Ncm Network Configuration Manager

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This video shows how to use Network Configuration Manager and covers topics such as navigating the web console, backing up devices, checking and comparing configuration changes, configuring the change approval process, and running and configuring reports.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

In this session, we’ll show you how to get familiar with Network Configuration Manager, also known as NCM. This will be a basic overview of the main features of NCM.

Network Configuration Management: Best Practices

Most customers purchase NCM to manage backups, but there are many other features that can help you start automating your configuration management tasks.

The purpose of this video is to provide a better understanding of common NCM features and demonstrate how these features can be implemented to enable you to become more proactive in troubleshooting issues.

To save time, we will assume that NCM has been installed and devices have been added for monitoring.

If you are new to SolarWinds products, I suggest watching the Orion Platform series videos to familiarize yourself with common features, such as reports and alerts.

Tools For Network Configuration Management + Guide

Log in to the Orion Web Console and familiarize yourself with the information presented on the NCM Summary page.

These resources can be customized by clicking Edit on a resource or, to control which resources are displayed on this page, you can access the Customize page here.

I have mine grouped by vendor in case I need to push updates to all devices from a specific vendor.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

If you need to access a device from the list, just click and explore the device.

Network Configuration Management: Definition, Benefits, More

Below are several options for managing this device. There is no need to use a separate tool to download a configuration. You can do this directly from the configuration download resource. Simply select the type of configuration you need and click Download

On the right you will see the last 5 configuration changes. If you want to see the last 10 configuration changes, just click edit on this resource and enter the desired number.

The Compare Settings resource allows you to select two settings from different time periods to compare them according to certain dates.

You can also run a configuration change report directly. These reports show where changes are detected and provide Before and After columns with colors that indicate the changes.

Smarts Ncm: On Opening Ncm On Internet Explorer Get The Java Webstart Message

The Global Backed Up vs Not Backed Up resource provides a pie chart representing the percentage of devices backed up versus devices not backed up over a specific period of time.

This delay is based on the last time there was an update and any changes made since then. An update occurs when you run inventory, download configuration files, or run a baseline of your network.

To find out why some of these devices were not backed up, we will have to visit the configuration management.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

When I click on the Transfer Status tab, I can tell exactly why the backups haven’t completed by looking in the Status/Details column. Also note that there are suggested actions to resolve the issue.

Manageengine Network Configuration Manager

Another resource I would like to draw your attention to on the summary page is the search function, which is very powerful.

It allows you to search for specific text in the settings on any or all of your managed nodes.

You can specify whether you want to search all downloaded configuration files or only the most recently downloaded ones. You can also specify a date range within the past week, current month, last month or specific dates.

If you search based on a specific keyword, NCM will display results with your keyword highlighted. Clicking on a result will take you to the Configuration Details page. From here you can save the configuration to a file or edit it.

Manageengine Network Configuration Manager Pricing, Reviews And Features (january 2023)

All jobs you see here are out of the box. Some are already enabled by default, including the Nightly Configuration Backup task.

This endless task downloads configuration files for all database nodes nightly.

By clicking Edit, you can modify the sample for your specific needs, or you can create a new task by clicking Create New Task.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

There are several ways to find an archived configuration. Use the search function, especially if you know specific details about the file, or go to the node list and select the node. You will be presented with the most recent settings for the device.

Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager (ncm)

Before doing so, you may want to do a configuration comparison to make sure you have the correct file.

When you enable the change approval system, NCM prevents the system from performing device downloads until an NCM administrator has approved the scheduled task.

Setting up this system is quite simple. You need to go to NCM settings and go through the configuration wizard.

The wizard guides you through the types of approval modes. One-level trust, two-level mode for unprivileged users and two-level mode for all users.

Network Configuration Manager

Finally, you need to make sure that the user roles have Web Uploader status. Click Manage users, select a user role

If setting up an approval process is not applicable in your environment, but you still want to be notified of changes to your devices, you can enable change reporting via email.

Simply go to My Dashboards and click on Jobs. Now locate the sample daily configuration change report. This is the report that you will modify to suit your needs. This report is ready to use with NCM. Click Edit.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

You can change the title and set the schedule for your report. Right now it defaults to 6am. Click Next.

What Is Network Configuration Management?

You want to verify that the email results are selected and that the sender and recipient names are correct. This is who will receive the report by email at 6:00 am. Click Next.

On the task-specific detail page, you’ll need to select the configuration type to run the report against.

You can choose to show changes in the last few days or only changes made between certain time periods.

More importantly, you can check this if you only want to receive email on devices that have undergone changes.

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Then you will need to go back and select the report from the list and activate it. Now this report is scheduled.

Let’s talk about another powerful feature: the configuration management console. This is where you do most of your tasks, such as updating access lists, editing community strings, or making other changes on multiple devices at once.

You will see the managed nodes in the left column and you will see the applicable actions you can perform on the selected nodes.

Ncm Network Configuration Manager

Back to Setup. Administration, you can perform other actions, such as running a script, by selecting a node and then clicking Run Script.

Network Configuration Manager From Manageengine

You can load a script from a file or paste one and save it for future use. You also have the option to run the script in configuration mode or reboot the device if necessary.

Inventory reports are essential for compliance reports and required for Cisco Smart Advisor reports. A free login tool is required for these reports.

I’ll search for “Inventory” to find the iOS versions report. Select it and click View Report. Here is a summary of all my Cisco nodes with IP addresses and IOS versions.

So, to end our session; we looked at how to get started using NCM to automate some common daily tasks and how NCM can help you move from a reactive to a proactive approach with configuration management. Here is a short list of some best practices you can implement in your environment:

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Ncm Network Configuration Manager

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Developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic computing environments, SolarWinds has a deep connection to the IT community. Network Configuration Management (NCM) is a process that every device on the network goes through during its life cycle. . It covers device discovery, inventory maintenance, configuration backup, configuration change monitoring and enforcement, user activity tracking and troubleshooting, performing proper network operations,

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