Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong – Peng Ling, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung and Wanyi Zheng (2020), “Aspects of Success: Beauty and Ugliness in E-Commerce Platforms”, Marketing Journal, 84 (4), 67 -85.

Ms. Choi Wing Chi, Sandy won Silver Medal in 49erFX content Mussanah Open Championship 2021 in Oman

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

Mr. Cheuk Hiu Fung and his BBA colleagues win the 2022 North Asia Global Business Challenge Champion, July 10, 2022

Challenger Z Ntertainment Limited Jobs In Hong Kong

Ms. Chung Wing Yan and Ms. Yip Shan Shan won the 2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Professor Paul Whitla and Professor Ling Peng won the School’s Teaching Excellence Award and Certificate of Merit in 2014

To support the mission of liberal arts education promoted by Lingnan University, the Department of Marketing and International Business offers a variety of courses for the Marketing/Marketing and Social Media major in the Degree Program.Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours).

We train our students for Adaptability, Intelligence and Creativity. We adopt an integrated, learning-oriented approach to equip our core students with a background in business operations and a thorough understanding of contemporary concepts and practices in international marketing and business.

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Business organizations have long recognized the importance of staying in touch with customers, staying ahead of the competition, and working with internal and external stakeholders to meet needs and challenges. Motivated to instill in students a customer, competitive and market-oriented mindset, Lingnan’s Marketing/Marketing and Social Media Major aims to train the student’s management, innovation and entrepreneurship skills to capture the present and future markets. Marketing/Marketing and Social Media Major graduates are adaptable, innovative and well-equipped to seize the opportunities that arise in the highly competitive business environment. Our graduates work in a variety of exciting fields including banking and finance, consulting services and marketing communications, hospitality and tourism, social media, commerce and international business. Over the years, they have made significant career advancements and gained important leadership positions at work and in the community.

Our program is recognized by business and professional bodies. Marketing/Marketing and Social Media Major graduates are eligible to become Associate Members of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing and Associate Professional Membership from the Notary Marketing Academy

In order to achieve overall human development, we encourage students to actively participate in community service and extracurricular activities. Over the years, our students have won various awards in competitions between and within the university. Some recent competitive honors and awards and the Foundation Program include:

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

Accepting the Startup Discovery Development Fund (SEED) Program for Lingnan students to implement the Project named “FunSWOT” from January 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022

Marketing / Public Relations Jobs In Hong Kong

” Division of the national competition “Challenge Cup” – Hong Kong Regional Final, University of Hong Kong Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2017

Outstanding Intern Award from the Mainland Summer Internship Program 2012, 2013 and 2015, organized by the China Chamber of Commerce in the Mainland Summer Internship Program

Bronze Prize in the 12th Challenge Cup Paper Presentation Contest 2011- Bronze Award in the 7th Challenge Cup Business Plan Writing Contest 2010

Students selected to represent the Hong Kong Region in the JAL 2010 Scholarship Program organized by Japan Airlines

Sales & Marketing Jobs

Top 4 Team of Project CG 2010 contest organized by CosmoGIRL! Magazine, SCMP Hearst Publication Ltd

Disclaimer: Lingnan University (“University”) has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the material on this website is accurate. The school reserves the right to make changes at any time. If you have any questions about our information or would like to remove the hyperlink from your website, please notify the University Webmaster at web@. Financial Analyst Financial Controller Tax Treasurer Other

All jobs Administrative & Human Resources Administration / CEO Clerk / Administrative Officer Compensation & Benefits Director / Human Resources Manager HR Support Officer Personal Assistant / Ceremony Executive new Recruitment / Executive Search Secretary Training & Development Other

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

All jobs Banking / Finance Analyst Asset Management Corporate Banking Corporate Finance Credit Analysis / Approval Credit Collection Handling & Trading Stocks / Capital Markets Services finance Fund Management Investment Loan Handling & Operations / Payments Private Banking Projects Finance Risk Management Retail Banking Asset Management Treasury Other

Career And Leadership Centre Internship Job Platform

All jobs E-commerce Business Development Marketing – Branding / Product Management Product Management / Business Analytics Software Development Supply Chain Other

All jobs Engineering Chemical drafter Electrical / Electronics Engineering Project manager Manufacturing & Manufacturing Mechanical Telecommunications / Radio / Radio Other

All Jobs Hotel / F&B Food and Beverage Hotels / Hotel Services Integrated Resorts / Travel Casino / Travel Agents Other

All jobs Information Technology (IT) Application Specialist – Network Application Specialist – Software Data Scientist DBA IT Hardware – Webmaster / SEO IT Audit IT Manager Project Manager IT Project / Mobile Team Leader / Wireless Communications Networks & Systems Product Management / Business Analytics Security Software Development Technical Support / Functional Consulting Technical Writing / QA UI/UX Other Designers

Marketing Jobs In Hong Kong

All jobs Garment Manufacturing / General Textile / Jewelry Production Worker Production Manager Printing Management / Product Development Planning / Quality Assurance, Control and Testing / ISO Other

All jobs Marketing / Public Relations Digital Marketing Manager Marketing – Branding / Product Management Marketing – Direct Marketing Marketing – Aggregation / Marketing Support – Market Research School of Marketing – Marketing Communications Public Relations – Writing Public Relations – Event Management Public Relations – General / Support Others

All jobs Media & Advertising Editing / Journalism Account servicing Broadcast – TV / Radio Creative / Media Design Purchasing Photography / Video Printing Media Production Strategic Planning Other

Marketing Jobs Hong Kong

All Trading & Shopping Jobs Electronics Clothing Furniture Shoes Handbags Household Items Buying / Shopping / Getting Stationery PVC Sudries Sweaters Textiles Toys Watches Knitting / Knitting Other

Jobs And Internships At Time Out Hong Kong

All jobs Sales, CS & Business Development Account Service Business Development Channel Call Center / Distribution Customer Service – Customer Service Manager – Supervisor / Direct Sales Staff retail Sales Administration Sales – Real Estate Sales – Sales Manager Technical Sales Engineer / Telesales (Telemarketing) Wholesale Other

All jobs Science, Laboratories, R&D Chemical Energy / Natural Resources / Oil & Gas Environmental Science / Waste Management Food Science Labs Life Science Research and Development (R&D) Other

All jobs Aerospace Transportation & Logistics Air services Documentary Credits / Invoice Processing Freight Shipping Finished Inventory / Warehousing Marine – General Private Transportation Public Transportation Supply Chain Shipping Other

All other jobs Agriculture / Forestry / Recreational Fishing – Artist / Singer / Musician Junior Executive Security / Safety Control Student / Fresh Graduate / Inexperienced Technician Commercial Other

Rd Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Schem: Photo Ceo Talk 1st

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