Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary – Underpaying and overworking is the norm in today’s nonprofit workforce. The movement to raise the wages of frontline workers in the industry is gaining momentum but is facing uphill battles. It is often assumed that these workers derive such personal satisfaction from the nature of their work that they are willing to accept lower pay. Numerous studies have shown that employees are willing to make such a compromise, but how much is this satisfaction really worth?

Using data collected from salary surveys, we explore the value of non-profit work and a meaningful mission for a variety of careers. We found that while non-profit jobs certainly require pay cuts, the highest paying jobs are not necessarily the lowest paid.

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

To compare non-profit and for-profit workers, we will focus on directly comparable jobs. We looked at eight different professions that are common in the commercial and non-profit sectors.

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We also asked these employees if they believe their work makes the world a better place. They can answer in one of five ways: 1) a lot, 2) yes, 3) a little, 4) no, or 5) my work makes the world worse. To see if they find their work meaningful, we calculated how likely non-profit workers were to answer “yes” or “very positive” to this question compared to for-profit workers doing the same job (see “Methodology”). We call this the “high significance” coefficient.

A ratio of 1 means that non-profit workers in that job consider their work to be just as rewarding as their for-profit counterparts. A high significance factor above 1 means that non-profit workers who perform a particular job consider that job to be more significant than their commercial counterparts. For example, a ratio of 2.0 means that non-profit workers are twice as likely to say that their work makes the world a better place than for-profit workers.

Our analysis shows that the “discount for non-profit organizations” depends on the position, but is significant. In seven of the eight titles we studied, employees of non-profit organizations earned 4-8% less than their counterparts from commercial organizations. The exception was marketing managers: those who worked in non-profit organizations earned almost 18% less.

All eight positions had a high coefficient of significance above 1.0, supporting the claim that non-profit work is more satisfying. However, we immediately see that higher value does not necessarily lead to higher discounts for nonprofits. At 2.3, graphic designers were more than twice as likely to say their work made the world a better place. Graphic designers also received second place in terms of pay cuts (4.2%). Marketing managers, meanwhile, rated High Meaning in the middle with a whopping 17.8 percent “non-profit discount.” A coefficient of 1.9 indicates a significantly higher significance for nonprofit marketing managers than for commercial marketing managers, but it is not visible in this analysis. Since there were only 6 positions, we could not definitively rule out a connection between meaning and pay, but in this analysis we saw no evidence of such a connection.

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The position is determined not only by the title. There are many other factors that can affect the meaning and pay, including the required skills and workload. But there are two relationships in our data that illustrate the lack of correlation between meaning and pay. One is qualification and treatment and the other is department and value.

All of the senior positions in our analysis (Marketing Manager, HR Manager, and Marketing Coordinator) reported pay cuts of more than 6%. One explanation here is survivor bias. Since non-profit work is notoriously low-paid and long-term, those who stay in the field are likely to be the most dedicated workers. In addition, workers in the non-profit sector are paid less than those in for-profit firms, and this difference may widen over the course of their careers. As a result, senior employees who leave their companies to join nonprofits are more likely to face significant pay cuts. For layoffs to be “justified” for workers, there must be another source of motivation and value creation. These motivating factors may be the mission of the organization and the potential to positively impact the world.

Also, we can see related work showing similar effects. The ratios for HR managers and HR professionals are almost the same as for marketing managers and marketing coordinators. In terms of high job value, HR positions are at the bottom of our list, but marketing and graphic design titles are closer to the top. One explanation could be that HR positions are more meaningful across the board, resulting in a lower ratio between commercial and non-commercial HR professionals. Positions with a higher importance factor may also require a certain level of specialization in the non-profit sector. We need more analysis before drawing any concrete conclusions.

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

Our estimates of pay differentials and job value ratings provide strong evidence that workers are willing to pay less for working at organizations they trust. Of course, these eight jobs are not representative of the labor market as a whole, and the labor market in some highly competitive urban areas raises wages for certain jobs. In these areas, in-demand workers such as engineers can find non-profit jobs that pay market rates or higher. However, we observe a consistent pay gap in this analysis. Thus, we can say with confidence that some workers want to make the world a better place, even at the cost of doing so.

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Does this mean nonprofits should try to pay everyone 5%? Will not be. Salary is determined by market rates, not only depending on the position, but also on many other factors, including location, education and skills required. But cash-strapped nonprofits don’t have to worry about waiving employee discounts, and nonprofit employees can sleep easy knowing that improving the world doesn’t necessarily mean empty wallets.

Between August 2014 and August 2018, more than 140,000 people completed the salary survey. We compared the compensation of non-profit workers (excluding those working in hospitals or universities) with those of commercial workers. To find the list of jobs included in this analysis, we took the geometric mean of two values ​​(nonprofit and commercial workers) for each job. We then manually select our job listings from the 50 jobs with the highest geometric mean.

To evaluate the impact of working for a nonprofit organization, we performed an OLS regression of the natural logarithm of compensation for each of the eight positions:

In each regression, the nonprofit work ratio is significant at an alpha level of 0.001.

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In addition to the question about compensation and compensatory factors, we asked respondents: “Does your work make the world a better place?” Answer options:

Non-profit worker. A “non-profit” worker is anyone who indicates that their employer is a “non-profit organization”. The choice of “hospital” or “university” is outside the scope of this analysis.

Compensation – Our measure of compensation is Total Cash Compensation (TCC). TCCs combine base annual or hourly wages, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, and other forms of cash receipts, as the case may be. It does not include compensation in the form of shares (shares), the cash value of retirement benefits, or the value of other non-cash benefits such as medical care. Do you want to move into the non-profit sector? Learn about non-commercial compensation with The Salary Project™

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

Welcome to our ongoing series, The Salary Project™, where we ask our readers to share their salary information anonymously. Since transparency is everything, we want you to get paid what you deserve.

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Do you want to enter the non-profit industry? Curious about what nonprofit salaries look like in 2018?

Whether you want to make an impact on society, educate the youth, or work for social justice that you truly care about, the non-profit sector may well be for you.

In addition, non-profit job sites such as Idealist and Commongood make it easy to find and apply for these non-profit jobs.

A common misconception is that the non-profit sector is a shrinking industry with no money, limited liquidity, and limited funding. However, in today’s political climate (ahem!), some non-profit organizations are doing perhaps the most important work.

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We launched The Salary Project™ to better understand wages across industries, regions, and more. Since we collect a lot of data from the non-profit sector, we would like to share some industry salaries with you.

Leaders are the blood of every company, big or small. Managers of nonprofit organizations are no exception. Administrators are usually responsible for the day-to-day running of an office. In addition, nonprofit managers often act as team leaders to plan fundraising events, fundraisers, and task scheduling.

An important sector of non-profit organizations is healthcare and social services. Nonprofit organizations such as Planned Parenthood and PATH provide life-saving (literally life-saving) avenues for those who cannot afford health care.

Marketing Manager Non Profit Salary

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