Money Manager Link Bank Account

Money Manager Link Bank Account – KaHero is your money manager! Sync cash sales and cash balances from KaHero POS to Money Manager. If you are a business owner, Money Manager is a way to keep track of your expenses and income, both personal and business. This is useful if you need to use cash sales for personal use or miscellaneous expenses.

KaHero Money Manager – Apps on Google Play KaHero Money Manager is an income and expense tracker. It shows you a simple summary of where all your expenses go Features: * Create multiple groups of accounts where you keep your money, such as personal or pocket money or bank money. * Create your expense categories as you… Apps on Google Play KaHero

Money Manager Link Bank Account

Money Manager Link Bank Account

Click “Account Group” to add accounts that you have or keep cash in, such as bank accounts, an electronic money account, or even a wallet.

The Digital Bank For The Everyday Us

After setting up your accounts and categories in the Money Manager app, you can now connect it to your KaHero POS account.

Select your “Money Manager Account” into which your cash earnings will go. Then select your “Money Manager Income Category” where your sales will be reflected as income.

Have a question that isn’t answered in this knowledge base? Contact us. We are here to help you. Money stress is at its highest since 2015, according to a new survey, and we’ve heard from many of our customers and the community about the challenge you face when managing your money. One thing that came up again and again was the time and effort involved in managing multiple accounts and financial products.

Now we’re taking a step in the right direction and creating the one hub you need to track your spending and control all your other accounts. You’ll still see your familiar warm coral card on the home screen, but now you’ll also be able to link all your bank accounts (checking, savings and joint accounts), as well as credit cards from other providers 💳 The last balance, recent transactions, and other useful information will be at your fingertips. In addition, you will be able to move money quickly to and from other accounts, allowing you to manage your funds in one place.

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We believe that visibility is essential to making smarter financial decisions, making budgeting easier, saving for goals, and setting aside enough money for bills.

Today’s update is a central hub for all your spending, where you can easily keep track of all your accounts – no more switching between banking apps 🔮

We are rolling out connected accounts starting today and will be visible in our app in the coming weeks.

Money Manager Link Bank Account

Any account you’ve already linked for transfers will automatically start working with all these new features, no extra work 🪄

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If you haven’t linked other accounts to , you can easily set up accounts by swiping left from the home screen.

Our recent user survey showed that you are having trouble managing your money, especially keeping track of money in multiple bank accounts and setting aside enough money to pay your bills. Linked accounts address these issues directly. Our goal was to help you track your overall financial situation and ultimately help you reach your financial goals.

It took a lot of work from a lot of our team to get it ready for today, so we’re excited to finally get it rolling and get even more feedback from all of you. Our community forum has a discussion thread that we invite you to participate in, and we also welcome feedback, questions or thoughts through any other channel.

We still have a long way to go to really deliver the bill that is fully visible that we want to deliver. On that note, if building a powerful set of money management tools alongside a first-class banking experience sounds exciting to you, we’d love to have you join our team. We have many roles available – and you could be just what we’re looking for.

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