Non Profit Business Manager Salary

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Non-profit organizations are run differently than non-profits because any funds raised go beyond internal costs towards their promised goals. For example, health research organizations raise funds, pay expenses and salaries, and apply surplus funds to their goals. Nonprofit business managers keep organizational structure foremost in their minds. The agency that monitors the performance of nonprofits says they must spend at least 75 percent of their budgets on their goals.

Non Profit Business Manager Salary

Non Profit Business Manager Salary

Usually have a bachelor’s degree or higher in business administration, a field related to your cause, or specialize in nonprofit management. For example, if an organization sends food abroad to people in need, a degree in international trade and shipping may be useful as a business. The main requirement is that business managers must be dedicated to the cause of the organization and sincere in their intentions to achieve their goals.

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Being a business manager for a nonprofit organization is the same as being a business manager for any other organization. Managers must have strong organizational skills and be able to communicate well. They should have a solid knowledge of the nonprofit industry to learn how other nonprofits approach similar issues. Grant writing is an important part of this, so it helps if the manager has strong writing and editing skills.

As Villanova University explains, the job of a nonprofit manager is essentially the same as that of a business manager in a nonprofit organization, with one important difference. They must ensure that as much money as possible supports the organization’s mission. A constant challenge is running a lean and efficient operation to do this.

The day-to-day duties of a nonprofit general manager run the organization smoothly while supporting the impact the company makes. This outreach may include coordinating appointments with the community, soliciting donations from supporters, or holding meetings with local officials. Organizational size and mission may vary.

For the most part, nonprofit management is not a field you enter to earn a high salary. However, it attracts people with a purpose and desire to do good for society. Staying with a company, especially a big one, can yield better results and the field is growing. According to job website Glassdoor, nonprofit manager jobs pay an average annual salary of $87,423 as of April 2022. Reported earnings range from $24,392 to $323,000.

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As with most jobs, salary depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the organization, geographic location, and the individual’s education, skills, and experience. ACE. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the growth rate of non-profit manager jobs to 13 percent over 2030, considered faster than average compared to other occupations.

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Non Profit Business Manager Salary

This experience underscores a troubling issue for nonprofit boards and leaders: What is the right salary for a fundraising position, and how do we calculate it? For that matter, what is the right amount of fundraising for an organization?

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I’ve spent years collecting useful rules of thumb, and this week I decided to combine them into a useful set of heuristics for nonprofit leaders.

Earlier this year, Front Range Source published the results of a study titled, “How many Fundraising Staff Does it Take to Raise $1 Million?” They found that, on average, it takes one full-time equivalent employee (FTE) to raise $500,000 a year, so for every $1 million a company wants to raise, they should expect to need two FTEs.

Although there is wide variation in the number of FTEs needed to raise $1 million, this is a useful perspective for nonprofit boards and CEOs. However, this immediately raises another question: “How much should I pay for fundraising?”

When the company started recruiting me in earnest for the CEO position, I had to quickly find out what my salary requirements were. I found some general guidance online that says, on average, CEOs (for profit and for-profit) are usually paid between 1% and 5% of revenue, while non-profit CEOs are paid between 1% and 2.5% of revenue . (Notably, has a great insight into nonprofit CEO compensation packages.)

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When we found out how much we had to pay for the fundraiser, it got a little confusing. When we found some conversations with customers on this topic, I did some research over the summer to make a correlation. My idea is to create a rubric that links the fundraising chairperson’s salary to a percentage of revenue, using the same rules for a CEO or executive director.

Let’s start with, the most widely available source of salary data. As of July 28, 2021, is reporting salary ranges for nonprofit CEOs and executive directors nationwide.

It is important to note that smaller nonprofits have executive directors while larger nonprofits have CEOs. To figure out how it relates to total earnings, I divide the midpoint of each salary by the midpoint of the compensation range. That is, if a nonprofit’s top executives are paid between 1% and 2.5%, the midpoint of that range is 1.75%.

Non Profit Business Manager Salary

Based on the math, the CEO salary range above relates to a midpoint revenue of $10 million for nonprofit organizations with revenue of $5 million to $15 million. For a nonprofit with $10 million in revenue, $174,295 is the ideal compensation level for a CEO. In addition, the average income for top executive directors is $4.4 million, with total income of $3.7 million to $5.5 million.

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Now, let’s turn our attention to Chief Development Officers (CDO). reports the following salary ranges for nonprofit CDOs nationwide.

Notice anything about these numbers? At the minimum and midpoints, they tie or exceed the CEO’s salary. It is not as surprising as it seems. Smaller nonprofits in terms of revenue may not have a CDO role, choosing a director of development or perhaps a CEO to fill that role. I’ve pulled the fundraising rankings for various other fundraising positions and reproduced them in the table below.

Again, looking for correlations, I only analyzed the data, but I saw some 990s in nonprofits that I think are good and representative of a fair compensation strategy, including my favorite clients. I found a relatively consistent correlation. On average, the Chief Development Officer is compensated 85% of the amount compensated by the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director. That correlation also trickles down to small nonprofits.

What about nonprofits smaller than $3 million? To be blunt, you won’t hire a chief executive or fundraiser for less than you can do in your local market. In Atlanta, even a rookie CEO can earn $100,000, so we advise our clients that this is the minimum salary in the market regardless of income. Our friends at can help here. They can narrow down your salary range to zip code if necessary to help you identify what you should be paying in the market.

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