Network Configuration Manager Open Source

Network Configuration Manager Open Source – You may think your network is secure, but how do you know you’re really safe from certain threats?

In this article, We’ll take a look at some of the best network security testing tools to help you identify security risks and close them quickly.

Network Configuration Manager Open Source

Network Configuration Manager Open Source

With these selection criteria in mind, We are looking for a variety of network security services that work together to provide an effective network security audit.

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SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is designed to help system administrators monitor their network and apply configuration changes to devices across the network. This combination of features allows you to not only make security configuration changes, but also monitor your devices for new and unauthorized changes.

The tool automatically scans and monitors your network for devices, and you can decide how you want to manage the security of your network and the devices on it. With a centralized dashboard; Network Configuration Manager instantly detects critical security incidents and takes the guesswork out of prioritizing action.

The advantage of this tool is that you are in control. for example, When devices are missing firmware updates or you can choose to apply updates automatically. Often, Systems and software crash and cause extra work when trying to apply new updates or security changes. With NCM, You have full control over how each risk is managed.

The platform has a robust alert feature that notifies you of new configuration changes and new risks detected. The tool has a rollback function that allows you to quickly return to a specific configuration state of your choice.

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SolarWinds offers many integrations; So if you’re using an NOC or help desk, moving alerts to your ticketing system is also a useful option. Finally, Reporting can be configured to provide quarterly reports with detailed information about what the security audit finds.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is one of the best network auditing tools in its class. It’s really designed for mid- and enterprise-level networks that want to take a proactive approach to security, but still have control over how it’s done.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is the best choice for a network security auditing tool because it is designed to protect the switches and routers that are the backbone of any network. Scans installed devices, identifies security vulnerabilities, and recommends configuration changes to improve the security of your entire network. With this tool you can standardize settings for each device manufacturer and model; Save that configuration and apply it to all devices of the same type. This saved image automates login and can be used on new devices. The SolarWinds system continuously checks the network switches and will reapply the saved configuration if unauthorized changes are detected.

Network Configuration Manager Open Source

N-able N-sight ranks third on our list of the best network security testing tools. Although SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is great for individual businesses; N-able N-sight is tailored for MSPs looking to manage and audit multiple customers.

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This cloud-based tool provides remote monitoring as well as risk management and threat detection to multiple sites or clients simultaneously. From one centralized dashboard; Each company you You can view the risks of a device or all.

Number of problem devices through a simple security summary provided by the dashboard; You can view detailed information such as backup status and health checks. The entire platform is fully customizable, so you can create unique dashboard views for your network management center and other departments as needed.

Audit templates simplify scanning and address specific compliance issues. for example, There are built-in tools that can accurately scan and verify whether your network is currently HIPAA or PCI compliant. N-able N-sight’s risk management department can scan and locate all personally identifiable information (PII) and track how it moves across the network.

This level of risk management can prevent specific information from leaving the network and alert you when information is accessed incorrectly. Security permissions can scan files and folders to reveal incorrect user account permissions, according to company records.

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Finally, N-able N-sight has a robust patch management system that allows for modeling the patching process. So if you know there are updates that interfere with specific software. You can copy these patch patterns to all your MSP clients.

Because N-able N-sight is SaaS; Deployment is simple and payment is via a subscription model. You can test all N-able N-sight features with a 30-day free trial.

ManageEngine Log360 is a SIEM package connected to the log management service. Since SIEM collects event information logs, the quality of SIEM depends heavily on the thoroughness of the log collection system. ManageEngine ensures that the SIEM provides quality log data.

Network Configuration Manager Open Source

The log collector collects information from over 700 systems, including Windows events and Syslog messages from operating systems. Records are converted to a common format and sent to a central server where they are presented.

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The Log360 dashboard includes a data viewer that displays live logs as they are processed by the log server. The data viewer includes analysis tools and can read logs from log files. You can set your own search rules that can run continuously and trigger alerts. for example, This service is easy to use to monitor file integrity.

The core system for automated data analysis and security research in the Log360 package is SIEM. The system identifies every user and device in the system, creates a database that lists each, and establishes a baseline of normal operation for each. This strategy is called User and Organizational Behavior Analysis (UEBA). Behavioral profiles are the basis of anomaly detection.

When a SIEM detects suspicious activity; This issues an alert that is displayed on the Log360 dashboard. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, You can also configure the service to forward alerts as messages via Jira and Kayoko service desk ticketing systems.

Neat storage of log files makes it a good compliance checking tool. PCI DSS in the package; GDPR; FISMA, HIPAA; Also includes reporting templates for SOX and GLBA compliance.

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The Log360 software package is installed on Windows Server and can be evaluated with a 30-day free trial.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a log management system that includes analysis tools. This package doesn’t include a full SIEM, but by creating a custom security audit package you can set up to automate your queries and add rules to trigger alerts. Threat detection in applications; Includes event correlation and file integrity monitoring. Alerts can be sent as email notifications. e-mail SMS PagerDuty and Slack.

The EventLog Analyzer package includes log collectors and a central log server. Collectors are operating systems; We collect information from over 700 sources, including database management systems and web servers.

Network Configuration Manager Open Source

The log server merges all logs into a standard format and displays the newly acquired entries in the data viewer. This screen includes a tagging system and a filtering mechanism for searching records; Contains tools for sorting and analysis. The Service contains search forms for specific types of analysis, such as threat searches.

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PCI DSS in the EventLog Analyzer package; FISMA, GLBA SOX Includes HIPAA and ISO 27001 examples. The log manager stores files in a meaningful directory structure that facilitates rotating and compliance checking.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer runs on Windows Server and Linux. The service is free. It comes in three premium and distributed versions. Free publication is limited to five journal sources. The premium edition will cover a single site, while the distributed system will centralize security monitoring for multiple sites. You can access the regular edition with a 30-day free trial.

Intruder is another cloud-based vulnerability scanner that runs monthly scans that can support multiple networks and clients. During the initial installation, latest exploits; A full system scan is performed to check for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Each scan covers more than 10,000 known vulnerabilities, and this number continues to grow as Intruder updates its base database.

Endpoint Agent can provide a unique view of insider threats; It can also detect configuration changes and provide malicious activity that originates from behind a firewall. Once the scan is complete, All these details are displayed elegantly using a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard. Threats and risks are automatically prioritized so you know which ones to tackle first.

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Intruder သည် ပက်ကေ့ဂျ် သုံးခုပါ၀င်သော စာရင်းသွင်းမှုအခြေခံဝန်ဆောင်မှုတစ်ခုဖြစ်သည်- Essentials၊

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