outbound processes, maintaining inventory best practices and security, inbound and outbound processes, and managing the team.

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The average salary for a Best Buy warehouse manager is $53,000. Best Buy is a major home appliance retailer including smartphones, TVs, audio systems, printers and more. The warehouse manager at Best Buy is responsible for organizing the warehouse and overseeing incoming calls.

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