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Money Manager App Tellen

Money Manager App Tellen

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There is a market that is open 24 hours a day on weekdays. In addition, the market is very liquid and transaction costs are relatively low. That is why this market, the forex market, is very popular. Want to learn more about Forex trading and see if Forex trading is right for you? Then read faster!

Money Manager App Tellen

In the coming period, you can expect a daily article on the forex trading knowledge portal. These articles will provide you with information on how forex analysis works and what are the most common mistakes in the forex world. This article covers the following topics:

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In this article, we are not going to cover the complete history of the money or foreign exchange market. No doubt many of you have

And want to dive directly into the interesting aspects of the forex world. To give you an idea of ​​the story, below are the most important facts.

The first coins were in circulation around 1000 BC. and found in distant China. These coins were mainly composed of all kinds of metals such as copper, lead and iron. They also often had a hollow interior so that they could easily be tied on a stick or rope.

The gold standard was introduced around 1880. Participating countries undertook to peg the value of their currency to the value in gold. This situation became unstable with the outbreak of the First World War, and the US dollar became the most important currency in international trade. Today, the US dollar is considered the most important currency. The system could not last because governments needed a lot of money to finance war and reconstruction.

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Bretton Woods is headed by the IMF, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This is a cooperation agreement between 44 participating countries. A fixed exchange rate was established between different currencies. However, small deviations of about one percent were allowed. The Bretton Woods agreement was completely dismantled in 1971.

In fact, the Treaty of Rome of 1958 decided to optimize economic activity in neighboring countries. It was an aspiration to build a “union” of all countries. All this led to the European Union as we know it today.

Forex is in many ways much more affordable than other financial products such as options and futures. The forex market is open 24 hours a day during the week and you can start with a small deposit. With futures and other derivatives, the required investment immediately becomes multiple. The forex market has low commissions and only a few products to choose from. Unlike stocks, where you have to choose from many tens of thousands of stocks, in forex you can choose from the most liquid currency pairs that you can count on your hands.

Money Manager App Tellen

The foreign exchange market is without a doubt the largest financial market in the world. The stock and bond market is small compared to the foreign exchange market. The estimated volume is 5 trillion dollars per day.

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Forex has a number of advantages that are not found in other financial markets. Consider market liquidity. This ensures that the spread is very small and you will have no problem closing positions. As a private Forex trader, you should normally never have a problem closing your positions. If that’s still the case, liquidity probably won’t be an issue. The spread is the difference between the bid price and the sale price. In principle, you can consider the spread as an indirect cost. To optimize potential profit, it is best to keep overhead costs as low as possible

Below you can see KBC shares and EUR.USD currency pair. The percentage difference between the bid price and the price is the spread, an indirect cost. It is immediately clear that the indirect costs of forex are lower than the indirect costs of stocks.

A high frequency trader incurs more costs when trading shares on KBC than on the EUR.USD currency pair.

If you had bought KBC shares, in this example you would have paid €60.78. When we compare this to the bid price, we conclude that the deal is paying 0.03 percent of the overhead costs of trading the stock. The purchase of the EUR.USD currency pair will take place at a price of 1.12173. When we compare this to the current bid price, we get an indirect cost of 0.00089 percent. You pay less overhead in the foreign exchange market than in stocks. Of course, the spread can change sometimes, but usually the rule is that forex is many times cheaper in terms of spread.

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As the forex market is the largest financial market in the world, it also attracts a large group of players. Below you will briefly learn what groups we can distinguish within forex.

Major players in the banking sector, such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, are responsible for more than half of the daily FX market volume. These financial players can execute deals for their clients as well as participate in private deals. Here, the bank’s traders deal with the capital of the financial institution. All this is done for profit.

Central banks should create a favorable economic climate for this region. They facilitate this, for example, by setting interest rates. But transactions are also carried out directly on the foreign exchange market. The Bank of Japan, Japan’s central bank, has already made some interventions in recent years because they felt the Japanese yen was getting too strong.

Money Manager App Tellen

Hedge funds are financial players that have a lot of capital. Their capital consists of attracting all kinds of funds from large to medium investors. Hedge funds trade for these investors, allowing them to keep a portion of the profits as a performance fee.

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Both large and small companies are part of the forex market. These companies track specific currency pairs on a daily basis in order to conduct their business and, for example, purchase goods and/or services from abroad. The more foreign trade, the more vulnerable the company is to the exchange rate.

Retail traders are traders just like you who trade full or part time. The group of retail traders also includes traders who hold other positions (besides trading) in their professional life. The goal of retailers is to gain financial advantage in a profitable manner.

You can trade currencies in 100 different currency pairs five days a week, 24 hours a day, with free real-time exchange rate data. See the offer:

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