Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit

Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit – Being underpaid and overworked has become the norm for nonprofit workers today. The movement to raise wages for the industry’s frontline workers is growing, but it faces an uphill battle. It is often assumed that these workers derive so much personal satisfaction from the nature of their work that they will happily accept less compensation. Many studies have shown that employees are willing to do this work, but how valuable is this satisfaction?

Using data collected through the Salaries Survey, we examined the value of nonprofit work and meaningful mission across a range of occupations. We’ve found that while it’s true that nonprofit work comes with a pay cut, the most meaningful jobs don’t need to be the lowest paid.

Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit

Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit

To compare nonprofit workers and for-profit workers, we focused on directly comparable job titles. We look at eight different positions commonly found in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

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We also asked these workers if they think their work makes the world a better place. They can answer in one of five ways: 1) a lot, 2) yes, 3) a little, 4) no, or 5) my work makes the world a worse place. To understand if they feel that their work is meaningful, we calculated the probability that a non-profit worker answered “Yes” or “very yes” to this question compared to for-profit workers who have the same job (see Methodology for more details). We call it the “High Meaning” ratio.

A score of 1 indicates that nonprofit employees in this profession find their work as meaningful as their for-profit counterparts. A higher significance ratio greater than 1 means that non-profit workers in a particular occupation find more meaningful work than for-profit workers. For example, a ratio of 2.0 means that a non-profit worker is twice as likely to say that their work has made the world a better place as a for-profit worker.

Our analysis showed that the “non-profit discount” depends on the job title, but it is important. In seven of the eight stocks we looked at, nonprofit employees made between 4% and 8% less than their counterparts at for-profit companies. Marketing managers were salespeople: Nonprofits earned almost 18% less.

All eight job titles had high significance values ​​above 1.0, supporting the statement that non-profit work appears to be more fulfilling. However, we quickly see that a higher trend does not translate into a higher unprofitable discount. In 2.3, graphic designers are twice as likely to say their work makes the world better. Charts also reported the second lowest earnings (4.2%). Meanwhile, retailers, with 17.8% of their “non-profit discount,” have an average rating of High Purpose. The ratio of 1.9 represents a significant increase in importance for nonprofit vendors compared to their for-profit counterparts, but it is not reflected in this analysis. With only 6 job titles we cannot control for sure the relationship between meaning and salary, but we see no indication of such a relationship in this analysis.

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A job is defined by more than just a title. There are many other factors that can affect wages and salaries, including skills required and workload. But there are two relationships in our data that illuminate the lack of correlation between trend and pay. The first is seniority and salary, the second is department and importance.

The oldest occupations in our analysis (marketing managers, HR managers, and marketing coordinators) all reported salary declines of more than 6%. Another explanation here would be survival bias. Since non-profit work is known for its low pay and long hours, those who stay in the field are perhaps the most dedicated workers. In addition, workers in the nonprofit sector are paid less than those in for-profit companies, a difference that can increase over the course of their career. As a result, older workers who leave companies to join non-profit organizations are more likely to experience a pay cut. In order for such a cut to be of value to employees, there must be another source of motivation and value creation. An organization’s purpose and ability to make a positive impact on the world can be motivating factors.

Furthermore, we can see that the related functions show similar mean levels. The reports of HR managers and HR generalists are slightly different, as are marketing managers and marketing coordinators. When we look at the most meaningful jobs, HR titles are at the bottom of our list, but marketing titles are near the top along with graphic designers. Another explanation could be that HR functions are more meaningful across the board, which may lead to lower rates of return for non-profit HR professionals. It is likely that roles with a high level of importance require a level of expertise in the non-profit sector. We will need to analyze more before making any concrete conclusions.

Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit

Our estimates of wage gaps and surveys of job satisfaction strongly suggest that workers are willing to be paid less to work for an organization they believe in. Of course, these eight occupations are not representative of the entire job market, and in some large, highly competitive areas, talent markets drive up wages for certain occupations. In these areas, in-demand workers such as engineers can find non-profit jobs whose salaries match or exceed the market rate. That said, we did see a significant imbalance in this analysis. Thus, we can safely say that some workers want to make the world a better place, even if it costs.

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Does this mean that nonprofits should try to pay everyone 5% less? No. Salaries are determined according to the market rate and depend not only on the job title but a number of other factors including location, education and skills required. But cash-strapped nonprofits don’t have to worry about giving up employee discounts, and nonprofit employees can rest easy knowing that making the world a better place doesn’t have to mean an empty wallet.

Between August 2014 and August 2018, more than 140,000 people participated in the salary survey. We compared the wages of non-profit workers, other than those who work for hospitals or universities, with for-profit workers. To obtain the range of occupations included in this analysis, we took the geometric mean of the two numbers (non-profit workers and for-profit workers) for each occupation. We’ve hand-picked our list of jobs from the top 50 geometric jobs.

To estimate the effect of working for a non-profit company, for each of the eight job titles we ran an OLS regression on the natural log of wages:

In each regression, the coefficient on nonprofit activity was significant at the alpha level of 0.001.

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In addition to asking about pay and benefits, we also asked respondents, “Does your job make the world a better place?” The answer choices were:

Non-Profit Employee – A “non-profit” employee is anyone who has declared that their employer is a “non-profit organization”. Those who selected “Hospital” or “University” were excluded from this analysis.

Compensation: Our measure of compensation is Total Cash Compensation (TCC). TCC includes annual base salary or hourly salary, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions and other forms of financial income, as applicable. It does not include stock compensation (stock), the cash value of pension benefits, or the value of other non-cash benefits (eg, health care). Average Salary for Marketing and Advertising Executive Salary $81,953 per year To estimate our salaries, start with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) Data Center Show more

Marketing Manager Salary Non Profit

Sales and marketing managers earn an average of $81,953 per year or $39.4 per hour in the US. Sales and marketing managers on the lower end of that spectrum—the bottom 10% to be exact—earn about $43,000 a year, while the top 10% earn $154,000. The position affects how much sales and marketing the manager can expect to do. Marketing and sales managers earn a lot in New York, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Nevada.

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Across the United States, the average salary for a sales and marketing manager is about $81,953 per year, which drops to $39.4 an hour. Interestingly, sales and marketing managers have the highest salaries in Yonkers, NY at around $93,336 per year. For starters, the average starting salary in Yonkers, NY is $49,000. Additionally, sales and marketing managers earn more than the average salary in San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Quincy, MA, Las Vegas, NV, and Fort Lee, NJ. On a broader scale, sales and marketing incomes are highest in New York, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey and California. On the other hand, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Hawaii offer the lowest salaries for sales and marketing managers.

The salary of a sales and marketing manager can vary depending on the years of experience a person has, from entry level to senior level. An accountant with 0-2 years of experience earns an average salary of $60,837, with an average experience of 3-6 years.

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