Materials Management Certification Healthcare

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In all jobs there is a place for security experience, security certifications, training and security awareness, but in blue collar jobs it is even more important.

Materials Management Certification Healthcare

Materials Management Certification Healthcare

Why? 20% of worker deaths in the US occur in workers, even though these workers make up only 6% of the US labor force (BLS). The numbers don’t lie, workers in the construction industry and other related industries are at a higher risk of incidents/accidents on the job. Therefore, it is important for these workers and their employers to prioritize safe work behavior by emphasizing safety training.

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This article will highlight the top security certifications professional workers should look for. Whether you have a security role or not, these certifications are designed to make employers more aware of security and look good on your resume. Explore what security certifications and training you need to add to your education by reading below:

There are many reasons why someone might want to explore security training and obtain security certifications. Expanding your educational record and pursuing security-focused certifications will help your career in a variety of ways. But beyond all the career-based benefits, security certifications are designed to protect you and those around you – which we think is a good reason to invest time/money in training.

It’s up to you to decide if the training is right for you, but in many cases additional safety training won’t hurt you (literally) in any area. A big decision factor for any professional is the cost of training, but in many cases safety training is covered by your employer. If you want to expand your safety skills with a new safety certification, ask your employer if they will help cover the cost of enrolling in the course(s).

Security certifications are for everyone, but depending on your level or experience or your role within the company, you may want to consider specific training/courses. Choosing which security certifications an employee needs can depend on several factors:

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First, all workers should start with basic safety courses such as CPR or first aid training. From there, workers can advance their skills to more general courses such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour course. After many of the basic safety courses have been completed, it would be advisable to deepen your safety knowledge by obtaining an OHST or CSM designation.

The infographic below goes through which courses you should consider depending on your skill level, experience, knowledge, role and education. Click on the image below to download the infographic:

This section focuses on the safety certifications that workers must obtain, and you can see the full list of certifications in this post:

Materials Management Certification Healthcare

The following list of construction certifications are related to safety, but vary in the level of detail or curriculum that each certification course will cover. For example, a first aid course is a construction certification that all construction workers must have on their resume, but not all workers need an OHST certification. These certifications are designed to build a career as a safety professional, but can be useful for any worker looking to expand their knowledge with a focus on construction safety.

Top Safety Certifications To Specialize And Grow Your Career

Start with the basics and keep it simple. All construction professionals should acquire some level of basic safety training, not only to protect themselves and others on site, but also to build their CV with relevant training experience.

Depending on the country/region you live in, there may be additional certifications that would be attractive on your resume or even required by regional regulatory authorities. For example, workers in New York must obtain an SST (Site Safety Training Card) in order to legally work on certain jobs. The SST card consists of OSHA 30, an 8-hour fall arrest training and a 2-hour drug and alcohol awareness training.

Well, for starters, expired safety permits put you, the worker, at risk on the job. But secondly, expired certificates put your employer and everyone around you in a bad spot.

A worker whose certificate has expired on a construction site is a ticking time bomb. Any incident or accident that occurs is likely to have some level of investigation and one of the first things to identify is the status of the worker’s training certificate. For general contractors, it is extremely important to ensure that all site workers are up to date and qualified to meet insurance requirements and save tons of money on insurance costs.

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Company Certification Manager (CCM) allows your company to store photo evidence of worker certifications, eliminate manual handling and receive automatic expiration alerts to ensure staff training never ends/lapses.

Technology that allows your team to dispense with spreadsheets and other manual tracking efforts. When manually tracking security certificates, a company runs the risk of expired certificates falling through the cracks, which can be devastating if/when an incident occurs.

The key to building a successful career in the construction industry is to always learn and stay up-to-date. Staying current isn’t just about up-to-date security certifications, it’s also about keeping up with industry trends. Follow construction newsletters, attend local networking events, and learn as much as you can about your space to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Materials Management Certification Healthcare

A good example of keeping in touch with industry trends is to see what technology is emerging. As the industry embraces more and more technology, don’t forget about the types of technology that can make your role easier and make you more efficient at your job. This course focuses on how healthcare processes can be improved and how they can be designed to deliver high quality patient outcomes. Above all, this course will put leaders, managers and staff on the same page. They will share the basic Lean Six Sigma framework, skills and tools that can be used to establish an effective care process while delivering consistent levels of patient and customer quality.

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Accreditation: SSGI is audited and approved as an accredited member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), ATP, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM®) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD®).

Check out our simple 3-step process below. Your purchase includes online training and access to the Health Yellow Belt certification exam.

The Yellow Belt in Healthcare certification program is recommended for anyone working or wanting to work in the healthcare industry. For healthcare professionals, this certification will carry more weight than the general Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

✓ People new to the organization who will benefit from an overview of the critical areas that a healthcare organization must address to maintain its position in the industry.

Healthcare Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification And Training

✓ Professionals who need to stay abreast of the latest management tools to improve care processes while reducing costs.

The SSGI Healthcare Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is an entry-level program tailored (case studies and real-world examples) for the healthcare industry. No previous experience is required.

This course focuses on how care processes can be improved and how they can be designed to provide high quality patient outcomes. Above all, this course will put leaders, managers and staff on the same page. They will share the basic Lean Six Sigma framework, skills and tools that can be used to establish an effective care process while delivering consistent levels of patient quality. The Yellow Belt Healthcare course also covers a range of process improvement topics that equip staff to work with Lean Six Sigma teams on projects.

Materials Management Certification Healthcare

The training is 100% online, self-paced, mobile-friendly and hosted on a learning dashboard. This course applies Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts to healthcare scenarios that illustrate how to improve patient satisfaction, turnaround time, clinical outcomes, and organizational performance. You will learn the skills required to perform the function of a certified yellow belt in the healthcare industry.

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Course topics: DMAIC, SIPOC diagrams, value stream and process maps, seven wastes, five Ss, control charts, six sigma process concepts, process control, analysis of failure modes and effects, poka-yoke, process capacity and stability, control and response Plans.

✓  How to understand organizational processes from a systems perspective. ✓  Intermediate Lean Six Sigma vocabulary. ✓  How to use the main tools to analyze care processes. ✓  The most important step to take after process improvement. ✓   How to determine process quality. ✓  Steps to prevent process errors. ✓  How to develop a comprehensive control and response plan.

Note: SSGI is a PMI® (Project Management Institute) Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and SHRM® (Society for Human Resource Management) certification provider for Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Yellow Belt training. You will be able to claim 21 PDUs and 21 PDCs upon completion of the program.

Training materials are available online via the SSGI Learning Dashboard. All material has been developed by dr. Barry Shore, Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire.

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