Money Manager App Games

Money Manager App Games – These 19 free financial literacy games for high school students add fun and engagement to personal finance education.

One way is to assign one of these free financial literacy games to high school students.

Money Manager App Games

Money Manager App Games

Financial literacy games for the classroom will teach your youngsters more about how money works in the real world (not just in the real world, but in their world).

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Your students will play Loan Shark in this financial game – Predatory Lenders and Collectors – to learn general knowledge about bad debt and debt (interest rates, what debt is, debt collection, etc.).

Here’s an eye-opening way to show you how student loan lenders can take advantage of potential borrowers. Hopefully one day, this can save them from the cycle of payday loans!

Your student is a filmmaker who received a $100 million budget to produce a 5-star movie.

You can play this personal finance game as a high school or middle school student ( whatever you choose). As each question in your group is answered correctly, they will earn more money to put towards the films they want to produce.

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They also had to make good financial decisions (12 different financial decisions they made) to make the movie stellar.

Psst: Responsible for teaching students on a budget? Here is my article on how to teach budgeting at all skill levels. 3. Mistakes in money management

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has used a graphic-novel format to create a fun online money management game for teens.

Money Manager App Games

Note: Although this is semi-designed for service members and their families, anyone can play. 4. Uber game

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Can a person survive working in the “big economy”? This is what the game tries to reveal to the students.

They get an urgent financial need (like your $1,000,000 mortgage is due in a week) and then have to take money from Uber to try to save money.

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Students are given a career with an annual salary, then asked to choose a specific budget and lifestyle based on that salary.

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Can they buy the house they want or rent an apartment together? Can their career choices preserve the taste of organic food, or are they better off eating “mainstream” food?

Psst: Here’s a free money printing activity for groups that you can use to teach kids and teens how to pay. 6. Student Financial Protection Bureau game

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has an entire section on financial literacy games for teens – all free.

Money Manager App Games

Monopoly can be a great game for kids and teens to play to learn some financial knowledge (they’ll learn even more if you print Monopoly with my free financial puzzles).

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The site offers a free, online version of the game that can be played with friends online. online, offline bots, or even other friends on the same phone.

As with the personal budget, if there is a gap between income (income) and expenses, this is a problem.

Students may not realize that current tax revenues will not pay for all future government obligations (such as pensions and promised health benefits and basic services for the elderly).

In this game, high school students must choose taxes and spending that will change over the next 25 years.

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You can help bring budgets to life when students go through a budget simulation – that is, they take a budget they create or receive, and try to see if they can “do it.” without overspending.

Psst: Check out these financial literacy books for high school students that I reviewed. 1. Fact check

JumpStart’s reality check is an eye-opening way to show students how much their dream career can earn.

Money Manager App Games

They put the students through 1 X questions and ask them if they need accommodation and what kind of car they want.

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Students help magician Enzo save $50,000 so he can travel to Las Vegas to perform.

They were asked how Enzo would find the money to meet his savings goals, spending categories:

Sometimes I hear from parents that they don’t know how to teach their children about poverty and homelessness.

This is a great simulation if you want to give your students a better idea of ​​how to live on a low income. It can also create sympathy for the problem, as the teenager begins to understand how he can stop on the street corner asking for money.

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Students are told that they will lose their jobs, lose their homes and drop to $ 1,000 last. They have to make do with $1,000 at the end of the month.

Pssst: You’ll definitely want to check out this article on budgeting for high school students – full of free resources. 4. Hitting the financial business

You’ll be traveling cross-country with friends, staying within budget (not hungry, parked because you forgot to buy gas, actually getting to your destination).

Money Manager App Games

Your students can stay within budget and reach enough destinations.

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Financial simulation games are different from what we discussed above because they try to make their financial situation “real” to students and involve them in making decisions that have real consequences for their results.

If your students are learning about investing, online stock market games will help them understand better.

Children register as a group, as a class or as an individual, and everyone receives a certain amount of money to invest initially. Students then walk with a real market to see how their decisions are structured.

Your students will receive a random occupation, and one of the 13 stations they will work at will have a big impact on their decisions, finances, and gameplay.

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For example, I passed the game and got a degree in accounting. My salary is broken down for me and then shows me how much tax I pay. Then, he asked what kind of checking and savings accounts I wanted to open and how much money I would save.

Student loan payments become too much for some students, especially if they cannot find a career path.

This financial simulation game can help your teen make better career and career choices by simulating what kind of job they might find after graduation and how much student loan debt they have.

Money Manager App Games

They are asked to make important decisions that directly affect their post-college budget and finances, such as what type of college they want to attend (eg, 4-year, 2-year, community, in-state, out-of-state. ).

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Additionally, they make decisions about more pressing needs, such as whether to buy a new laptop for college or whether to take a low-wage, labor-intensive job to help pay the bills.

Don’t forget the good old school games that help teenagers and high school students better understand money.

In this game, everyone starts with debt. Then each player is given a living who determines how they get paid and how much they owe.

Good thing it’s just a game, but it shows your students what flexible debt is (and how to make it work). Children will also receive stipends, plus $1,000 in emergency funds.

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Free financial literacy games for high school students and kids can add fun and self-discovery to teaching financial literacy. Let me know what your kids try!

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Money Manager App Games

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